Shark Utility Knife

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shark-utility-knifeWould it be weird for me to say that there’s a utility knife out there that might actually make you feel like a kid again? (Well, it did for me, anyway). Meet the Shark, a (you guessed it) utility knife that really does look exactly like a (you guessed it) shark. At this point, you’re probably wondering why on Earth someone would want a tool that looks like an ocean predator, and who even thought of inventing it in the first place. Well, let me enlighten you. To the first question, the answer is: me. And to the second question: Rapid Tools, because they realized that many people who use razor knives also use wire strippers, so they just decided to combine the two tools into one. The fact that they could make it look like a shark is just an added bonus.

So, now for how it all works. The cutting blade pops out of the knife’s slanted front, just like with any other razor knife (except with this one, the front end is the shark’s “nose”). But here’s where it gets fun. Remember how I mentioned that Rapid Tools managed to integrate a wire stripper into the design? The stripping blades are set into the front bottom of the knife, and look like perfectly scaled shark’s jaws. And you operate them with a little handle that pops out of the back, which also happens to look an awful lot like a dorsal fin.

No utility knife named after a toothy carnivore can get away with anything less than a serrated blade, so that’s exactly what you’ll find in the Shark. While it can still cut perfectly straight like a standard utility blade, the serration of the Shark’s blade lets it cut a much wider variety of materials. All in all, this is a very simple but brilliantly creative tool, and it can save you the time it would take to keep switching tools, and the eliminate the hassle of carrying around several single-function gadgets. And have I mentioned that it’s fun? Just don’t let them catch you humming the Jaws theme on the job.

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Klein-Kurve® Heavy Duty Utility Knife

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klein-kurveI’ve always been able to appreciate a nice, sturdy, sharp razor knife when it comes to doing projects around the house, but I recently I tried one that topped all others. I had some picture framing to do, but having just moved, I couldn’t find my utility knife. Luckily, I happen to work for a company that sells them, so I put in an order for the Klein-Kurve® razor knife. I hadn’t actually used one before, but judging from its curved design and rubber grips, I thought it looked very comfortable to use.

Suffice it to say, when I got my new Klein-Kurve® home and laid into some heavyweight mat board, I was extremely impressed. If you’ve ever cut any very thick paper-based material with a razor knife, you’ve probably found that it’s very easy for the blade to waver mid-cut if you don’t have an absolute death grip on the knife, and that the top layer of paper can catch the blade and bunch up if the knife isn’t sharp enough. Well, neither of these was an issue with the Klein-Kurve®. Thanks to that curved shape and the grips I mentioned before, it’s much easier to get a good hold on the Klein-Kurve®, as opposed to standard, straight-bodied, smooth metal utility knives. And the blades are very sharp, and keep their edge for quite some time… I thought that maybe it was only working that well because it was brand new, but it’s still cutting great, and I haven’t even changed the blade yet.

As you can see from the photo, the Klein-Kurve® utility knife also comes with a great little bonus – a plastic holster that lets you clip the Klein-Kurve® right onto your belt.