GoldX USB QuickConnect™ 12-in-1 Camera Kit

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12-in-one-package-smJust imagine getting home from an incredible vacation with tons of picture taking. You’ve opened a few windows to get some fresh air into your closed-up house, dumped the contents of your suitcase into the washer, and taken a quick shower to get rid of all that travel grime. What’s next? Transferring all of those gorgeous photos to your computer, of course. Now where is that USB cable?……

If you’ve ever had to cope with your pictures being “trapped” inside your digital camera because you lost the USB cable that came with it, then you’re really going to be crazy about the USB QuickConnect™ 12-in-1 Camera Kit from GoldX. This combo kit comes with a USB cable and 12 interchangeable connectors, so no matter what USB format your camera uses, you can custom-create a cable to hook it up to your PC or laptop.

All 12 connectors have gold-plated contacts for great signal transmission, and the cable itself is shielded to block out EMI and RFI noise that can interfere with data transfer. The kit is compatible with cameras by Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Sharp, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Toshiba, Konica, and Minolta (just to name a few), as well as some mobile phones and PDAs. And when you’re not using the cable and connectors, they all tuck neatly inside the included storage case so that nothing gets lost.

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5-in-1 QuickConnect™ USB Cable

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usb-5-in-1Being that today’s featured product is a USB cable, it might not sound that exotic or impressive, but it can be a real lifesaver when the connection cord to your printer or digital camera goes MIA. That’s because the 5-in-1 QuickConnect™ is no ordinary USB cable – it comes with 5 different connectors that can customize a single into just about any USB configuration you could possibly need.

Here’s how it works: the kit comes with either one or two cables, depending on the particular one you choose (the cables range in length from just 18″ all the way to 15′). The cables are foil and braid shielded to cut down on electromagnetic interference, but what really sets these USB cables apart is the fact that their connectors are removable. When a specific USB connection, you just pop off the existing connectors and snap on the exact ones you need. And that’s it. Pretty easy, right? Hardly anything to explain. But that’s the nice thing about it – so many possibilities, so little effort and expense.

The main benefit of this USB kit, as I mentioned earlier, is the fact that it can really bail you out when you’re in a pinch for the right connection. Just about every digital device nowadays comes with its own USB cable, so it can be hooked up to your laptop or PC. But if you should lose that cable, having the 5-in-1 QuickConnect on hand can save you frantic trips out to the electronics store, and the expense of shelling out for multiple USB cables.

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