A Tool Chest Has Never Had So Much Space!

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Have you been looking for a multi-storage unit for all your tools but you just can’t find the right one? Well with Excels innovations in Tool Chesttool storage units you really don’t have to look any further. Excel has been manufacturing top quality and durable tool chests since 2003 and has shown high strength and durability which can withstand against some of the toughest environments. Their Excel TB5607 2-Piece Rolling Tool Chest makes storing and moving all your essential tools a breeze and best of all you can even lock your tools safely inside giving you peace of mind especially when you have expensive power tools.

Double The Space, Double The Benefits With This Tool Chest!

Not only does this tool chest look great, it also has many different features and benefits that can easily improve your working environment.

Keyed Entry: Yes that’s right now you can lock all your valuable power tools in the one convenient place. No need to worry about having your items stolen again.

Tool ChestAdditional Work Surface: Just when you thought you didn’t have enough space. This tool chest features an additional work surface that provides added functionality in the work area.

Powder-Coated Steel Construction: Not only will this mobile tool box give a long working life, it can also promote exceptional strength and resistance again corrosion and harsh conditions with its powder-coated steel construction.

EVA Drawer Liner: Nothing says protection like a draw liner. It can help to keep the interior of your cabinet, as well as your stored items, from becoming scratched or damaged.

Ball Bearing Slide Drawers: With smooth pull out and push in draws, it makes storing your tools faster and easier each and every time. The best part of all is they won’t break down or jam under even the heaviest of loads.Tool chest 1

Optimal Space: With 18 drawers you can be sure you won’t run out of space anytime soon. It is available in 2 separate parts giving you the flexibility of getting the parts you want while accommodating your current budget.

Large Casters: With its larger casters, this multi-storage unit provides a smooth movement when rolled from one area to another, even when full!

What it does:

  • Holds all your tools in a compact and easy to find way
  • Provides high mobility for easy moving when full

 Where you can use the product:

  • Industrial businesses
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Anywhere where tools will be in use


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Retractable Powr-Reel: No More Beat-Up Extension Cords

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Ever notice how beat up extension cords seem to get? I’m not talking about the delicate, super-flexible little ones that you use to stretch lamp cords or plug in indoor Christmas lights, that never come into contact with anything tougher than a dust bunny. I’m talking about the ones that are skulking in your garage, workshop or basement – the heavy-duty ones that are good for power tools and always look like they’ve been run over by the lawnmower, chewed by the dog, and recently dragged through paint and sawdust – right before someone took a hammer to the plug.

How does anyone in their right mind feel safe using an electrical component in such sorry shape? And how, again, does someone in their right mind let a highly useful yet potentially damgerous piece of equipment get into that state of disrepair? I’m not really sure on either count, but there’s one thing I do know: most of us can’t be trusted, and our extension cords should be better protected from, well… us.

Luckily, General Cable got a clue about the sad plight of working extension cords, and came up with the Powr-Reel™, a retractable 3-outlet extension cord that’s packed safely away inside a sturdy metal casing. When you’re ready to use it, just pull out the length you need (it will automatically lock into place), do what you’ve got to do, and when you’re done, retract it back into the enclosed reel with nothing more than a tug.

This is a great product on multiple levels: not only is the electrical cord saved from constant repeat beatings by its case, but you’re also spared the clutter of cable slack thanks to the lockable length. And did I mention that it makes transport just a little easier? Instead of slinging a loosely-coiled/semi-tangled cord into your trunk or truck bed, just grab the Powr-Reel’s handy case and stow it wherever you need it, without worry of damage or knots.

check this thing out