Panduit Cable Managers For Cables

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Panduit cable managersCable management is important in any cable application to help contain unruly and messy cables each and every day. There are many different products on the market in today’s world which have been successful in managing cables. But some that really stand out are the Panduit cable managers which are designed for many cabling applications.

What Are Panduit Cable Managers?

Panduit cable managers are specially designed cable management equipment which is great for providing an easy means of managing different cables from electrical to networking cables. These Panduit cable managers are available in a range of sizes and shapes to choose from which can easily suit specific cable management needs.

Benefits Of Panduit Cable Managers

Panduit cable managers are great for a number of different reasons and feature many benefits that can really help to create a more manageable cable setup.

  • Material: The first benefit of these cable managers is the material they are made from. Constructed from high strength and durable metal materials, these Panduit cable managers can easily promote optimal support for a variety of different cable lengths and weights.
  • Versatile: Depending on the type purchased, these Panduit cable managers are designed to promote high versatility within any application. They are available in different sizes and shapes including vertical and horizontal designs. When used for the right application, they can easily provide a sturdy and reliable cable management solution for any network or electrical cabling applications.
  • Easy Installation: Because of their simple design these Panduit cable managers are able to be easily installed into any commercial or telecommunication businesses. They are great for easily installing any cables at any point in time and are ideal for helping to manage, find, or replace cabling when needed without working through a lot of mess.

Panduit cable managers provide a great means of managing cabling in larger cable setups. When looking to keep your cables organized, especially in networking applications why not look into the trusted name of Panduit for your cable management solutions.  


Panduit Cable Bundle Organizing Tool: Straight, Organized Cable Bundles Without the Stress and Hand Strain

panduit-cable-bundle-organizer“Cable bundle.” It sounds so benign, doesn’t it? And in a way, cable bundles are a good thing – after all, wouldn’t you rather have all of your cords in one cohesive group than running wild in every direction? Cable bundling is definitely the way to go. The only thing is, when you start dealing with handfuls of cables, they can get a little tricky to manage. Between Point A and Point B, they can switch places and wind around each other, and there are always at least a couple of renegades that try to make a break from the rest of the pack. It’s like the proverbial herding of cats – have fun with that.

I used to use wire loom to corral all of the computer and phone cables under my desk, and in order to get cables into wire loom, you have to do a little makeshift bundling first. Long story short, even a measly desk’s worth of cables can be a challenge. What on Earth do cabling installers do for heavy duty backbone cable runs? My guess is that they have to really put their backs… and arms… and both hands… into it. I don’t know about you, but I try not to put myself through frustration and physical duress at the same time, and that’s why I really like the idea of Panduit’s Cable Bundle Organizing Tool.

This cable organizer is so simple, yet so brilliant. Structured in a generally round shape, which is more or less the same form you’d want a cable bundle to take, the Panduit organizer actually creates order from the inside out. It’s full of individual spaces that you can slide cables into – each and every cable gets a designated space. Once all of your cables are inserted into the organizing tool, you snap an outer ring around the loaded frame, secure it with the included hook and loop wrap, and slide the configured organizer down the length of the bundle, installing additional cable ties along the way. It more or less combs the cables into the same positions the entire way, so you’re left with a cable bundle that’s smooth and well-ordered, without the stress and exhaustion of having to take care of every last detail yourself.

That’s working smart.

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“The Week Before Christmas,” Featuring Panduit Pan-Ty Marker Flag Cable Ties

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pan-ty-marker-tags‘Twas the week before Christmas
And all through my crib
We were ready to party
And that ain’t no fib.

The cookies were set out,
The hors d’oeuvres were hot
Festivity was cranking
But the tunes, they were not.

The music had started,
Then the stereo went “pop”
So we scrambled for speakers
And an iTunes’d laptop.

When what to my greatest chagrin did appear?
But some tangled-up cables
And a great sense of fear.

Why didn’t I label these things like I should?
Pan-Ty® Markers from Panduit
Would have done me much good.

In the end, music played
Our guests, overjoyed.
But anonymous cables
I have learned to avoid!

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Inspired by the classic poem “The Night Before Christmas” by Clement C. Moore

Panduit Global Professional Thermal Analysis: Get Your Data Center Chill On

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Okay, okay, I know that I’m technically supposed to be talking about the awesomest products out there, but today I came across a service that’s so cool (literally) that I have to tell you about it. If you’re in the data center/IT world, then you know that thermal management is a pretty hot topic (wow, I have to stop with these temperature puns). Between the current push toward energy efficiency and the ever-increasing density of server room equipment, it can be a real balancing act trying to keep things cool and functional without being slapped with the dreaded “anti-green” or “Naughty, Naughty Energy Waster” labels. If adequate yet efficient thermal management is keeping you up at night, you might want to bring in a professional – and now, it turns out, you can order one online.

Yes, you heard me. By doing nothing more than filling out a super quick online form, you can get the ball rolling to have a real, live thermal analysis pro from Panduit visit your actual facility, to evaluate what you’re doing right, and determine where your thermal management plan could use a little improvement. We’re talking guidance – sound, professional guidance. Advice from someone who can see your data center firsthand, instead of general guidelines given by someone who’s never even set foot in your state. It’s tempting, I know.

When your own personal thermal management pro shows up, they’ll map out airflow patterns, make sure that cooling equipment is correctly installed, locate possible hotspots, and determine how efficient your rack/enclosure configuration is. And yes, they’ll talk with you. Of course they’ll leave behind maps and charts for you to refer to later, but while they’re on your turf, they’re available to answer questions, demonstrate and explain, so that you can be confident in the information you receive and how to implement it.

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Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device

rj45-blockout-mainIt seems like the topic of computer and data security keeps popping up in conversation lately, and I just realized that up to now, I’ve tended to look at things from a strictly “computer protection” angle. You know, computer locks, USB port blocks, laptop security screens, lockable CPU cabinets, that kind of thing. It’s pretty obvious that no one wants a thief taking off with their laptop or stealing personal information off a hard drive, but what do you do when you want to secure an actual network infrastructure?

There are always passwords, firewalls and other software-based preventive measures that can be taken, but if you’re running a fairly large facility that receives a lot visitors or is frequently accessed outside of normal business hours, it’s smart to have physical protection in place as well. This is the part where I tell you about Panduit® RJ45 Jack Blockouts.

If you’re worried about viruses and worms being uploaded to your network or sensitive data being stolen from it, then you’ve got to think about limiting network access points. I’m talking about actually controling the number of RJ45 jacks that can be plugged into. Take a walk around your company’s offices, and you’ll probably find a pretty high number of data ports that are just sitting there, unused and not doing a darned thing. Remember that old saying about idle hands being the devil’s playground? Well, in the same way, idle RJ45 jacks can be a network vandal’s playground. Ruin a data thief’s fun by cutting down on the possibility of illicit network access - just snap Panduit’s RJ45 blocking devices into the empty jacks throughout your offices or facility.

Jack blockout devices work just like plugs, except they don’t just pull out when you want them to. In order to be removed, they need to be “unlocked” with a special tool, which can be left in the hands of your IT people for safe keeping. Insertion and removal of the data port block is completely safe for the jack, and won’t wear down its contacts or cause other degradation, even though multiple uses.

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Panduit® Mini-Com® Snap-In Port Identification Icons

snap-in-port-iconsDon’t get me wrong – labeling network data ports and phone jacks is a great thing, especially if you have a situation where the two are grouped together. Unless you want to stick to the old phone and data jack color codes (which many people don’t do anymore for decor reasons), the two can be just about impossible to tell apart at a glance, so labels can be pretty important. But then again, they can look so, well… networky. That is to say, extremely technical. Let’s admit it – there are probably times, now and then, when you just don’t want to see printed labels all over your wall jacks. And do you know what? I can’t blame you for that. Neither can Panduit®, which is why they developed Mini-Com® Snap-In Port Identification Icons.

Instead of relying on bold lettering to tell you which jack is which, Panduit’s®  Mini-Com® port ID plates rely on subtle icons to clue you in. A computer means “data,” and a phone means “voice.” Super easy. And since the icons are molded-in and not printed on, they don’t scream for the attention of people who are passing by – they just sort blend in until you need them. Another nice thing about Mini-Com® snap-in icons is that they’re available in 12 different colors – neutrals to further blend in with your room’s color scheme, or brighter hues that fit in with just about any color code. And have I mentioned that they’re fast and inexpensive to use? No labels to print, no backings to peel off – you just snap a plate into the icon slot of a Mini-Com®  module, wall plate, surface mount box or patch panel, and your work is done.

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