Mylar® Expandable Braided Sleeving

July 20, 2009 by · 2 Comments
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mylar-sWe’ve been talking an awful lot about practical products lately, so I think that today we’ll take a little detour into a product I like just for it’s shininess and other decorative qualities. Far shinier and much lighter weight than stainless steel and aluminum braided sleevings, Mylar® braided sleeving gives custom cables a metallic sparkle, but for a lot less money than heavy duty metal braid. These particular attributes are due to the fact that Mylar is actually a polyester film that’s been metalized (it’s the same stuff that’s used to make helium balloons), so you can imagine how light it is when it’s made into filaments and braided.

Like I mentioned before, Mylar® sleeving is primarily used for decoration – don’t mistake it as an even exchange for ultra-protective stainless steel sleeving, because it’s really not going to make your cables any tougher. But it’s the perfect alternative when you want to dress up A/V cables that will never leave your home or be subjected to harsh elements. It’s great when used as an underlay or overlay with colored PET sleeving – you can create some really cool visual effects. And with Mylar® sleeving, you also have the benefit of choice, because unlike a lot of other metal-look braided sleevings, it’s not limited to silver – you can actually get it in gold, too.

Because of its cost-effectiveness, great looks and flexibility, Mylar® braid is also a perfect material for hobbies and crafts. As a matter of fact, it’s very popular with anglers who make their own flies and lures – it gives lures a life-like glint that mimics naturally iridescent fish scales, and helps to attract the attention of potential catches.


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