LaCie USB and FireWire Hubs

May 6, 2009 by · 2 Comments
Filed under: Power and Data Distribution 

lacie_hub_2-smThere’s a reason why we’ve always stashed our USB and FireWire hubs under our workstations – they’re boring. I mean, why drag down the look of your desk by parking what is essentially a gray plastic box on it? The only problem with hiding your USB hub is that it’s harder to reach when you need to plug in or unplug something. What would you say if you could have a modern, aesthetically pleasing USB hub that you could leave out in the open? And plug into easily? If the idea of such a product makes you smile, you’ve got to check out the LaCie USB and USB/FireWire hubs.

With a sleek and sculptural design that looks great in minimalist office, the LaCie USB hub has a smooth globe-shaped base that blossoms into a spray of flexible USB and/or FireWire extensions, hidden among which is even a fun USB-powered fan! Between its mod good looks and those bendable USB connections, the LaCie hub is not only something you can be proud to display on your desk, it also makes connections fast, easy and organized. And best of all, it will work with any computer, whether you play for the PC or Mac team.