Thermal Label Printer System Benefits When Buying

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label printerWhen it comes to printing labels for larger commercial scales it can be hard to find a system which is able to handle the tough and rigorous demands that are set on it. Well whether you’re a large or small business owner, if you are looking for a labelling device that can handle a challenge then the Brady TLS 2200® Thermal Labelling System is the right one for you.

Tips When Choosing Your Label Printer

Labelling can be an important aspect of any business. Labels are beneficial for many reasons to help not only provide identification of products but also tell when the product may go out of date. There are many different features of a labelling system that is beneficial and should be considered when purchasing. These include:

Portable Design: Having a portable and lightweight device is beneficial over fixed devices because they are more convenient. Having a portable device means that you are able to take it to any location or any room with ease. This can be beneficial large production factories where products are kept in different rooms.

Multiple Printing Options: Whether you’re a large business or a small business the more printing options with a labeller the better. Most label printers feature only one setting that prints simple labels, although you don’t have to settle for this. Printers such as the Thermal Labelling System provide advanced printing options including die-cut labels, bar coding, and banner printing. It is also a good idea to use a label printer that can cater for many different applications. The Brady’s Printer System is great for circuit boards, patch panels, and wire and cable markers.

Thermal Transfer Printing: For those that don’t know thermal transfer printing is the process where material is successfully applied to paper by easily melting a coating of ribbon which stays glued to the paper where the print is applied. This printing method can be more beneficial than other methods because it can produce smear free labels. Choosing a label printer that features thermal transfer printing can create more time saving without having to wait for labels to try. Label Printer 2

Memory Settings: There is nothing worse than having to re-put in the same label design or setting when making labels day after day. Label makers such as the Brady TLS 2200® Thermal Labelling System allow you to easily provide memory settings for storing your newly created and frequently used labels which gives you a chance of bringing up the labels from the previous day quickly. Label printers such as this can be beneficial for larger retail offices which require a pull up of different designs labels for multiple products.

So whether you’re a large or smaller business owner, when purchasing a label printer is can be beneficial to take everything into consideration to make sure you purchase the one that is most beneficial for your business needs.

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3M ScotchCode Wire Marker Dispenser

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write-on-marker-dispenser-smOh, how I love 3M™ products! I can’t seem to live without Command™ hooks and picture hanging strips, and I always have Post-Its on hand so I can jot down notes that will keep me in line. And talk about the tape. But just when I started to think that 3M products had infiltrated every possible aspect of my home and life, I came across a new little gem that will soon be joining the ranks of My 3M™ Stuff quite soon: the ScotchCode™ Write-On Wire Marker Dispenser.

It has a look and size that’s pretty similar to your average tape dispenser, except that instead of tape, it holds a roll of pre-cut, stick-on cable labels. Sounds pretty handy, right? It’s great for around the house, and even small office or retail environments – you know, places where you may have to label a few cords every now and then, but can’t really justify the need for, or purchase of, a full-fledged label printer. The ScotchCode™ lets you write on and dispense one label at a time, without any big to-do or programming – just scribble what you need to on the exposed writing field, pull the label from the dispenser, wrap it around the wire of your choice, and you’re done.

Word to the wise – if you’re one of those people who will be going down in history for your chicken-scratch handwriting, you may want to avoid this one, because it’s an entirely legibility-driven product. But if you have a knack for penmanship, this is a great time and money saver, and I feel pretty confident saying that you won’t regret it.

Okay, now that my little handwriting side-note is over with, you probably want to know a thing or two about the labels themselves. They’re made out of oil, dirt and heat resistant vinyl, and they prevent themselves from smudging, thanks to a clear, self-laminating overlay. And they also come in refill rolls, so you don’t need to buy a new dispenser every time you run out of labels.

One more thing about the ScotchCode™ labeler – it’s packaged with attention to detail. I don’t know about you, but I love it when businesses are considerate enough to provide thoughful and convenient extras with their products, and 3M is no exception. The ScotchCode comes with a super-fine-point permanent marker, which makes things really easy. I’ve used similar products before, and each time, I’ve had to try multiple pens because nothing was fine enough for laying down tiny print. But this brilliant company has taken the trial and error out of the equation by being professional enough to provide a pen that’s designed specifically for small writing. So simple, but so genius.

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Brady ID PAL™ Portable Label Printer

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id-pal-printer-animationIf you’re a complete butterfingers with penchant for labeling things, have I got the label printer for you. Meet the Brady ID PAL™, a handheld, multipurpose label maker that’s tough enough to withstand even a 4-foot drop onto concrete. So, now that you no longer have to worry about your labeler being destroyed every time it slips out of your hands, what sorts of tasks is your ID PAL™ going to help you tackle?

For starters, it’s rugged design makes it perfect for use in the field, where you never know what types of harsh conditions you might encounter. So that makes it great for network technicians, electricians and home theater installers who are always on the go, especially since the ID PAL™ can quickly crank out long-lasting thermal transfer labels for cables and wires. Labeling adds a truly professional touch to any cabling installation, because it keeps wire clearly identifiable for future tasks like troubleshooting and updates. But the ID PAL™ isn’t limited to professional applications – it’s also great for labeling things like containers, shelves, file folders, toys, and school supplies around the house, office, or classroom.

As far as features go, the Brady ID PAL™ can create labels that range from ⅜″ to ¾″, with single or multiple-line printing. ID PAL™ cartridges, available in clear and 6 different colors (white, blue, green, orange, red, and yellow), are easy to change, and are printed on at a resolution of 180 DPI. Although the ID PAL™ label printer runs on 6 AA batteries (each batch of batteries provides enough power to print 3500 labels), you also have the option of using an AC power adapter.

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

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