Test Your Power Usage With A Power Meter

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power meterSick and tired of having high electricity bills each time? Well with the Kill A Watt™ power meter you can now calculate the electricity costs of your appliances each day of the year. This power meter is great for home use and allows you to easily keep your power bills under control. With so many different yet simple features you will be able to work out if an appliance is using up more power than needed.

Save Money And Power With a Kill A Watt Power Meter

This power metre reader provides an easy to use and read LCD display which features volts, kilowatt hours, watts, amps, Hz, and VA. It can easily help to forecast the costs over the coming year and is designed to provide an accurate rating by up to 0.2%.

With a simple to use design it can accommodate for any 115V electric appliance to be plugged in and can easily read the power consumption of what the device is using. The benefit of this is that you can work out which appliances and devices are making your power bill more than what it needs to be.

It can easily provide a simple to operate design which features easy to press buttons which signify the specific rating. It also comes power meter 2with a 6 month warranty, and is designed with an ETL listing. This power meter can also check the quality of power by monitoring the line frequency, power factor, and the voltage to ensure that your power supply is running at full capacity.

So if you have high power bills that need to be lowered, why not try the Kill A Watt™ power metre.  With rising power bills and living costs, why not save yourself some money today and spend it on the things you love.

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Kill A Watt Electricity Meter

killawatt-smallWith money being as tight as it is these days, it seems like everyone is trying to pare down their living expenses. We’re all eating out less, making fewer trips to the dry cleaners, and renting movies instead of going to the theater. But have you ever thought of reducing your utility bill? Cutting down on electricity usage not only saves you money, but helps to preserve the environment as well, so that’s a double positive – sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you’re wondering how exactly to cut down on the amount of electricity your home or business consumes, the answer is to find out which appliances and devices guzzle the most power, then make educated decisions on how much to use them, or whether or not they should be replaces with more energy-efficient models (or eliminated altogether). And how do you find out what those magic energy-consumption numbers are? With a Kill A Watt Electricity Meter, of course.

The Kill A Watt is a compact power-measuring unit that is able to tell you how much electricity any given appliance consumes on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Once you know how many Kilowatt hours of power a device consumes, you can actually calculate how much it costs you to run by mutiplying the number of Kilowatt hours by the price per Kilowatt hour (find your exact rate by consulting your latest utility bill). The results can be really surprising!

To use the Kill A Watt, just plug it into an outlet, then plug the appliance you want to measure into the Kill A Watt. The Kill A Watt acts as middleman, and measures the amount of electricity that travels through it from the outlet to the device. In addition to measuring Kilowatt hours, the Kill A Watt can also check power quality by monitoring voltage, line frequency, and power factor. It comes with a 6 month limited manufacturer’s warranty, and is ETL listed for safety.

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