Re-purpose your old kitchen sink for the hobbyist gardener

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#measure2-cut1 re purpose your old kitchen sink in the garden

Wondering how to keep your hands clean while you’re getting dirty in the garden?

Getting it right

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? Why not re-purpose your old kitchen or bathroom sink as convenient outdoor wall sink. It will provide the perfect place re-potting plants and seedlings, washing just harvested vegetables and of course washing used garden tools before putting them away.

Short on space? Not the gardening type? Or no sink available? There are also hose reel holders to suit any garden wall.



Benefits Of Using A Hose Carrier In Your Business

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hose carrier When it comes to hoses and cables in industrial areas it is vitally important that they are able to be installed into areas where it won’t cause blockages, kinks, or any other bends in the hoses or cables that may reduce proper operation. With the use of a GORTRAC® NYLATRAC™ KL Series Cable and Hose Carrier you can easily take care of your hard working cables and hoses easily without concern.

The Benefits Of a Cable and Hose Carrier

Benefit #1 – Promotes Proper Bend Radius: One of the best things about a cable and hose carrier is that is can easily help to maintain proper bend radius of electrical, hydraulic, and air cables and lines. This means it will help to prevent over bending of your cables giving them the best possible installation which won’t damage or constrict operation.

Benefit #2 – Easy Access: Another advantage of these cable and hose carriers are that they provide a hinged design which allows for easy opening and closing of the device when needed to access the cables. This makes it quick and easy to change or fix cabling if an incident occurs.

Benefit #3 – Heavy Duty Construction: Constructed to withstand heavy wear and tear applications, this cable and hose carrier can also handle the demanding scenarios that may be evident in challenging industrial environments, and is capable of handling cable travel lengths of 500ft. It also features a corrosion resistant fiber reinforced nylon design which allows it to be installed into a variety of demanding applications.

So if you own an industrial business and you need a device which can help promote proper bend radius for all your cabling needs when why not take a look at the GORTRAC® NYLATRAC™ KL Series Cable and Hose Carrier and see just how beneficial this device really it.

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