Ideal Industries Duct Seal: Seal Gaps, Cracks and Holes to Perfect Less-Than-Perfect Installations

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ideal-duct-seal“Holey ductwork, Batman!”

No, Burt Ward never exclaimed that one during his years as Robin, and yes, it is kind of a weird way to kick off a blog post. But cut me a break – what else was going to pop into my head when I found out about Ideal Industries’ Duct Seal?

Duct Seal is a soft, putty-like compound that can be molded, squished and worked into just about any small gap in flashing or heating/air conditioning ducts, and around pipes, conduit and electrical boxes. It helps stop air leakage, makes surfaces smooth and void-free, and pretty much saves the day, just like the Dynamic Duo.

Because it’s ultra pliable, Duct Seal can take almost any form you need it to; you can work it into a low-profile sheet to patch cracks in ductwork, or mold it into more of plug-type shape to fill in the holes and gaps that are usually left around electrical boxes or pipe penetrations. Just work it into place and smooth the surface: problem solved.

Unlike some other filling materials, Duct Seal never hardens, so if you ever need to undo your work, the compound can be easily removed without you having to hack or chip away at it, or otherwise make a mess. But here’s the really cool thing: even though Duct Deal stays soft, it’s actually paintable, so you can match it to your walls for a seamless finish.

The Duct Seal formula is completely nontoxic, and unlike many other chemical-based repair materials on the market, you can handle it without gloves or fear of skin irritation/chemical absorption. It’s also completely non-corrosive, so it’s safe to use on both plastics and metals. Ooooh, and one more thing: Duct Seal also has a relatively high flash point (590°F), so it’s helpful in preventing electrical fires.

While it may not be a caped crusader, Duct Seal is a multitasker that’s really worth keeping in your toolkit. Because it’s able to run the gamut between HVAC, plumbing and electrical, it can save you from having to keep a stock of different tapes and filler compounds on hand, and unlike some of the stickier products out there, it’s actually easy to redo if you need to make changes.

So Bam!!! Pow!!! Splat!!! Take that, holey ductwork.

see the magic for yourself

Gardner Bender Duct Seal Compound

duct-sealing-compoundA few months back, my sister put together a birthday care package for me, and while she was shopping for fun little treats, she came across one of my personal childhood favorites, Silly Putty. Needless to say, it made the cut, and I got a huge kick out of finding it in my Box O’ Fun. Incidentally, I had an even better time when I plopped down on the middle of the couch and sat, Indian-style, for a good 15 or 20 minutes, blowing off stress by stretching, sculpting, and snapping the stretchy stuff in a state of blissful oblivion. In addition to causing my husband to question my sanity (but that’s beside the point), the experience seems to have reawakened my love of things you can squish, which leads me to wonder if that’s why I’ve lately been drawn to putty-like products such as, oh, I don’t know, Duct Seal Compound from Gardner Bender.

I just found out about this stuff a few days ago, and I think it’s pretty neat. The actual purpose of Gardner Bender sealing compound is very basic, but important: it lets you seal seams and gaps in electrical boxes, conduit, duct work and cable trays so that dust and other contaminants can’t weasel their way inside and start causing problems. What makes it interesting is that it’s got a putty-ish texture, and because of that, you can just work it into place with your bare hands, no tools or gloves needed. But here’s the kicker: it never actually dries or hardens. You can remove, reinstall, or modify it at any time, because like my old pal Silly Putty, it never sets up or becomes unworkable.

Something else cool: despite the duct seal compound’s eternal flexibility, you can still do things like paint over it – no waiting period necessary. And beyond that, it’s safe to handle, is FDA and USDA approved for use in food prep and processing areas, and comes in 1 or 5 lb packages, so you’re not committed to a huge supply if you don’t need it.


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