WireMate™ Cord Organizer For Cord Organization

Cord Organizer Have you ever had problems around the home with messy cords from office or entertainment equipment? Do you need an easy to use cord organizer to manage those cables in an attractive way? Well with the WireMate™ cord organizer you can now regain order of your unruly cables to make your work area user friendly. WireMate™ has been making cable organizer products for many years and strives on delivering only the best of the best when it comes to cable management products.

Keep Cords Contained In Style With A Cord Organizer from WireMate

The WireMate™ cord organizer provides any home or business owner with a user friendly and stylish method of keeping cords manageable for any device. One of its best features is that it provides a compact size which allows for you, at home, to easily install the device onto the back of office desks or TV cabinets. It provides a 2 part design which includes the base and the cover with a unique inner design which sets it apart from the rest of most cable management products. The best part of all about this cord organizer device is that it provides all home or business owners with a DIY installation with the use of its 3M™ double sided self adhesive tape. All you have to do is simply clean the area with a dry cloth, remove the adhesive covering and stick the device to the Cord Organizer 2desk. It’s that easy!

Great for accommodating for most cord types, this cable management device is perfect for eliminating wire clutter and tangles with printer cables, power cords, telephone wires, speaker cables, DSL and DV connections, as well as electronic equipment setups. Because of the way on how this product works it can help with reducing and preventing tripping accidents that may be present while helping to protect your equipment from damage from high traffic areas. This can help with preserving your equipment.

So if you need help with taming your unruly cables you can be sure that the WireMate™ cord organizer can handle any job no matter how big or small.

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Under-Desk Wire Tray: Hidden Organization for Computer Cables and Power Strips

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under-desk-wire-trayOver the years, we’ve added quite a few under-desk wire organizers, and they’ve all been great in one way or another, whether they’ve been designed to keep cables neat as they travel between your desktop and floor, or handle all of the cable slack that’s known to entangle your feet as you sit at your computer. They’ve looked like boxes, raceways, baskets, even spines (that one’s actually not as weird or gross as it sounds). And now I have another excellent addition to the lineup, which happens to hinge, quite simply, on the power of the hook.

I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure that the Under-Desk Wire Tray was designed around the the concept of cable hooks, which have long been used to support certain types of aerial and wall mounted cable runs. Cable hooks are generally lined up at short intervals, after which small cable bundles can be run through them, with the hooks conveying and providing support for the cables as they travel from Point A to Point B.

The Under-Desk Wire Tray, being made up of a row of 15 slightly-spaced hooks, is more or less set up to work the same way, but just on a smaller scale. That, and it hides under your desktop as opposed to being suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall. I don’t know about you, but this really appeals to me, because I prefer my cable management to be invisible, if at all possible.

So why would someone go and miniaturize cable hooks and stick them under a desk? Probably because that row of little hooks gives you the freedom to add or remove cables at any point along the way, and works as a nice place to stash power strips and bulky power adapters out of range of your feet (this sounds really good to me, because I’m always accidentally kicking my surge protector). Another benefit of having cables and power strips up off the floor is that they’re less likely to become dust bunny traps when they’re kept elevated, so that makes it a lot easier for you to keep your workstation clean, and gives you a lot less to sneeze about. And that, my friends, is nothing to sneeze at.

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Ellora In-Desk Power and Data Center

byrne-elloraYou might not think that a box full of power and data outlets embedded into your desktop would be too hot, but let me tell you, they’re getting better-looking all the time. I’ve always thought that the idea of having plug-in points built right into a desk would be super convenient, but a lot of the power/data centers out there just look so… techy. Like whoever designed them was thinking waaaaaaaay more about function than form. Utilitarian, shall we say? But lately, I’ve been seeing some newer models coming out that are definitely going in a more eye-candyish direction, for those of us who don’t like to sacrifice style and decor for electronics. Case in point: the Ellora™ Power and Data Center.

This sleek little beauty has clean lines, a satiny aluminum finish, and mounts more or less dead-flush into your worksurface, so visually speaking, there’s absolutely nothing to complain about. Flip the lid open, and you’ll find a neat row of the outlets and ports of your choice: power, data (internet), USB… you can even order one that has an iPod dock in the mix. Nice. It’s work and listening pleasure, all rolled into one and stashed just below the surface of your desk. Sneaky, efficient, aesthetically pleasing – what more could you want?

Lest you walk away from this blog post thinking that the only reason to buy an in-desk PDU is so you don’t have to crawl under your desk to plug in, let me just say: “but that’s not all!” One of my favorite features is that the Ellora™ totally gets rid of cord clutter on and behind your desk, so you don’t have to look at or get tangled up in computer cables. Even better.

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Cable Caddy

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cable-caddy-sIt seems to be one of the Laws of the Universe that if you leave a disconnected cable lying on your desktop, it will pretty much stay put until you reach for it. At that point, it will start to slip away, eluding your outstretched hand by only an inch or so. That is, until it reaches the very edge of your desk, at which point it will plunge into oblivion just a fraction of a second before your fingers can grab it. Sigh.

Then comes retrieval. Crawling beneath your workstation isn’t at the top of most people’s “to-do” lists in the first place, but it becomes even more of a chore if the area under your desk has the typical pile of computer and peripheral cords mixed with the occasional dustball. Now, you get to sort through the mess and find the right cable, maneuver it back up to your desktop, and then plug it in fast before you risk having to go through the whole ridiculous slapstick routine all over again.

If you can think of better ways to use your time than chasing after loose cable ends, then you may want to make friends with the Cable Caddy, a cool little desktop cord organizer that hides behind your computer to neatly route USB and other peripheral cables while they’re plugged in, and holds them securely in place when they’re unplugged.

The Cable Caddy comes with adhesive strips and a desk clamp, which let you affix it to your desk so it doesn’t jump overboard with your cables. Wondering how it keeps a grip on cords? The Cable Caddy has 5 narrow channels that are big enough to let cables move freely through them, but still narrow enough to catch onto connectors and keep them from sliding away. You’ll never have to grope around for MP3, cell phone charger or printer cables ever again.

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