Panduit RJ45 Jack Blockout Device

rj45-blockout-mainIt seems like the topic of computer and data security keeps popping up in conversation lately, and I just realized that up to now, I’ve tended to look at things from a strictly “computer protection” angle. You know, computer locks, USB port blocks, laptop security screens, lockable CPU cabinets, that kind of thing. It’s pretty obvious that no one wants a thief taking off with their laptop or stealing personal information off a hard drive, but what do you do when you want to secure an actual network infrastructure?

There are always passwords, firewalls and other software-based preventive measures that can be taken, but if you’re running a fairly large facility that receives a lot visitors or is frequently accessed outside of normal business hours, it’s smart to have physical protection in place as well. This is the part where I tell you about Panduit® RJ45 Jack Blockouts.

If you’re worried about viruses and worms being uploaded to your network or sensitive data being stolen from it, then you’ve got to think about limiting network access points. I’m talking about actually controling the number of RJ45 jacks that can be plugged into. Take a walk around your company’s offices, and you’ll probably find a pretty high number of data ports that are just sitting there, unused and not doing a darned thing. Remember that old saying about idle hands being the devil’s playground? Well, in the same way, idle RJ45 jacks can be a network vandal’s playground. Ruin a data thief’s fun by cutting down on the possibility of illicit network access - just snap Panduit’s RJ45 blocking devices into the empty jacks throughout your offices or facility.

Jack blockout devices work just like plugs, except they don’t just pull out when you want them to. In order to be removed, they need to be “unlocked” with a special tool, which can be left in the hands of your IT people for safe keeping. Insertion and removal of the data port block is completely safe for the jack, and won’t wear down its contacts or cause other degradation, even though multiple uses.

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Miniport Power and Data Center

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miniport-openIf you’ve had it with crawling under you desk to plug into power outlets and data ports, then you’ll probably end up asking today’s product, the Miniport, “Where have you been all my life?” You see, the Miniport is a power/data center that you can recess right into a desktop or conference room table. Each unit includes 2 power outlets as well as 2 open ports, which you customize by snapping in the data jacks of your choice. To keep everything looking clean and uniform, each Miniport includes a voice/data adapter kit, which is compatible with 10 different jack manufacturers.

But now for the fun part: how it works. The Miniport installs into right into your desk or conference table, so that you can just flip open the top when power or data access is needed, and close it back up (flush with the table or desk top!!!) when it’s not in use. The result is a sleek and unobtrusive solution for keeping connectivity right at you fingertips (literally). No more having to crawl around on the floor or weasel into tight spaces to plug your laptop in.

Aside from its convenience factor, the Miniport also looks very polished and professional, and is a great way to make an impression on the people you do business with. When guests to your conference room are able to set up a laptop with zero hassle, it makes you look even better. And speaking of looking good, I should mention that the Miniport is available in 6 different finishes to complement and enhance just about any workspace furniture and decor.

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