3 Clever Cable Management Solution Ideas

As tempting as it may be to just throw all your cables in a tangled heap in the corner, you know you’re going to regret it the second you have to actually locate a specific cable to remove or rearrange anything. There are a number of organizational options available for even the laziest of individuals when it comes to cables and wiring. Here are just three solutions that can be used for your home or office.

Simple Cable Management Solution Options For Home and Office

The first solution is the always popular cable ties. These are specially designed fasteners that loop around the cables with the end pulled through the head hole locking it in place. They are available in a number of different types made from different materials including nylon, Velcro, and metal. There are reusable and mountable options available as well. You could probably even use them for things that aren’t cables, if you want. We won’t judge you like that woman at the garage sale on The Simpsons. These are an excellent option for securing your cables and are available in a wide range of colors if you’re into being flashy.

Cable Tie Rainbow

A veritable rainbow of utility.

Next up, we have  cable clips. Like the name suggests, these are small clips that clamp or twist around the cables secure your bundles as needed. They can attach cables to walls or other surfaces, and can securely hold the cables in place at all times. Like ties, they’re available in multiple colors and designs to suit many different types of cables, but unlike most ties, they can usually be easily opened without destroying them, allowing for easy repositioning if you need to move your cords around. They’re like hair clips, if your hair was thick and made of rubber tubes that housed copper wiring. Which maybe it is, who am I to judge?

Creepy Eyes Hair Clip

Like this, but less creepy.

Finally, we have cable wrapsMuch like cables themselves wrap around and protect the copper wiring within, these wraps protect bundles of cables, like those Russian dolls that fit inside each other. Except the wraps actually serve a functional purpose. They come in many different varieties, from the stiff raceway to Pet wrap braided sleeving. Raceway is nice because it’s mountable and can be painted to match its surroundings, but its stiffness limits the amount of cables you can actually fit inside. Braided sleeving, on the other hand, is flexible and can expand to fit more cables within, but it’s not quite as camouflaged as the chameleon-esque raceway.

Chameleon-like Camouflage

Pictured: the same thing, basically.

And there you have it. Just a few ways to de-messify your jumbled pile of cables. To find all of these items and much, much more, check out our website’s Cable Management section.
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Techspray Cleaner and Degreaser: Circuit Board and Engine Grime Doesn’t Stand a Chance

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blue shower cleaner/degreaserHere we are, ready for that highly-anticipated Friday evening time-clock punch, and all I can think about is how much time I wasted (and fumes I involuntarily inhaled) last weekend. Want to know how I spent last Sunday afternoon? Perched on the edge of my bathtub, spraying coat after coat of foaming shower cleaner onto a vintage (i.e. ancient and hopelessly crusty) heat register grate that was so disgusting that I had no choice but to give up trying to clean it with my vacuum’s brush attachment, and resort to chemical-based crud erosion instead.

The foaming bathroom cleaner got the job done after several applications and some waiting, but when I got back to work Monday only to meet Techspray® G3 Blue Shower Cleaner and Degreaser from NTE®, I couldn’t help but have a “where have you been all my life?” moment. This stuff is designed to do exactly what I was trying so hard to do: strip grease, grime and other gross stuff from metal without much need for scrubbing or other unpleasantness. Had I known about this magic potion, I could’ve taken a nap instead.

Okay, to tell the truth, this degreaser may be overkill for household use, but it’s perfect for cleaning everything from circuit boards to engine parts – in other words, things that have vital functions and can’t be sacrificed to soap and water or just any cleaning chemical. Just spray this solvent on, and let it do its thing. If you need to do any wiping or scrubbing, it won’t be much. Just think of it as Scrubbing Bubbles® for really important tech and mechanical stuff.

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