Cord Hog Cable Wrap: Hog-Tie Cable Slack with a Twist of the Wrist

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cord-hogOnce in a while, you just have to appreciate something for its sweet simplicity. Take the Cord Hog, for example. Granted, it’s not too prettily named, and it looks way more like a pine cone than anything in the pig family (or at least I think so). But it’s easy to use, and when it comes to ummmm… hog-tying (as in limiting the movement/activity of) cable slack, this little cord winder is as uncomplicated as it gets.

Yes, I realize that this looks like just another plastic thing that you wrap cords around. But here’s what I like about the Cord Hog cable wrap: you don’t have to be a meticulous cord spooler to get the finished product to look like the picture. Have you ever looked at the packaging of some organizational product (especially one dealing with cable management), and seen an impossibly pristine “after” shot? The “before” pic matches your situation perfectly, and then you put the miracle organizer into action. No matter how hard you try, you can’t get your cords to coil as neatly, and there are inevitably a few loops of cable that, due to having spent years in a mangled pile of clutter, refuse to de-spazz and align smoothly with the rest of the bundle. The end result may be better than what you were originally dealing with, but it’s nowhere near as good as what you were hoping for.

All of that example-giving to explain that the Cord Hog has built-in channels, into which you fit excess cable as you wind it around and around. Proper alignment isn’t an option, and that’s a good thing. As you wrap, everything automatically falls into place, and you come out looking like a photo stylist for an organizing magazine without even breaking a sweat. Did I mention that the Cord Hog can also accommodate up to 12 feet of cable? So give the Hog a try – it will have your desk or counter top looking like less of a pigsty in no time.

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Spiral Wrap

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spiral-wrap_smWhat do you use when you want to bundle and protect cables, but still need to have the option of breaking cables out at different points along the way? You reach for Spiral Wrap, of course. True to its name, spiral wrap is indeed a long, tightly-wound plastic spiral which makes up a flexible, near-solid tube that can be wrapped around cords and wires that you’d rather have covered. Spiral wrap is similar in concept to wire loom, except that it has thicker walls, and instead of breaking cables out of a lengthwise slit, you just feed them out of the bundle (between coils) as needed.

As I just mentioned, spiral wrap is substantially thicker than standard wire loom, a feature that makes it ideal for fending off gnawing pets who would otherwise chew through your cables. As a matter of fact, we’ve heard from a customer who uses spiral wrap to keep her rabbit from chewing on low-hanging lamp cords.

Our spiral wrap is made from tough but flexible polyethylene plastic, which is excellent at resisting abrasion. You can order it by the foot for small cable management tasks, or buy it by the spool for bigger jobs. It’s available in you choice of 6 solid or 3 neon colors.

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