Installing Cable Ties Using an Installation Tool

Cable tie installation toolWhen it comes to installing cable ties it can be easy or it can be hard depending on what the cables ties are made from. The plastic and softer material type can be installed by hand in the blink of an eye, although what about the heavy duty steel cable ties? Well if you are in need of installing these tough ties then why not make your installation go much faster and easier with the Panduit GS4MT Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool.

Using a Cable Tie Installation Tool for Stainless Steel Ties

Not only can this cable tie gun handle the depending properties of standard, light heavy, heavy standard, and cross section stainless steel cable ties, it can easily provide you with a quick and easy method that is user friendly for all operators. This tie gun is designed to tighten cable ties to the maximum capacity needed and can cut the excess off easily with the use of the selector knob preset tension and a simple squeeze of the handle.

Offering a lightweight designed tool, it qualifies as a Military Specification Standard Part # MS90387-3 which can easily meet with allcable tie installation tool your requirements. Great for construction applications, it provides high compatibility for use with all Pan-Steel MLTC coated ties, MLT ties, and MLTDH double wrapped ties. Because of the way it is designed it is suitable for use in outdoor environments and for big jobs. Extremely easy to use you will be amazed at how it can successfully install the cable ties around the cables in a short amount of time.

So if you are in need of a cable tie installation tool that can handle stainless steel cable ties, then look no further than the Panduit GS4MT Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool. A great cable tie gun for all your heavy duty cable tie applications. 

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HellermannTyton Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool

ht-stainless-cable-tie-gun-sIf you’ve ever hand-bundled wires with cable ties, you’ve probably found that it doesn’t take long for your fingers to start feeling unmistakably raw. Between the force needed to grip such small objects and the friction that the zip ties create against your hands as you tighten them, large-scale cable tie installations can easily lead to blisters. And that’s just with standard, flexible nylon cable ties – ever tried to hand-install the heavy duty stainless steel kind? Yikes!

Luckily, HellermannTyton makes a stainless steel cable tie tensioning tool that’s become the saving grace of industrial installation technicians around the world. Also commonly known as a “cable tie gun” because of its unmistakably pistol-like shape and trigger-driven operation, this tool allows you to ratchet cable ties made of 304 and 316 stainless steel to the perfect tension without causing yourself any unnecessary discomfort.

Well, we’ve covered the physical pitfalls of hand-tensioning stainless steel cable ties, but did you know that doing things by hand can also have consequences for your cables as well? It’s very easy to overtighten cable ties, and when that happens, it can not only lead to damaged cable insulation, but compressed conductors as well. And what’s wrong with a few compressed conductors? They don’t transmit data as well, and can sometimes fail altogether. The whole reason for having cables in the first place is to transmit data from Point A to Point B. Don’t let something as simple as overtensioned cable ties cripple your network. Cable tie tensioning tools only let you tighten the ties up to a certain point, so that they’re securely holding cable bundles together, but not biting into them. They take the guesswork out of installation, while leaving you with neatly (and safely) organized cables every time.

So how do cable tie installation tools work? Simple. You get things started by looping the cable tie around a bundle of cords, and then insert the tie’s tip through its head – but stop there. Next, grab the installation tool, feed the tip into the end of the gun, and pull the tool’s trigger until the cable tie is perfectly tightened. And did I mention that you won’t need a separate tool to trim off the cable tie’s end? This tool even cuts tensioned cable ties to size.

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