Premiere Raceway On-A-Roll™

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premiere-raceway-on-a-rollI’ve mentioned raceway quite a few times since starting this blog, but there’s a great reason why – the stuff is incredibly versatile, and you can use it pretty much anywhere you want to hide cables. If you’ve never used, or even heard of, cable raceway, let me explain a little bit about it. It’s basically a square or rectangular-shaped channel that’s designed to conceal cable runs along walls. You could say that it’s a lot like conduit, except that most raceways have the very handy feature of a hinged lid that snaps open and closed whenever you need to add or remove wires. You typically install raceway onto your walls with double-sided adhesive (which often comes pre-applied), or, if you need a really permanent installation, you can drill holes through the back and screw it onto the wall. In most cases, though, you’d just stick with the adhesive.

While raceway is one of the easiest wire management options out there, it can present a bit of a problem storage-wise for installers who use it in bulk. Conventional cable raceways are rigid, and usually come in 5 to 6 foot lengths. That’s no problem if you only need a few pieces, but when you order it by the hundreds, shipping costs can start to add up, and the product can eat up a lot of storage space on shelves and in work vans. But Premiere Raceway Products has come up with an extremely compact solution: Raceway On-A-Roll™.

Made out of the same sturdy PVC that many raceways are built from, the main difference of Raceway On-A-Roll™ is that it’s manufactured flat, instead of being extruded into a rigid rectangular shape. Because it’s flat, Premiere’s Raceway On-A Roll™ can be rolled up, so it’s very easy to carry and takes up hardly any space. To use it, you just measure out the length you need, cut off a piece with heavy-duty scissors, stick the adhesive surface onto your wall, and fold the raceway into shape along its hinges.

Aside from being very sturdy, one of the standout features of Raceway On-A-Roll™ is that it actually latches open and closed, just like standard cable raceways do. There are other flat-pack rolled raceways on the market, but they form a permanent channel once assembled, so you don’t have the freedom to make changes. With Raceway On-A-Roll™, you change out or add wires at any time, with no hassle.

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Cornerduct 1150 Series Raceways

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corner-raceways-medFor all of you cable management fans who admire the qualities of standard surface raceway but wish it were a little more decorative, I’d like to introduce Cornerduct 1150 Series Raceways. These cord channels route cables and wiring along your walls just like any other raceway, but they have the added bonus of being (true to their name) designed for use in corners.

Able to be mounted either vertically (for floor-to-ceiling cable runs) or horizontally (to route cables from one end of the room to the other), Cornerduct has a snap-on cover that makes it easy to install and update wiring. And if you’ve ever wished you could have the luxury of crown molding without the expense and effort, this is the chance you’ve been waiting for! With its triangular, corner-fitting shape and smooth, slightly curved cover, Cornerduct works as both an inexpensive and super functional “fake-out” crown molding. As a matter of fact, you can even custom paint it with latex paint to match the rest of your decor – no one will suspect a thing.

Cornerduct is made from a UL compliant, flame-resistant PVC, so in addition to it being durable, it’s also safer to have around the house. And while it can be used in any room of the house, we recommend it for hiding A/V cable is your living room, home theater, or bedroom.

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