LED Exit Signs For Your Business

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LED Exit SignsIf you have ever gone to a social, public, hospitality, or business area you may have noticed the glowing sign above the door with “EXIT” written on it. Exit signs such as LED exit signs are important within business and public areas for many reasons to help keep the public safe at all times. These signs are available in numerous colours and designs and may be more important than you think.

Reasons Why LED Exit Signs Are Important

One of the first reasons why exits signs are important in your business is to show customers or visitors which door you need to walk through to exit the building. These can be beneficial for larger businesses with many interconnecting doors and allows customers to go freely from a building in an organized fashion.

Another important reason why exit signs are used are to help visitors to find a way out during an emergency situation. During a fire, smoke may cause low visibility which makes it hard for people to find the exit door. With the use of an LED exit sign it can shine through the smoke clearly allowing panicked individuals to get out before serious injury or a fatality occurs.

Where To Place Exit Signs

Exit signs are generally placed above doors leading out of the building or to staircases that lead to lower levels of a multiple storey building. These signs shouldn’t be placed above windows unless they are leading to a safe way out of the building. Some exit signs are also accompanied by arrow signs which help to indicate the way to the exit when visibility is lowered. These signs are generally placed along hallways and staircases directing people which way to walk.  LED exit signs

Overall exit signs are generally marked with clear symbols and wording which is highly recognizable in dark or emergency situations. They are mandatory in all business, public, and hospitality applications and can help to save lives each and every year. If you own a business that doesn’t have an exit sign, why not take the time to consider just how important this one sign is for your business and visitors.


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A Tool Chest Made For The Work Environment

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Do you need a tool storage unit with plenty of space and easy mobility when full? Well Excel® has a tool cart that will have all your work mates seeing red. Excel® has been manufacturing tool storage systems since 2003, so it is no wonder they offer only the very best when it comes to a heavy duty tool chest for challenging work environments. Their versatile 6-drawer tool cart with wood work surface gives you all the space you need and does not lose mobility to weight. Additionally, its wooden bench top makes the perfect work space.

tool chestTool Space Has Never Been This Easy With The Excel Tool Chest!

The engineers at Excel have outdone themselves with this highly efficient tool chest, made specifically for the hard workers of different trades and industries.

Large Casters: This tool chest features large, smooth casters that allow easy movement for up to 880 lbs of equipment, ensuring you will never have a problem getting around.

6 Drawers: 6 differently sized drawers make it convenient to store anything from nuts, bolts, and screwdrivers to large power tools. Each draw features ball-bearings which allow for easy movement when pulling the draw out and pushing it back in.

Side Cabinet: The right side cabinet is great for storing taller items that may be best stored standing. Adjust or remove the shelf to store taller items up to 22” or simply use the space for extra items.

Powder Coated Steel Construction: Designed for tough environments, this unit is constructed of impact resistant solid steel and is finished with a powder coat that resists chemicals, scratches, and corrosion.

Wooden Bench Top: Yes that’s right not only does it have storage space but you can even use it as a work bench with its wooden top. Perfect for any application including electrical, carpentry, crafts, manufacturing, and more!tool chest

Red Or Black? It is entirely up to you! You can choose the colour preference you prefer of your tool box. It’s that easy!

What it does:

  • Holds all your tools in a compact and easy to find way
  • Effortlessly moves up to 880 lbs

 Where you can use the product:

  • Workshops
  • Industrial businesses
  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Anywhere where tools will be in use
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iPad Wall Enclosure For Business IPad Safety

iPad Wall Enclosure Do you run a business that sells iPads? Do you need an iPad wall enclosure to help it from becoming damaged when on display in front of your customers? Well with this FSR iPAD wall enclosure you can now protect your Ipad in commercial and multiple user applications. This is perfect when used in public environments. With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing products for video, audio, and machine vision industries you can see why this wall enclosure is such great quality.

Add Product Safety To Your Business With An iPad Wall Enclosure 

This iPad wall enclosure has outstanding features which are beneficial for many commercial or multiple use applications. It features a great design! The best part of all is that your iPad is secured at all times!

Aluminum Enclosure: The aluminum enclosure can help stop people from stealing or tampering with your display iPad no matter where it is setup in your store.

iPad Wall Enclosure BackRear Holes: The rear holes allow you to easily mount it to the wall or VESA mount for a more convenient and time saving installation.

Full Cut-out Points: The full cut-out points give perfect access to the screen, camera, application button and even speakers. Your display iPad will definitely give customers the ultimate iPad experience without sacrificing quality.

Invisible Hardware: With no hardware on the face of the unit you can still keep that professional and streamline look within your store.

USA Made: Yes that’s right this enclosure is home grown! It gives you peace of mind knowing it is highly constructed with high quality materials.

Color options: That’s right it comes available in 2 colors including aluminum and black! Your choice of color to best suit your store!

What it does: iPad Wall Enclosure Side

  • Protects your ipad from becoming stolen or damaged when placed on display in commercial applications
  • Provide protection from multiple use

 Where you can use the product:

  • Automation controls and trade show displays
  • Medical kiosks
  • POS systems
  • Any electronics businesses
  • Retail centres
  • Commercial businesses that sell iPads
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Grommets: Perfect Cable Management for Any Decor or Environment

I don’t know how familiar you are with grommets, so I thought I’d take some time today to highlight what is actually a very cool and useful (although oddly-named) category of products.

At some point or another, you’ve probably (at the very least) encountered grommets at work, whether they were built into a desktop or conference table, or installed in a countertop near a POS system. Most often, you’ll see them as black plastic rings that are fitted into the cutouts that allow cables to run through work surfaces – the whole idea being that the grommets will buffer the cutouts’ sharp edges so that cables aren’t accidentally scratched up or cut.

But lest you get the wrong idea, let me be quick to add that grommets aren’t limited to the standard-issue black plastic designs, or even to workplaces. You can find them in schools, theaters, entertainment complexes (think all those arcade games), and more than ever, in homes. And speaking of homes, the grommets just keep getting better to keep up with all of those HGTV-worthy upgrades we’re always after, like granite countertops, home theater setups, and modern furniture. There are grommets available in many different designer metal finishes, wood, and even a rainbow of plastics, so no matter what type of surface you need to run cables through, you can rest assured that even utilitarian grommets won’t drag down your decor.

In addition to different styles, materials and finishes, some grommets also multitask – that is to say, they do even more than just organize and protect cables. Some have built-in USB hubs, some have power outlets and data ports – I’ve even seen grommets that double as desk organizers and have compartments to hold pens and other small items. You never know what you might find.

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BlueLounge® CableClips: How to Keep Cords Simply and Stylishly Organized

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Over the past few days, I keep seeing mentions of a college guy who decided to ditch the Internet (e-mail, social media, web surfing – you name it) as well as his cell phone for 90 days. During this time, he had infinitely more time to study, learned the value of a handwritten letter, found creative ways to meet up with friends and family, and was even able to win an old girlfriend back. After an extremely unplugged 3 months, he concluded that he’d found out who his true friends are, strengthened relationships with those who matter most, and gained an appreciation for the basic day-to-day social interactions that were facts of life as little as a generation ago, but are practically unknown in our current Facebook and text message addicted age.

To say the least, I was inspired, at least enough to break away from my usual ramblings about chargers and other accessories that pimp out the gadgets that are permanently glued in our hands and to our ears, and keep them ready for use now now now. While each of those things is great in its own respect, there’s also something to be said for things that don’t glow, beep, or have apps, so that’s what we’re sticking with today.

Meet BlueLounge® CableClips™, a line of multi-purpose cord wraps that very recently charmed me with their no-nonsense functionality and minimalistic good looks. They have a basic one-piece design that features two cord channels, and absolutely no components that will pinch cords or snap off. They’re made to keep excess cable length coiled and clipped together, and that’s exactly what they do – just push cords into CableClips through the lengthwise openings in the cable channels, and you’re organized. And like everything from BlueLounge, they’re aesthetically designed to complement, and not overwhelm, their surroundings.

Sometimes simple is just better.

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