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cablebox-blackBlueLounge® Designs has done it again. They can’t stop making cool products for me to yakk on about. First there was the Sanctuary charging station, and then came the Space Station laptop dock. Finally, this morning, I met the newest addition – the CableBox. But I’m not talking about the the box from your cable company that sends signal to your TV. If you’ve ever read or watched anything Harry Potter, then you’re probably well acquainted with the Cloak of Invisibility – wrap yourself in it, and you’re gone. Well, the CableBox is like an Invisibility Cloak for power strips, and it works almost as fast. You want one already, don’t you?

Design-wise, it’s almost ridiculously simple – in a good way. It’s a sleek, rounded-corner box with cable slots in each end, and a lid that fits on top. Operation is equally simple: you just pick up your standard-size power strip, plugs and all, and drop it into the CableBox. Attached cables can be routed out of the box via one or both slots, and then you just pop the lid on. Power strip? What power strip?

The CableBox is available in black or white, but either color can be repainted to match your walls or floor if you’re looking to achieve an even higher level of power strip stealth. And what’s really nice is that the CableBox has low-profile rubberized feet (pads, really) attached to the bottom, so whether you park it on the floor or along the back of an entertainment center, it won’t slide around on you.cablebox-before-after                                                         View the Product Page

BlueLounge® Space Station Desk Organizer

space-station-desktopOnce upon a time, I used to like to throw myself down on the couch, put up my feet, and kick back with my laptop on my (and here’s where it got its name) lap. A comfortable and relaxing way to surf the Web, no doubt, but there was just one little issue – the hot air that came billowing out of the thing, and had a way of slow-cooking both me and the computer. If you keep that up, you not only get a tad sweaty, but you also guarantee that that laptop is going to start deteriorating from the high temps and bite the dust waaaaaaay earlier than it’s supposed to. Luckily, we as humans have instincts and mobility that allow us to move ourselves away from heat and into better situations. Notebook computers, on the other hand, do not. If you’ve got a laptop that you want sticking around for quite some time, one of the best ways you can extend its life is to step in and take temperature control into your own hands.

When it comes to electronics, the most important part of heat dissipation is proper air circulation. If air can’t move relatively freely around devices, heat builds up and temperatures climb. This explains why you’ve probably seen a number of “laptop lift” products out there. In theory, they’re a great idea, but I’m not really crazy about the concept of balancing a piece of expensive techology on several different pieces of plastic. Too much room for error – and klutzes. That’s why I was pretty taken with the BlueLounge® Space Station the first time I saw it – there’s no balancing act involved.

More than just a laptop lift, the one-piece Space Station desk organizer not only raises the rear of your notebook to allow plenty of air circulate, but also tips the keyboard forward at a pleasantly ergonomic angle, so your wrists and fingers are saved from any unnecessary fatigue or discomfort. Add to that the fact that this docking station has a 4 port USB hub for really convenient connectivity, built-in cable management, cell phone and PDA holders and even an accessory bar to hold business cards, and you have a desk accessory that’s truly worthy of a name like Space Station.

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