The Benefits Of Using A Charging Station

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charging station

We all know that sometimes in their working life your devices will eventually need charging. Although it can be difficult to charge multiple items at the onetime especially when there are minimal power points located in your room. If you find you have this problem, then look no further than the BlueLounge® Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station which is ideal for charging multiple devices at the one time to help keep you on the move.

The Benefits Of Using A Charging Station

One of the main benefits of using a charging station such as the BlueLounge® Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station is that it is able to handle up to 3 devices at the one time. This can help with charging up to 3 iPods, iPhones, cell phones, or any other smaller type of mobile devices. This is great for anyone who may be travelling and need the perfect compact way to charge all devices in a quick and easy manner.

Not only does this charging station provide easy charging of mobile devices but it is able to also include support for 2 iPod connections, micro USBs, and mini USB devices. It can also accommodate for modern portable devices for added convenience and versatility.

Another great thing about this particular charging station is that is able to offer an angled look which is perfect for allowing you to view your incoming messages as well as phone calls easily. It also provides a user friendly way of changing your playlist and provides easy access to your devices at any time.

One more great feature about the BlueLounge charging station is that is provides a rubberized top which helps to keep your devices clean and professional looking while helping to keep them in place at all times during the charging process.

So if you are in need of a user friendly and simple way of charging your devices then why not take a look at the BlueLounge® Refresh Multi-Device Charging Station and see just how user friendly this charging unit can actually be for your busy lifestyle. BlueLounge® CableBox Mini Giveaway

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Filed under: Cable Management is giving away a BlueLounge® CableBox Mini to 3 lucky winners. These mini CableBoxes are a fantastic cable management solution.

blue lounge cablebox holding several cables

Blue Lounge CableBox conquers cable clutter

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the sanctuary charging station

Blue Lounge Sanctuary Charging Station

They were features in Oprah Magazine’s De-Clutter Your Life! edition, mashable, Maclife, The Wall Street Journal and PCWorld.  Enough name dropping I think it’s pretty obvious this product has fans the world over.  The cablebox mini is brought to you by the makers of the very popular and gorgeously simple  Sanctuary Charging Station.


cablebox mini colors

CableBox Mini available in 7 colors

The Cablebox Mini from BlueLounge® is small enough and sleek enough to fit in almost anywhere, here’s a list of places customers say they like to use their CableBox Mini:

  • On top of computer tower
  • Near or behind home theater setup
  • Beside your laptop on small desk
  • Underneath your desk
  • On a beside table
  • On floor next to their reading lamp
  • On the entrance hall table next to the telephone, fax and charging station
  • The white mini cablebox blends well into white floor boards making it a great endpoint for cable raceway that meets the outlet.





Cable Raceway for your Home Theater setup

Cable raceway is really a more complete system to route and conceal any wires in your home and to prevent tripping hazards. Speaker wires, audio cables and Ethernet cables can all be routed through your home without any unsightly nails to be banged into walls.

cable raceway installation

Routing cables through cable raceway

Cable raceway is easy to install and re-enterable so you can always update your wires without worrying about installing new raceway. They can be painted over too, so that they match your wall color.


Could cable management be any more stylish? It’s helped me create a portable home office. I can store everything in this neat little box, and take my laptop and monitor in only 2 trips. There’s also only 1 power plug to connect and no wires to undo, unwind or re-plug. Right now my office is located in the living room, should my guests arrive for dinner, I need only remove the single plug coming out of the box and take my equipment into my home office. Easy Peasy. All the wires are wrapped neatly and identified.

Here are a few images from my personal home laptop setup:


I’m using the CableBox Mini to store all my peripherals and power plugs that I need to run my mobile laptop setup. So what’s all that in the box?

  • 1x Laptop universal charger
  • 1x additional monitor power plug
  • 1x USB multiport extender and power plug
  • 6x USB charger capacity – 4 plugged in currently
  • 1x power outlet left empty to plug in my printer

I love my Cablebox Mini. I got it as a gift and now, it’s a vital part of my office. The best part is it’s white so it matches my desk, stationary holders. And pretty soon, if I can save quickly enough for Christmas – my notice boards. Then I’ll move on to some cable raceway for my living room.


Benefits of the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cable Clips

cable clipsHave you ever had problems with cables or cords falling from your workstation or desk? Are you tired of having to pick them up constantly? Well look no further than the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips. Innovative and superior in many ways, these cable clips can easily help keep your cords and cables in the only place on your desk without the risk of them falling off.

Benefits of the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cable Clips

Benefit #1 – Versatility: One of the first benefits of these cord clips is that they are highly versatile with where they can be positioned. Because of their highly adhesive peel-and-stick back, these cable cords are capable of providing easy attachment to smooth surfaces and desktops with ease.

Benefit #2 – Complementary Colors: Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, these cable clips are available in a number of colours to choose from. This is perfect when you want to blend them in with the surrounding decor. They are also great for colour coding certain cables and are perfect for providing a clean and professional appearance to your workstation.

Benefit #3 –  Cable Management Solution: Because of their unique design they are great for providing high compatibility and gripping of cellphone cords, camera cords, MP3 player cords and mobile device cords. The cables or cords can easily be pushed into the clip which holds it in place ready for use a short notice.

Benefit #4 – Compact Size: Not only are these cable clips useful but they are also able to provide easy positioning in most ordinary and unusual areas with ease. Because they are small and compact they can easily be positioned on table or chair legs, desktop ledges, monitor arms and more for added convenience.

So if you have cords that keeping falling on the floor, then why not take a look at the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips and see just how beneficial these little clips can actually be within your workstation, office, or home desk area.

Meet Milo: The Newest Rockstar Smartphone Holder from BlueLounge® Designs

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Confession: even as much as I’ve loved going on about smartphones (and mobile tech in general) for the past who-knows-how-long, I only caved in and got one about 6 months ago, and let me just say: aside from the laptop that I rely on for work, I’ve never spent this much time interacting with a silicon-based non-life-form in my life.

And it gets better: I seem to have acquired Smartphone Neck from the obligatory hunch one must assume while making the most of one’s unlimited text plan and squinting at tiny browsers. Seriously – the next time I’m in a clothing store dressing room, I’m going to have to sneak a peek in the 3-way mirror, because I’m pretty sure that I have the beginning of a Quasimodo-style thing happening in the shoulder region.

Just when I feel like I’m doomed to a life of hopeless hunching, along comes Milo™. No, Milo isn’t a massage therapist, chiropractor or maker of neck braces for the gadget-impaired – it’s a gorgeous little smartphone stand from BlueLounge® Designs, my absolute favorite maker of gadget accessories.

Along with BlueLounge’s signature modern, minimalist styling, the Milo Smartphone Holder has an incredibly cool feature that’s referred to as micro-suction, which lets the holding surface grab onto a smooth phone or case with barely any pressure applied – no clips, no big suction cups. It’s one of the best features I’ve seen on anything in quite a while.

Anyway, the whole reason I see Milo as being a neck-saver to any gadget junkie is because of the delightfully comfortable (dare I say ergonomic?) angle it holds phones at, in either portrait or landscape position. Find a surface that you can easily sit in front of (desk, table) and you can sit back and watch streaming videos, scroll through playlists, check incoming calls or text without having to grab the phone with both hands and slowly but surely fall into the Hunch.

Could this have helped poor Quasimodo? I fear not. But it’s never too late to save yourself!

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BlueLounge® CableClips: How to Keep Cords Simply and Stylishly Organized

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Over the past few days, I keep seeing mentions of a college guy who decided to ditch the Internet (e-mail, social media, web surfing – you name it) as well as his cell phone for 90 days. During this time, he had infinitely more time to study, learned the value of a handwritten letter, found creative ways to meet up with friends and family, and was even able to win an old girlfriend back. After an extremely unplugged 3 months, he concluded that he’d found out who his true friends are, strengthened relationships with those who matter most, and gained an appreciation for the basic day-to-day social interactions that were facts of life as little as a generation ago, but are practically unknown in our current Facebook and text message addicted age.

To say the least, I was inspired, at least enough to break away from my usual ramblings about chargers and other accessories that pimp out the gadgets that are permanently glued in our hands and to our ears, and keep them ready for use now now now. While each of those things is great in its own respect, there’s also something to be said for things that don’t glow, beep, or have apps, so that’s what we’re sticking with today.

Meet BlueLounge® CableClips™, a line of multi-purpose cord wraps that very recently charmed me with their no-nonsense functionality and minimalistic good looks. They have a basic one-piece design that features two cord channels, and absolutely no components that will pinch cords or snap off. They’re made to keep excess cable length coiled and clipped together, and that’s exactly what they do – just push cords into CableClips through the lengthwise openings in the cable channels, and you’re organized. And like everything from BlueLounge, they’re aesthetically designed to complement, and not overwhelm, their surroundings.

Sometimes simple is just better.

get a closer look

BlueLounge® CableDrops: Stylish Stick-On Cord Clips that Get a Grip on Unplugged Cables

bluelounge-cable-dropCord clips: they’re practical, effective, even downright utilitarian. Being all function and no form, they aren’t there to stand around and look pretty – they’re there to get the job done, and they always do, which is why I’m a fan. As far as I can remember, I’ve never met a cord clip that I didn’t like, but at the same time, I’ve never exactly been drawn to them for their looks… until now.

Just yesterday, I laid eyes on BlueLounge® CableDrops™ cord clips for the very first time, and the weirdest thing happened. I had this instant, goofy, kid-in-a-candy-story reaction, the kind that I never thought would be inspired by a cable management product. You may have heard me go on about BlueLounge’s amazing design savvy before, when I’ve blogged about their many incredible charging stations and gadget docks. But these little cord clips absolutely took the cake, and I can’t quite figure out why.

Maybe it’s because CableDrops lean toward sophisticated and even sculptural on the design end, but somehow still remind you of cute, colorful little candies (hence the aforementioned “kid-in-a-candy-store” knee-jerk reaction). I’m not someone who’s into the general acquisition of stuff, but these are the kind of things that make you say, “ooooh, I need those” before you really even have time to process what they actually do. They’re impossibly cute.

Anyway, you get the idea. On to how they work. CableDrops™ hang onto one cord at a time, and are specifically designed to hold cable connectors and prevent them from slipping to the floor when they’re disconnected. So that USB cord that you’re always crawling on the floor behind your desk to retrieve stays conveniently at arm’s length, instead – which is where it should be. And then there’s the easy “installation” part – they’re conveniently backed with adhesive, so all you do is figure out where you want them, peel the backing off, and stick them to any flat surface.

One of my favorite things is that they come in beautiful complementary color assortments, and are sold in 6-packs, so you have the freedom to use just one, or group them together for even more impact and cable management power. Because of their looks, you can get pretty artistic with the arrangements, so these are perfect for creative and design-oriented people… like me.

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BlueLounge® Tiny USB Cords for Charging Stations and Short Distance Plug-Ins

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bluelounge-extra-connectionsI’m getting the feeling that I’m on kind of a minimalist jag this week. Only yesterday I was talking up the virtues of small and incredibly simple cord organizer, and today, we’re exploring the “less-is-more” advantages of what happen to be the shortest USB cables I’ve ever set eyes on. Meet the Extra Connectors.

Made by BlueLounge® Designs, the not-so-evil geniuses behind some of the hottest and most functional charging stations on the market, Extra Connectors are foot-long USB cables (yes, you got that right, they’re only 12 inches) that let you add extra connectors to BlueLounge Charging Stations that have spare USB ports, or just plug small devices into your laptop without the hassle of an extra 5 feet of USB cable cluttering up your workspace.

I don’t know if this is just the first time I’ve come across cables this short, or if it’s been going on forever without my knowledge, but to be quite honest, I don’t care – the whole concept is brilliant. Think about it. When you want to connect, say, your digital camera to your laptop to import photos, do you really need a 6-foot USB cable? No! In reality, you’re setting your camera down about a foot away from your computer, and then working around the pile of cable slack. Inconvenience for a greater benefit is one thing, but fighting a needlessly, wastefully long cable for elbow room is pretty much insane.

Extra Connectors are compatible with over 1,500 devices, from a lineup of manufacturers that include Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Palm, Sony, Nintendo, and Motorola. With the odds that they’ll work for you being so good, you’ve definitely got to give one a try. You won’t miss the cable slack – I promise.

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BlueLounge® Refresh Charging Station: Modern-Chic Gadget Charging at Its Best

blue-lounge-refresh-charging-stationIf there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few years, it’s that if you need to park or charge your gadgets in or on something, that something had better be from BlueLounge® Designs. An awful lot of charging stations and electronics organizers come my way, and without fail, the items from BlueLounge are the ones that consistently cause my lower jaw to come crashing (involuntarily, of course) down onto my laptop desk. They’re always chic, modern, a little bit funky, and minimalist in a way that could never be misconstrued as boring.

Case in point, our latest BlueLounge® addition, the Refresh Charging Station. This hot little number is gorgeously designed, comes fully equipped with built-in connectors, and is so small that you could almost call it “tiny.” It’s exactly the kind of thing you’d want babysitting the cell phone and iPod™ that are, if I’m not mistaken, currently sprawling out on your counter or desktop.

This brilliant little gadget corral/charger measures only (approximately) 9½ x 2 x 5½ inches, so it leaves most of your surface space available for more important things, but despite its compact footprint, it can accommodate up to 3 small devices at once. Refresh’s gently sloped surface is rubberized to provide plenty of traction for the gadgets that lounge on it, because, let’s face it, no one wants a cracked iPhone™ screen under any circumstances… least of all a slippery charging station mishap.

As I mentioned before, the Refresh charging station is very discreetly tricked out with 2 iPod cables, 2 USB extensions, and mini and micro USB connectors, so right off the bat, it’s compatible with 1,838 different gadgets, even without their individual chargers. When it’s time to repower, just slip the connector(s) you need through the charging surface, plug in, and let the Refresh do its work.

Convenience, organization and technology all rolled into one space-conscious and very stylish package. Now that’s refreshing.

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The BlueLounge® Nest – An Extra Set of Hands to Hold Up iPads, Kindles, and Other Tablet-Style Gadgets

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bluelounge-nest-tablet-standEaster’s just around the corner, and being that it’s the time of year that we traditionally have bunnies, chicks, and little candy eggs on the brain, it’s an extra fun coincidence that we just started carrying yet another awesome BlueLounge® product, which happens to be very appropriately named the Nest. It may not be the ideal place to stash your kids’ Cadbury Creme Eggs on Easter morning, but it’s designed to hold something even cooler (think iPads, Kindles, and other gadgety tablets).

Before I go any further, I need to come clean of a dirty little secret: I haven’t yet joined the ranks of iPad and eBook owners. But when I do, the Nest will not be optional. One of these babies is coming home with me as soon as I get tabletized! I don’t mean to get overenthusiastic about a gadget stand, but the thought of having to hold onto a tablet at all times during use is a little exhausting. Maybe I want to catch up on my reading while eating a sandwich, or sit back and watch a movie without having to keep a death grip on the screen, or attempt to balance it in my lap. No, I’ll definitely be requiring the services of a Nest.

I hope that I’m not coming across as some kind of tablet stand snob when I say this, but this is one of, if not the best, one I’ve seen yet. There are tons of easel-y ones out there, and while the Nest can and does act like an easel, it also does double duty as a very cool-looking pedestal, depending on which way you turn it. Did I also mention that it comes in several extremely eye-catching colors? (BlueLounge® is great with colors.) And that it has a little storage compartment for keys and other miscellaneous treasures/junk? (They’re amazing at organization, too.)

All this, and it’s priced comparably with, or cheaper than, most other tablet stands on the market. I’m telling you, this thing is so good, it’s almost a reason to go out and get a tablet. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think there’s a homeless Kindle wandering around out there with my name on it…

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BlueLounge® StudioDesk

bluelounge-studiodeskFor the past year and a half, I’ve been pretty happy with my IKEA computer desk – it was cheap, looks reasonably good, and accommodates my desktop without eating up too much space. But just last week, satisfaction more or less flew out the window when I took my first gander at BlueLounge’s StudioDesk. Never mind that I don’t currently own a laptop, or that the StudioDesk costs several times what my little IKEA number did – I want one. Why the workstation envy? My avarice is founded on 3 different reasons, namely:

Mahogany. That’s right – this baby may be part white laminate, but I’m happy to say that all the important details are done in real, gorgeous mahogany. Legs, trim, grommet edging – you name it. This could be my ticket out of particle board prison!

The built-in faux leather laptop pad. Yes, it may be fake, but it’s also kind of chic, and does the very important job of keeping your laptop from sliding all over the place. Besides, wouldn’t you rather rest your wrists on a soft surface instead of cold, hard desktop?

The lack of visual cables. This is the part where I tell you that the faux leather laptop pad actually covers a slide-out tray that conceals the most magical part of the desk – a built-in cable management compartment. This secret hideaway has plenty of room to fit power strips, USB hubs, and even excess wiring, so instead of looking at multiple cords traveling around your desktop and stretching to wall outlets, you’ll only get an eyeful of clean lines and beautiful, clutter-free minimalism.

Well, I think you’ll find that my greed is justified. And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to shop for a laptop, and possibly a brick-walled downtown loft apartment. I think my future StudioDesk would look outstanding in one of those.

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