Benefits Of 3M™ X30/X30N/X35N Digital Projectors

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digital projectorsProjectors have been around for a long time, although with upcoming innovations and new advancements in the field of technology the world has welcomed new digital projectors which are great for a number of different reasons. Projectors such as the 3M™ X30/X30N/X35N Digital Projectors are a great choice for business or work applications and can easily provide a number of benefits that will make your presentation or working environment easier to handle.

Benefits Of 3M™ X30/X30N/X35N Digital Projectors

Advantage #1 – Clearer Images: One of the first benefits of having a digital projector is that with the updated technology they are capable of creating clearer and more detailed images that will benefit your presentation or viewing. Now you can easily watch or view detailed images or movies clearly and impress your boss at work by providing a professional appearance to you and your work.

Advantage #2 – Power Saving: Another great thing about a digital projector is that it is designed to offer lower power consumption than other models. Newer models such as the 3M™ X30/X30N/X35N Digital Projectors provide eco-friendly operation which helps to save energy and money.

Advantage #3 – Universal: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better this digital projector also features a universal power adapter which makes it suitable for use in any location all around the world. It is ideal for taking with you on very important business or conference meeting trips and is able to deliver reliable use each and every time.

Advantage #4: – Customizable: With its unique design, this digital projector offers a personal input souring name which makes it perfect for you to customise your input devices such as an iPod, laptop and more. It provides easy adaption and connection of other devices and promotes high operation capabilities when used.

So if you are in business or you just need a high quality digital projector, why not take a look at the 3M™ X30/X30N/X35N Digital Projector and see just how many benefits you can get out of this one device.

Weekly Video Rewind: Wraparound Heat Shrink, and Cable Tie Installation Made Easy

Happy Friday! It’s time again for our Weekly Video Rewind. I know that a lot of you are probably itching to bust out of the office and head to the movies to catch The Dictator or Battleship, but before you do that, here are a couple of our more recent video demos that show you how to do useful stuff with cool products. So stop fidgeting through your Friday afternoon and check these out, okay? You never know – you may learn something that could make your life (and job) easier come Monday. Roll ‘em!

PRT Wraparound Heat Shrink Tubing: Tiffani, our New Product Expert Extraordinaire, is back in this video, this time to show us a very interesting concept in heat shrink: wraparound tubing. If you’ve never used standard heat shrink tubing before, the whole idea is that you slide the tube-shaped sleeve over the end of a cable, and basically slip the tubing along the length of the cable until it reaches the exact location where it’s needed. This means weaseling heat shrink over the initial obstacle of a plug or connector, and that can be tricky and sometimes completely impractical, especially if there’s such a large size discrepancy between cable and connector that by time you find something that will fit over the plug, it’s too big (even when shrunk) to fully conform to the cable. Sigh. Enter Zippertubing and their PRT wraparound shrink tubing, which is slit all the way along its length so it can be wrapped around cables from the side. Add peel-and stick adhesive edging to the already genius design, and you have a product that turns out a very respectable finished product with nowhere near the hassle of regular heat shrink.

HellermannTyton EVO 7 Cable Tie Gun: When you watch this video, you’ll see that Tiffani’s back again, this time demonstrating a tool that’s a lifesaver for cables and fingers alike: the EVO 7 Cable Tie Gun from HellermannTyton. If you’ve ever installed more than 10 or 20 cable ties in one sitting, you probably know that they have a habit of leaving the fingers a little raw – and then there’s that pesky universal cable tie probelm of overtightening, which can impede signals and damage insulation by essentially strangling your cables. Tiffani shows how to use a cable tie gun to quicky and correctly tension and trim cable ties, all while keeping your hands comfortable.

3M Mobile Presentation Stand: Room-to-Room Transport for Projectors and More

3m-v2-rolling-presentation-cartFrequent presenters who don’t have the luxury of a permanent projector and whiteboard in all of their meeting rooms are about to get very happy. 3M’s V2 Mobile Presentation Stand is built especially for facilities where multimedia presentations are a regular occurrence, but small rooms don’t allow for an extra equipment. This intrepid cart is built to roam from room to room on demand, fully loaded with everything you need, including a close-range projector, whiteboard, a laptop, and maybe even some dry-erase markers.

Installing all of that equipment on one cart might sound kind of cumbersome, but actually, it’s not. Thanks to its compact and well-thought-out design, the V2 presentation cart can easily wheel down halls and through doorways, and won’t further cramp your space, even in a packed room. What’s really nice is that, with the optional laptop stand, it allows you to keep your eyes on your laptop throughout the entire presentation, instead of constantly turning around to refer to the screen.

Movement is no headache, either. Four casters help keep things balanced and moving smoothly from place to place, and then lock to prevent the cart from sneaking away once you get it where you need it. And then for the whiteboard adjustability, which is steady and jolt-free compliments of the V2′s pneumatic shock absorbers. Presentations can be stressful enough on their own. Make things easier on yourself with the right equipment management.

3M X20 Digital Projector

x20-digital-projectorThere’s nothing like a projected image to make you feel like you’re at the movies. When I was a kid, it was always a thrill to see the media center lady roll a projector into the classroom after we got in from recess, because it meant we were taking a break from the drudgery of Science and Social Studies, and getting to slack off with a few action-packed educational film strips instead. And then there was that time about 10 years back when, despite my being a mature grownup, I jumped right in when my Dad hauled out his work projector (typically reserved for presentations) to entertain my sick, stuck-at-home little brother – let me tell you, the best way to watch Ice Age is on the living room wall.

But those childhood (and kid-at-heart) warm-fuzzies toward projectors in general began to change as I left college and became immersed in things like real-world jobs and the multimedia business presentations that they often require. I’ve sat in more than one crowded conference room, looking on as guest presenters fumbled with laptop-to-projector connections as the hour of meeting commencement, pointing and laughing in derision, jogged right past them. Yikes. And these were intelligent, capable people. But technical difficulties will happen, especially if you’re an outsider dealing with other peoples’ electronics. It’s painful to watch.

That’s why I think that the X20 Digital Projector by 3M looks so incredibly useful and promising. What better way to avoid technical difficulties than to bring your own projector along? I know, I know – it sounds like a schlepping nightmare, but it’s not at all. To start out with, the X20 is little: only 11 by 8 by 2 inches (approximately). And at around 4 pounds, it’s definitely one of the lighter projectors out there. Did I mention that it comes with a carrying case? That makes it a natural for travel. But what I really like is that it can help cut down on how many other things you have to haul around.

While the X20 and it’s cousin, the WX20, both offer (of course) connections for laptops and other devices, the X20 also has USB ports for a mouse and flash drive – perfect for computerless .jpg presentations. And you know what that means, right? Leave the laptop at home!

Sorry, this product has been discontinued.

3M Notebook Privacy Filter

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3M-notebook-filterWe’re coming up on Easter in a couple of days, but today I’m going to track back a couple of weeks to a very cool experience I had on St. Patrick’s Day (and no, it didn’t involve green beer or Bailey’s). A few hours before tucking into a plate of corned beef and potatoes, I got the chance to be a guest on Debbie Mahler’s Technical Tidbits podcast show on BlogTalkRadio. It was great – definitely one of the most enjoyable radio interviews I’ve ever been a part of! For that particular show, the topic was computer, laptop and data security, and it was my job to give listeners tips on how to prevent thier laptops and personal information from being stolen.

Throughout the course of the show, a bunch of cool products made their way into our conversation, but there’s one in particular that I thought would be totally blog-worthy: the 3M Notebook Privacy Filter. This is probably my favorite pick for all of you serial public laptop users out there. You know who you are: the folks who are zoned out in front of their notebook computers in Starbucks, Paneras, and airports the world over. The ones who are so intent on their screens that they wouldn’t even know it if some shifty-eyed shyster were lurking around, trying to steal glances at personal information over their shoulder or from the next seat.


You heard me. And clean up that mouthful of Frappuccino® you just spewed all over your keyboard. Bad people can steal account numbers, passwords, and entire identities by peeking at the right laptops at just the right moments. Many of us will squeak by without ever becoming a victim in that manner, but you never know. And yes, I know it’s beyond cliched, but better safe than sorry.

Back to the notebook privacy filter. It’s so simple, so easy to use, that the whole thing is almost comical. It’s just an overlay that you slide over your laptop screen. Once that baby’s in place, things suddenly become a lot more secure. Sitting in front of your laptop and gazing at the screen head-on, everything’s clear as day, as it should be for the legit user. But should someone try to sneak a peek from an angle, all they can see is dark screen. No passwords, no Social Security numbers, no photos – just dark. I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to see the light…

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3M ScotchCode Wire Marker Dispenser

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write-on-marker-dispenser-smOh, how I love 3M™ products! I can’t seem to live without Command™ hooks and picture hanging strips, and I always have Post-Its on hand so I can jot down notes that will keep me in line. And talk about the tape. But just when I started to think that 3M products had infiltrated every possible aspect of my home and life, I came across a new little gem that will soon be joining the ranks of My 3M™ Stuff quite soon: the ScotchCode™ Write-On Wire Marker Dispenser.

It has a look and size that’s pretty similar to your average tape dispenser, except that instead of tape, it holds a roll of pre-cut, stick-on cable labels. Sounds pretty handy, right? It’s great for around the house, and even small office or retail environments – you know, places where you may have to label a few cords every now and then, but can’t really justify the need for, or purchase of, a full-fledged label printer. The ScotchCode™ lets you write on and dispense one label at a time, without any big to-do or programming – just scribble what you need to on the exposed writing field, pull the label from the dispenser, wrap it around the wire of your choice, and you’re done.

Word to the wise – if you’re one of those people who will be going down in history for your chicken-scratch handwriting, you may want to avoid this one, because it’s an entirely legibility-driven product. But if you have a knack for penmanship, this is a great time and money saver, and I feel pretty confident saying that you won’t regret it.

Okay, now that my little handwriting side-note is over with, you probably want to know a thing or two about the labels themselves. They’re made out of oil, dirt and heat resistant vinyl, and they prevent themselves from smudging, thanks to a clear, self-laminating overlay. And they also come in refill rolls, so you don’t need to buy a new dispenser every time you run out of labels.

One more thing about the ScotchCode™ labeler – it’s packaged with attention to detail. I don’t know about you, but I love it when businesses are considerate enough to provide thoughful and convenient extras with their products, and 3M is no exception. The ScotchCode comes with a super-fine-point permanent marker, which makes things really easy. I’ve used similar products before, and each time, I’ve had to try multiple pens because nothing was fine enough for laying down tiny print. But this brilliant company has taken the trial and error out of the equation by being professional enough to provide a pen that’s designed specifically for small writing. So simple, but so genius.

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3M MPro Pocket Projector

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MPro120_solo_handI must be feeling extra into movies this week, because they just keep popping up as a blog topic. Yesterday it was a product that’s used in movie production, but today I have something even more fun for you: a gadget that lets you view movies or photos on demand, and is tiny enough to fit in your pocket. And no, it’s not an iPod. Even though Apple has pretty much cornered the market on pint-sized pieces of electronic awesomeness, today I have to give props to 3M.

Have you seen their MPro Pocket Projector? This is the best mini thing to come out since, oh, I don’t know, Munchkins (to specify, I mean the donut kind, not the Lollipop Guild… although, they’re not bad either). But I digress. Suffice it to say that this thing is great. How cool must it be to carry around PowerPoint presentations, movies, and photo slideshows right in your shirt pocket? And they’re projectable! We’re talking freedom from squinting at 2-inch screens! You can turn any flat surface out there into a screen, and view pictures that range anywhere from 8 to 50 inches in size.

I don’t know about you, but I think that aside from all the perks it has for traveling businesspeople and on-the-road presenters, the Pocket Projector could very well revolutionize the way we wait in line at tedious places like Orlando theme parks and the DMV. Just be sure to get in line behind a laid-back, obliging type who doesn’t mind serving as a human movie screen (word to the wise: you probably shouldn’t attempt this in New York or similar).

But back to business. I think that you’ve caught my drift in the “this is super cool!” department, but let me quickly outline a few of the technical specs that may be of interest. You’re probably wondering if the projector provides sound, and the answer is yes – it’s fully equipped to output audio without extra speakers. The MPro is designed to play nicely with Windows-based sofware like MS Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as Adobe. You also have a choice of models: the MP120 works in conjuction with computers, cameras and smartphones, and the MP150, which has its own internal memory for storing and accessing files independently, without help from other devices.

Sorry, the MPro 120 has been discontinued. But good news: the MPro 150 is still available, so take a look!

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3M Macurco Carbon Monoxide Detector and Controller

3m-macurco-co-detector-controllerA lot of us worry about carbon monoxide silently and invisibly building up inside our homes, so naturally, we make sure to stay safe with carbon monoxide detectors. But from the business/public safety standpoint, have you ever realized that CO can easily reach dangerous levels in garages and warehouses, too? Any enclosed area that plays host to vehicles and machinery that run on (read: burn) natural gas, wood, coal, or petroleum products can develop deadly high concentrations of carbon monoxide.

In these settings, one answer is to keep ventilation fans running at all times, constantly circulating air so that CO doesn’t have the chance to build up. This generally does the job, but it can also leave facility owners with hefty electric bills, as well as cause an undue amount of wear and tear on the vent fans, which will inevitably need to be replaced every few years when they burn out.

So it’s sort of a Catch 22. If you don’t monitor and control carbon monoxide levels, you put yourself, your employees, and your customers at risk for CO poisoning – or even death. But if you responsibly keep tabs on things and take measures toward maintaining safely breathable air, you’re going to significantly lighten your wallet, as well as consume a lot more electricity than you probably need to. What’s a business owner/property manager to do?

Check out this 3M™ Macurco™ Carbon Monoxide Detector and Fan Controller, that’s what. This CO detection unit actually wires into your fan control system, so that your ventilation units only need to run when a certain level of carbon monoxide is detected in the ambient air. As long as levels remain safe, your fans stay off. But as soon as elevated CO levels are detected, this unit automatically fires up the fans, and leaves them running until the air has been adequately cleared. As a result, the 3M™ Macurco™ control system not only saves lives, but your utilities budget and fan components as well.

How’s that for a happy medium?

Sorry, this item has been discontinued.

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3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows

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firebarrier-pillowsYou’ve heard of firestopping caulk and foam, but… pillows? Yes, you read that correctly. Pillows. Namely 3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows, little bundles of intumescent material that can be used to fill in and firestop larger wall penetrations, like the ones you get when you run exceptionally large cable trays from one room to the next. These are what you turn to when gaps are so big that soft materials like foam and caulk just don’t have the structural integrity to do the job – as a matter of fact, they’re UL listed to firestop openings up to 540 square inches.

Installing 3M™ Fire Barrier Pillows is a no-mess project – just fit enough into the gap to completely close it , and you’re done. Unless gaps that are too small to be filled by the smallest size pillow remain, there’s no need for caulk, putty, or other conformable firestop products. Fire Barrier pillows have a 3-hour flame rating, and they’re super easy to replace after a fire – there’s no need to scrape charred material out if the penetration gap. Just pull out the spent pillows and pop in new ones whenever you need to.

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In Command

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3m-command-plastic-hookEver been limited in your decorating because you couldn’t put holes in your walls? I’ve known that frustration more than a few times, and that’s why I’m now such a die-hard fan of 3M’s line of Command™ clips and hooks. Command™ is 3M‘s proprietary silicone adhesive, which has become famous for locking onto walls and other smooth surfaces, then removing with no trace of damage or residue. The hooks are perfect for hanging up everyday household items like keys and potholders, and the smaller clips are great for routing wires and cables. But don’t stop there — use your imagination.

I, personally, have found that the Decorating Clips – typically suggested for use with Christmas lights — are also fantastic for decorating with ribbon and flower garlands. Not too long ago, I was trying to decorate a church for a wedding, but hit a few snags in my plan when I had to find a way to hang flowers and bows without putting tacks or nails into the churches’ wall or kneeling bench (hadn’t thought about that). So I improvised with the clips, and they worked perfectly. I was able to stick them onto any surface I needed to, and then wire the flowers and ribbon to them. Everything came out looking great, and when it was time to break down, the clips came off without a hitch, leaving smooth, undamaged surfaces in their wake.

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