Test Your Power Usage With A Power Meter

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power meterSick and tired of having high electricity bills each time? Well with the Kill A Watt™ power meter you can now calculate the electricity costs of your appliances each day of the year. This power meter is great for home use and allows you to easily keep your power bills under control. With so many different yet simple features you will be able to work out if an appliance is using up more power than needed.

Save Money And Power With a Kill A Watt Power Meter

This power metre reader provides an easy to use and read LCD display which features volts, kilowatt hours, watts, amps, Hz, and VA. It can easily help to forecast the costs over the coming year and is designed to provide an accurate rating by up to 0.2%.

With a simple to use design it can accommodate for any 115V electric appliance to be plugged in and can easily read the power consumption of what the device is using. The benefit of this is that you can work out which appliances and devices are making your power bill more than what it needs to be.

It can easily provide a simple to operate design which features easy to press buttons which signify the specific rating. It also comes power meter 2with a 6 month warranty, and is designed with an ETL listing. This power meter can also check the quality of power by monitoring the line frequency, power factor, and the voltage to ensure that your power supply is running at full capacity.

So if you have high power bills that need to be lowered, why not try the Kill A Watt™ power metre.  With rising power bills and living costs, why not save yourself some money today and spend it on the things you love.

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BlueLounge® CableClips: How to Keep Cords Simply and Stylishly Organized

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Over the past few days, I keep seeing mentions of a college guy who decided to ditch the Internet (e-mail, social media, web surfing – you name it) as well as his cell phone for 90 days. During this time, he had infinitely more time to study, learned the value of a handwritten letter, found creative ways to meet up with friends and family, and was even able to win an old girlfriend back. After an extremely unplugged 3 months, he concluded that he’d found out who his true friends are, strengthened relationships with those who matter most, and gained an appreciation for the basic day-to-day social interactions that were facts of life as little as a generation ago, but are practically unknown in our current Facebook and text message addicted age.

To say the least, I was inspired, at least enough to break away from my usual ramblings about chargers and other accessories that pimp out the gadgets that are permanently glued in our hands and to our ears, and keep them ready for use now now now. While each of those things is great in its own respect, there’s also something to be said for things that don’t glow, beep, or have apps, so that’s what we’re sticking with today.

Meet BlueLounge® CableClips™, a line of multi-purpose cord wraps that very recently charmed me with their no-nonsense functionality and minimalistic good looks. They have a basic one-piece design that features two cord channels, and absolutely no components that will pinch cords or snap off. They’re made to keep excess cable length coiled and clipped together, and that’s exactly what they do – just push cords into CableClips through the lengthwise openings in the cable channels, and you’re organized. And like everything from BlueLounge, they’re aesthetically designed to complement, and not overwhelm, their surroundings.

Sometimes simple is just better.

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The CableOrganizer E-Mail Club: Why You’ve Gotta Get in on the Action

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It’s painfully Monday, and my mind keeps drifting toward more fun and diverting times, like this past weekend (which was extra amusing, thanks to Halloween), and even last week, when we ran our E-mail Costume Contest. Never heard of it? In that case, you must not be one of our subscribers. Sounds like someone (that’s you, by the way) has some opting-in to do.

Why sign up to get e-mails from CableOrganizer.com? First of all, it’s free. Secondly, it’s all about you. We let you in on new products that we think might be of interest to you, or make your life or job easier. Third, it can save you money. We’ve been known to keep our e-mail subscribers posted on deals, and who doesn’t like getting every chance they can to save money on stuff they need? And last (but absolutely not least), they’re fun. That’s right: fun. As in games and prizes, which we randomly throw out there via e-mail every now and then.

What kind of prizes, you ask? The good stuff: in the past 6 weeks or so, we’ve given away a restaurant gift card, a cake from the nationally-known (Oprah digs them) We Take the Cake bakery, and even donated $1 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure for every e-mail game response sent back by our customers. Now that’s my idea of teaming up to make a difference.

But I have to say, my absolute favorite so far has been last week’s Costume Contest. We CableOrganizers are a fun and quirky bunch (to say the least), and we always make the most of Halloween, and tend to get a little competitive costume-wise. So this year, instead of deliberating amongst ourselves, we sent out photos of our top 3 costumed individuals/teams, and let our e-mail subscribers do the judging. Everyone who sent in a vote was entered into a drawing to win one of the Oprah-approved cakes I just mentioned, and now there’s one very lucky gentleman eagerly awaiting a FedEx box full of autumny goodies. And it could have been you, had you only been on our e-mail list…

Don’t miss out on anything else… sign up, and get in on the action!

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