Benefits Of The Klein Tools Insulated Cable Cutter

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cable cutterCutting electrical wires requires the right tools to ensure safety at all times. There are many different insulated cable cutting tools on the market although one that really stands out is the Klein Tools Insulated High-Leverage Cable Cutter. This cable cutter has many different benefits and here are just some of those advantages that will help you when installing and cutting cables.

Cut Cables With A Cable Cutter

Compact Body: One of the first benefits of this cable cutter is that it features a compact body. The size and design of the body is great for use in confined work areas. This provides easy cutting of cables in tight spots which may prove useful in certain commercial and industrial applications.

Electric Shock Protection: Another important feature is that these cable cutters are designed to provide protection from electric shock. Manufactured with a two layer flame retardant and high dielectric dipped handle, this cable cutter will protect the user if they stumble across an electrical wire. It is designed to protect you up to 1000V.

Secure Grip: When working with electrical wiring it is important to ensure you are holding your cutters tightly. This cable cutter offers a comfortable and secure grip which doesn’t wobble because of the hot riveted joints. This promotes smooth action making your cable setup and cutting extra easy.

Multiple Wire Cutting: Not only does this cable cutter provide added safety but it also promotes the cutting of multiple wiring and cables including soft copper, aluminium, and 100 pair 24 AWG Communications Wire. This can prove useful in a range of different cable installations providing a fast means of cable cutting each and every time. With its shorter tip at the end it provides a closer cut when cutting cables and wires.

Brightly Coloured: Because of their brightly coloured orange handles they are perfect for easy identification and use when in a hurry. These cable cutters are designed to stand out from the rest of the tools in the tool box creating less searching time and more action time.


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Staple Gun Benefits For Industrial Use

staple gunIn Industrial areas the installation of cables can play a large part when making sure your business is running at full capacity. When installing cabling in industrial or commercial areas it is important that they are secured firmly in place, especially when they are used for long term installations. With the use of a staple gun it can provide a range of benefits when installing your cables within commercial and industrial areas.

The Advantages Of A Staple Gun

Permanent Solution: Unlike cable clips, a staple gun provides a more permanent solution when it comes to installing and holding cables. A staple gun is designed to use a large staple which is shot into wood or other hard material over the top of cable to secure it in place. Staple guns are great for industrial uses and where cabling will be positioned for a very long time and provides a permanent fixture.

Ease of Use: Another benefit of using a staple gun is that it can provide an easy to use design that is great for fast installation of cables. These staple guns are hand-held and provide a lightweight design which allows for repeated use for a large variety of cabling setups.

Grooved Guide: One more advantage of using a staple gun is that most of the time they feature a grooved guide where the staples come out which helps to prevent accidental damage to your cabling. This grooved guide helps to position the gun over the top of the cable perfectly, ready for stapling.

Durable Design: Most staple guns such as the Acme 25A and 25AC Broadband Cable and Wire Staple Gun generally delivers a much more durable design and construction which is great for heavy duty and industrial use. This is great for demanding cable installations which may require plenty of repetition over the entire section or building.

So when it comes to staple guns here are just some of the benefits you can expect. Whether you are upgrading or a beginner in the cabling field, you can’t go wrong with a staple gun for your cable applications.

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Move Large Cables Reels With The Reel Trailer

cable reel trailerWhen it comes to large industrial areas where cabling may be installed it can be a problem to transport the large cable reels the areas needed by yourself. If you find this is the case then all you need is the OEL RR250 Multiple Reel Trailer. This powerful cable reel trailer is designed to promote single person operation and is perfect for any large cable application may require the large cable reels for distributing the cables. Here are the many features you can expect and benefits you can gain with the OEL RR250 Multiple Reel Trailer.

The Advantages of the OEL RR250 Multiple Cable Reel Trailer.

Advantage #1: Reduce Tip Over Risk: Usually when you are carting large and bulky items on a trailer it is important that you position the item perfectly to reduce tip over especially when the trailer is high. This multiple reel trailer is designed to ride close to the ground which helps to distribute the weight evenly to improve stability at all times.

Advantage #2: Hydraulic Pump Integration: Another great thing about these trailers is that they provide a set of 2 hydraulic pumps which are designed for use on rough or uneven terrain to help adjust the reel to ensure stability. This means that one of the pumps is able to compensate for the grading while the other can set to the height needed. These pumps allow for a single person to lift the reel off the ground and onto the trailer with ease.

Advantage #3: High Weight Capacity: Not only does this trailer provide a convenient method of transporting cable reels, it can also handle up to 2 reels at the one time with its high weight capacity. This trailer features a 5,000 pound weight capacity and is designed to be able to support the reels as they are transported long distances with ease.

So if you have an industrial business which needs a convenient method to transport large cable reels from one location to another, then why not take a look at the OEL RR250 Multiple Reel Trailer and choose from a white, yellow and black one to suit all your needs.


Use The Right Tool Kit For Phone and LAN lines

tool kit When it comes to repairing phone lines and LANs it can cause a problem when you don’t have the right equipment with you. This is especially true when you fix and repair these data and voice connection lines for a living. With the new and improved Black Box Voice/Data Tool Kit you will have all the tools you need to make phone and LAN line repairs complete in a timely fashion which saves you time and money.

One Tool Kit For Multiple LAN and Telephone Line Jobs

One of the best things about this tool kit is that is features a line of high quality products and tools which are essential when it comes to phone and LAN line repairs. It is designed solely to hold all the tools required for repairing voice and data applications, and features up to around 30 different items which will get the job done first time including stripping tools, cables, and multiple adapters to name a few.

This kit is a great choice for any networking installations, wiring, or repairs, and is available with a heavy duty black shell case. The tool kit 2hard shell case provides all users with a protective feature which allows for all your tools to be safe and secure when used within heavy wear and tear applications. The best part about it is that is provides a coded locking mechanism which enables for your tools to be protected against theft. That gives you peace of mind.

With its nifty pockets it can feature a comfortable holding area for all specified tools and feature easy to open Velcro closures which provide easy access to certain sections and tools of the tool kit. With the removable top and bottom tool trays you can easily take the tools with you without the hard shell when working in tighter applications.

So before you find out you haven’t got the right tools for the job, why not take a look at this data and voice tool kit to see exactly how much it can benefit you when on the job.

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Installing Cable Ties Using an Installation Tool

Cable tie installation toolWhen it comes to installing cable ties it can be easy or it can be hard depending on what the cables ties are made from. The plastic and softer material type can be installed by hand in the blink of an eye, although what about the heavy duty steel cable ties? Well if you are in need of installing these tough ties then why not make your installation go much faster and easier with the Panduit GS4MT Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool.

Using a Cable Tie Installation Tool for Stainless Steel Ties

Not only can this cable tie gun handle the depending properties of standard, light heavy, heavy standard, and cross section stainless steel cable ties, it can easily provide you with a quick and easy method that is user friendly for all operators. This tie gun is designed to tighten cable ties to the maximum capacity needed and can cut the excess off easily with the use of the selector knob preset tension and a simple squeeze of the handle.

Offering a lightweight designed tool, it qualifies as a Military Specification Standard Part # MS90387-3 which can easily meet with allcable tie installation tool your requirements. Great for construction applications, it provides high compatibility for use with all Pan-Steel MLTC coated ties, MLT ties, and MLTDH double wrapped ties. Because of the way it is designed it is suitable for use in outdoor environments and for big jobs. Extremely easy to use you will be amazed at how it can successfully install the cable ties around the cables in a short amount of time.

So if you are in need of a cable tie installation tool that can handle stainless steel cable ties, then look no further than the Panduit GS4MT Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool. A great cable tie gun for all your heavy duty cable tie applications. 

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A Tool Chest Made For The Work Environment

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Do you need a tool storage unit with plenty of space and easy mobility when full? Well Excel® has a tool cart that will have all your work mates seeing red. Excel® has been manufacturing tool storage systems since 2003, so it is no wonder they offer only the very best when it comes to a heavy duty tool chest for challenging work environments. Their versatile 6-drawer tool cart with wood work surface gives you all the space you need and does not lose mobility to weight. Additionally, its wooden bench top makes the perfect work space.

tool chestTool Space Has Never Been This Easy With The Excel Tool Chest!

The engineers at Excel have outdone themselves with this highly efficient tool chest, made specifically for the hard workers of different trades and industries.

Large Casters: This tool chest features large, smooth casters that allow easy movement for up to 880 lbs of equipment, ensuring you will never have a problem getting around.

6 Drawers: 6 differently sized drawers make it convenient to store anything from nuts, bolts, and screwdrivers to large power tools. Each draw features ball-bearings which allow for easy movement when pulling the draw out and pushing it back in.

Side Cabinet: The right side cabinet is great for storing taller items that may be best stored standing. Adjust or remove the shelf to store taller items up to 22” or simply use the space for extra items.

Powder Coated Steel Construction: Designed for tough environments, this unit is constructed of impact resistant solid steel and is finished with a powder coat that resists chemicals, scratches, and corrosion.

Wooden Bench Top: Yes that’s right not only does it have storage space but you can even use it as a work bench with its wooden top. Perfect for any application including electrical, carpentry, crafts, manufacturing, and more!tool chest

Red Or Black? It is entirely up to you! You can choose the colour preference you prefer of your tool box. It’s that easy!

What it does:

  • Holds all your tools in a compact and easy to find way
  • Effortlessly moves up to 880 lbs

 Where you can use the product:

  • Workshops
  • Industrial businesses
  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Anywhere where tools will be in use
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A Tool Chest Has Never Had So Much Space!

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Have you been looking for a multi-storage unit for all your tools but you just can’t find the right one? Well with Excels innovations in Tool Chesttool storage units you really don’t have to look any further. Excel has been manufacturing top quality and durable tool chests since 2003 and has shown high strength and durability which can withstand against some of the toughest environments. Their Excel TB5607 2-Piece Rolling Tool Chest makes storing and moving all your essential tools a breeze and best of all you can even lock your tools safely inside giving you peace of mind especially when you have expensive power tools.

Double The Space, Double The Benefits With This Tool Chest!

Not only does this tool chest look great, it also has many different features and benefits that can easily improve your working environment.

Keyed Entry: Yes that’s right now you can lock all your valuable power tools in the one convenient place. No need to worry about having your items stolen again.

Tool ChestAdditional Work Surface: Just when you thought you didn’t have enough space. This tool chest features an additional work surface that provides added functionality in the work area.

Powder-Coated Steel Construction: Not only will this mobile tool box give a long working life, it can also promote exceptional strength and resistance again corrosion and harsh conditions with its powder-coated steel construction.

EVA Drawer Liner: Nothing says protection like a draw liner. It can help to keep the interior of your cabinet, as well as your stored items, from becoming scratched or damaged.

Ball Bearing Slide Drawers: With smooth pull out and push in draws, it makes storing your tools faster and easier each and every time. The best part of all is they won’t break down or jam under even the heaviest of loads.Tool chest 1

Optimal Space: With 18 drawers you can be sure you won’t run out of space anytime soon. It is available in 2 separate parts giving you the flexibility of getting the parts you want while accommodating your current budget.

Large Casters: With its larger casters, this multi-storage unit provides a smooth movement when rolled from one area to another, even when full!

What it does:

  • Holds all your tools in a compact and easy to find way
  • Provides high mobility for easy moving when full

 Where you can use the product:

  • Industrial businesses
  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Mechanical Workshops
  • Anywhere where tools will be in use


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Platinum Tools Xtender Pole: Go-Go Gadget Drill!!!

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When I first got wind of today’s product, I had a crazy misconception or two about how (and if) it could possibly work, but regardless, I loved it instantly because it reminded this former member of the Short and Rabidly Obsessed with Inspector Gadget fan club of that guy on her first grade lunchbox – the one with the extendable legs, gizmos that popped out of his fingertips, and helicopter hat. Ba dah duh duh duh…. ba dah duh duh duh dun dun – hoo hoooooooo!

I mean, the Xtender Pole™ from Platinum Tools® is about as close as mere mortals can get to their very own “go-go Gadget drill!” And I’m happy to announce that it does indeed work (actually, this thing is totally insane… in a good way). When I first saw that you could essentially extend the reach of your power drill or driver up to 18 feet so that you could comfortably drive screws into the ceiling without your feet ever leaving the floor, I wondered how that could possibly work – after all, even if the pole did function as intended, how the heck were you supposed to see what you’re doing from that far below, and what good does it do to stay on the ground while installing hardware on the ceiling, just to have someone get up on a ladder to attach wires, chains, or whatever fixtures need to be hung?

Curse my tendency to jump to conclsuions. When I watched the video and saw the Xtender Pole in action, I felt both embarrassed and extremely enlightened at the same time. It works like this: if you need to hang threaded rods and eye lag screws for suspension cables or chains, the whole assembly is installed at once. So you’re not zipping in the eye lags and then crawling up a ladder to attach wires to them. You position your eye lag screws or threaded rods, as well as the wires or chains that are going to hang from them, in the appropriate sections of the Xtender, then hoist the whole thing up, zip in the screw, and you’re done. You definitely have to watch the video… the finishing touches on the eye lag and wire combo really blew my mind. You see the value of the Xtender Pole in a split second.

Now if they only sold a companion trench coat and fedora to go with it…

check this thing out

Weekly Video Rewind: FastCap 3rd Hand Support Beam

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Happy Friday, movie fans! I know that when we started these little weekly video rewinds I said I’d be highlighting/reviewing our newest videos, but since there are no freshly-minted product demos this week, we’re going to go retro and show one from a few months back (you won’t even know the difference – I promise).

I picked this one in particular because it’s a product that I did a regular blog post on a few months ago, wishing that I had had one of these last year, when my husband and I had a ridiculous (but probably pretty comedic to any possible flies on the wall) episode in which we attempted to hang a much-heavier-than-it-looked metal cabinet in an tiny, awkward bathroom alcove that contained the added obstacle of a toilet exactly where the person holding up the cabinet (me) would logically stand during the whole ordeal. With that in mind, check out this video for the FastCap 3rd Hand Support Beam, and I think you’ll see why this could have really helped.

For this video, we got Mildred, our VP of Sales (and no, that’s definitely not her in the picture above), to step back in front of the camera, and she demonstates how the 3rd Hand adjusts in multiple ways to offer support when you’re trying to install cabinets, server equipment, and even construction materials like drywall and crown molding. And you know what? Even if for some reason you have no need for a support beam but love really cool accents, watch the video anyway, because Mildred’s accent is the best, and she’s always fun to listen to.

Klein Tools Magnetic Lighted Level: Hands-Free Leveling, Even in Dim Spaces

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I’m the type who always appreciates a precise, well-executed project, repair or installation, so you’ll find me reaching for a level just about every time. Call me OCD, but crooked lines or unintentional slopes in the finished product are pretty much enough to make me lose sleep. I’ve used everything from mini keychain levels to the long ones used by contractors for large-scale jobs, but by far my favorite has been the Torpedo Level from Klein Tools: it has three spirit vials to check level, plumb and 45° angles, is perfectly sized to fit in a toolbox, and has Rare Earth magnets that let it get a death grip on any ferrous metal, so that you can work hands-free in certain situations.

But as it turns out, Klein Tools wasn’t satisfied with a Torpedo Level that was merely awesome – the had to go and upgrade it to amazing. Meet the latest incarnation: the Klein Tools Magnetic Lighted Torpedo Level.

Klein’s Lighted Torpedo Level has the same 3-vial configuration, rugged housing and incredibly strong Rare Earth magnets as its predecessor, but with a few new perks that really take it to the next (wait for it….) level. Sorry, I was cringing as I wrote it and realized the pun, but it was pretty much unavoidable. Anyway, back to the latest features, which happen to be a laser-etched ruler along the bottom edge of the level, as well as a v-notched frame that helps the level sit more comfortably on round pipes and conduit, and LED lighting in each vial window, so you can get accurate readings even if the ambient light you’re working in isn’t the best.

Contrary to the way “New and Improved” can often make you never want to buy the product in question again, Klein Tools has, in my opinion, totally nailed this overhaul! Looks like I might have to upgrade, too.

check this thing out

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