Kaltman Creations Cable Coiler™

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cable-coiler_extension-cordToday’s post goes out to the 80′s kids – the ones who dug tall bangs, leggings, slouch socks, and snap bracelets. You heard me – snap bracelets. Remember those rigid fabric-covered straps that instantly curled into cuffs as soon as you slapped them against your wrist? Even if you wouldn’t be caught dead in one now, you’d still like to play around with one, wouldn’t you? How ’bout if you could use it to keep wound-up cables coiled? You can. Sweet.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, here. Slooooooooooooooooowww down there, crazy (I’m talking to myself, kind reader, not you – so don’t feel bad). I should probably start out by filling you in on the main event, the thing that the snap-bracelet cable ties are actually accessories to. And that would be the Cable Coiler™ by Kaltman Creations. This thoroughly nifty cable reel sets itself apart from other spools with its motor, which, in short, does all the grunt work for you.

Here’s how it works. You hook one end of a power, network, or microphone cord into the connector holder on the Cable Coiler™, then let it rip! The Cable Coiler’s™ motor turns the reel, spooling cords with absolutely zero effort on your part. And now here’s where the Slap Tie™ (the “slap-bracelet cable tie”) comes into play. Say that the Cable Coiler™ has just finished winding up a cable. You just slide the cable coil off the reel, and in the same motion, knock it against the Slap Tie™ that’s ready and waiting on the side of the reel. Snap! And that’s it. The Slap Tie™ wraps itself around the cable bundle to keep the coil intact, and you’re ready to move onto your next cord. Easy and fun.

Pelican™ i1010 iPod® Cases

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open-yellow-smIt’s a rough choice that no music lover should have to face: do I listen to my iPod, or do I pack it away into a protective case so it doesn’t get wet/banged around/broken? A basic sense of responsibility would dictate that you protect your expensive miniature electronics when you travel or venture out into wet environments, but as is the case in most situations, responsibility is no fun. How could it be, when taking care of your MP3 player means that you have to cut yourself off from those must-have tunes? Sigh.

Well, don’t get yourself down about it for long, because the pros at Pelican have accomplished yet another feat of case engineering, and this time, it was all done in the name of the almighty iPod®. Pelican’s i1010 iPod® cases let MP3 player owners take their stuff on the road without worrying that their portable music libraries will get scratched up, destroyed by water, or smashed to smithereens. If you’re not familiar with standard Pelican gear cases, you’ll probably be impressed to hear that they’re crushproof (you can drive over them with an SUV and nothing will happen), dust/dirtproof, and in most cases, watertight. These miniature versions are crushproof and dustproof just like their full-sized predecessors, but are only classified as “water-resistant,” as opposed to “watertight.” But we’re not complaining about that – the reason for the slight step down in moisture protection is due to one of the case’s coolest features: the Funjack.

The Funjack is what lets you listen to your music even when your iPod is securely closed inside the case – it actually lets you plug your earbuds in right through the case’s side wall. Pretty cool, is it not? So even though the case isn’t completely watertight, it does seal out most moisture, and is virtually indestructable in just about every other way. Oh, and I should probably mention that it comes in 7 iPod® matching colors. Sounds like a win-win situation for both you and the iPod® , doesn’t it?

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Gator Shock Rack Cases

polyethylene-shock-rack-caseOkay, this is one of those rare blog posts that don’t involve me talking directly to professional network installers, home DIY’ers, or gadget-obsessed tech fans. Today, it’s time for the working musicians to listen up. Yes, I’m talking to all of you guys (and girls) who pack up your gear and instruments, stuff them into the backs of your cars and vans, and set it all up someplace else, so that you can rock the worlds of music-loving followers who pack into bars, live music venues, and outdoor festivals every weekend.

While I can’t do anything to reduce the wear and tear that you might feel from taking your show on the road, I can recommend something that will make travel a little less painful (and dangerous) for your power conditioners, equalizers, rack tuners, and patchbays: Shock Rack Cases from Gator. These aren’t your standard polyethylene road cases – they have rubber shock absorbers in each corner to cradle your electronics, and absorb the impact of drops, jolts, and plain old road vibration.

One of the really great features of Gator’s polyethylene Shock Rack Cases is that they’re ATA compliant, so that even if you have to fly with your rack mounted gear, you can relax during the flight, because you’ll know that the equipment will stay safe on the plane, and be stage-ready as soon as you land. Shock Rack Cases also have locking lids to keep things secure, and their recessed side handles make them easy to pick up when you need to move your gear around.

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