Complete Configuration Guide for Wall Plate Covers

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This wall outlet plate configuration information guide will cover light switch covers;  combination devices, receptacles, timers, USB charger devices, fan speed switches, specialty  light switch covers, anywhere switches, wall plates and wall jacks.

Wall plate covers are a vital part of a home. Determining the right configuration for your wall plates is 1 of the 3 vital steps when choosing the right wall plate for your home. Don’t worry, getting it right is pretty easy once you know what to look for.

Choosing the right wall plate covers can be done in these 3 easy steps:

1. Determine the configuration of the wall plate for the application purpose it will fill and taking stock of what is already installed..

2. Choose a style that suits your taste and budget.

3. Measure twice and cut once. Choose the right size for your outlet covers (standard, midway/midsize, oversize/jumbo) #measure2-cut1


Let’s get to it!


Complete Wall Plate Configuration Guide

definition: wall outlet plates come in a wide variety of configurations to fit the existing electrical outlet design, new applications will also require new outlets installed, switches, toggles and outlets.

Single Outlet Receptacle:



Single Outlet Wall Plate Covers:

single-outlet single-outlet-receptacle-cover-lamp single-locking-outlet-plate
single outlet wall plate lampholder Self locking lid


Duplex Outlet Receptacles:

duplex-outlet-receptacle modular duplex outlet receptacle duplex light switch
Standard Modular Light Switch


Duplex Outlet Wall Plate Covers

duplex metal cover  screwlessduplex wall plate  duplex weather resistant wall plate
 Metal  Screwless  Weather resistant


Toggle Light Switches

toggle switch for ac watertight toggle switch dimmer dial
AC switch Watertight switch Dimmer dial



Rocker / Decorator Outlets Switches

 switch rocker decorator plate  slide fan rocker decorator plate  gfci rocker outlet
Switch Slide GFCI Outlet
 dimmer rocker decorator oulter cover  phone jack decorator wall plate  tv phone video audio wall plate decorator
Dimmer Phone Data
 Timer rocker plate  USB decorator wall plate cover  USB Outlet combination decorator plate
Timer USB Combination




Decorator and Rocker Outlet Plate Covers

standard decorator plate metal wall plate cover screwless wall plate decorator style
Standard Metal Screwless


Coax Outlet and Coax Wall Plate

coax wall plate cover coax wall outlet coax cable
Coax outlet Coax plate cover Coax cable


Phone Jack Outlet and Phone Jack Plate

phone jack decorator wall plate rj11 rj11 cable
Phone jack plate  RJ11 connector RJ11 cable


Blank Outlets and Blank Plates

Blank GFCI outlet blank insert toggle switch blank wall plate
Blank wall outlet Blank toggle switch Blank faceplate

Push Button Switch and Push Button Wall Plate

 push button  push button switch red
 Push button Switch Red panic button


Despard Wall Outlets and Despard Wall Plates

stacked toggle switch amerelle despard wall plate cover
 Stacked toggle/despard switches  Despard wall plate cover



single gang wall plate cover 2 gang wall plate cover 3 gang wall plate cover
Single gang wall plate  2 gang wall plate 3 gang wall plate
4 gang wall plate cover 5 gang wall plate cover 6 gang wall plate cover
4 gang wall plate cover 5 gang wall plate cover 6 gang wall plate cover


Combination Wall Outlets

combination outlet - light switch and electrical outlet combination outlet - toggle switch and electrical outlet combination outlet - pilot light and electrical outlet
Switch / Outlet Toggle / Outlet Switch / Pilot Light
combination outlet - USB and electrical outlet combination outlet - Guide Light and electrical outlet combination outlet - Guide Light and light switch
USB / Outlet Guide Light / Outlet Guide Light / Switch
combination outlet - GFCI, Light Switch and electrical outlet
GFCI /Switch/ GFI Outlet


Combination Wall Plate Covers

 combination Wall Plate- toggle and duplex outlet  combination Wall Plate- toggle and decorative  combination Wall Plate- telephone cable and decorative
Toggle / Outlets Toggle / Decorative Phone / Decorative
combination Wall Plate- duplex outlet and Rocker-Decorative combination Wall Plate- telephone cable and toggle combination Wall Plate- duplex outlet and single
Decorative / Duplex Outlet Toggle / Telephone Cable Duplex Outlet / Single


Combination Blank Plate Outlet Covers

combination Blank Wall Plate- single combination Blank Wall Plate- duplex outlet combination Blank Wall Plate- toggle
Single / Blank Duplex Outlet / Blank Toggle / Blank
combination Blank Wall Plate- decorative
Decorative Rocker / Blank


More combinations and wall plate covers can be found here:

Looking for solutions to common DIY problems:


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LED Exit Signs For Your Business

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LED Exit SignsIf you have ever gone to a social, public, hospitality, or business area you may have noticed the glowing sign above the door with “EXIT” written on it. Exit signs such as LED exit signs are important within business and public areas for many reasons to help keep the public safe at all times. These signs are available in numerous colours and designs and may be more important than you think.

Reasons Why LED Exit Signs Are Important

One of the first reasons why exits signs are important in your business is to show customers or visitors which door you need to walk through to exit the building. These can be beneficial for larger businesses with many interconnecting doors and allows customers to go freely from a building in an organized fashion.

Another important reason why exit signs are used are to help visitors to find a way out during an emergency situation. During a fire, smoke may cause low visibility which makes it hard for people to find the exit door. With the use of an LED exit sign it can shine through the smoke clearly allowing panicked individuals to get out before serious injury or a fatality occurs.

Where To Place Exit Signs

Exit signs are generally placed above doors leading out of the building or to staircases that lead to lower levels of a multiple storey building. These signs shouldn’t be placed above windows unless they are leading to a safe way out of the building. Some exit signs are also accompanied by arrow signs which help to indicate the way to the exit when visibility is lowered. These signs are generally placed along hallways and staircases directing people which way to walk.  LED exit signs

Overall exit signs are generally marked with clear symbols and wording which is highly recognizable in dark or emergency situations. They are mandatory in all business, public, and hospitality applications and can help to save lives each and every year. If you own a business that doesn’t have an exit sign, why not take the time to consider just how important this one sign is for your business and visitors.


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Tips To Choosing Motion Activated Security Lights

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Motion Activated Security LightsSecurity is important no matter where you live and keeping your family safe it also just as important. There are many different ways to keep your family safe and these can include security cameras, security alarms, or the use of motion activated security lights. Motion activated security lights hold a lot of benefits for many home and business owners and can provide an asset to anyone who may looking for that little extra security each and every day. Here are some simple tips to consider when looking to purchase motion activated security lights for your home.

What You Need To Consider When Buying Motion Activated Security Lights

Tip #1 – Waterproof: The first thing to consider is to make sure the security light is suitable for outdoor conditions in direct weather changes if you are placing it in areas that are exposed. Security lighting that is going to be exposed to the elements will need to have an IP rating of 44 and up. This rating is designed to tell you whether the light is waterproof and weatherproof. Lights that are to be installed undercover, under awnings and away from water and other elements can have a lower IP rating although it is important that the light stays away from wetness at all times.

Tip #2 – Detection Range: The next things to consider are the detection range needed. The detection range allows the sensor light to activate and highlight an area when movement is detected within its sensing range. Depending on the light the detection range can be anywhere between 20ft to 50ft or more. Security lighting such as the Motion Activated Security Lighting offers a detection range of 53ft which makes it perfect for driveways and other long distance applications. Motion Activated Security Lights

Tip #3 – How Many You Need: Another thing to consider is the amount of security lighting devices you will need. This can easily be determined by the size of the house and the area that you wish to have covered. These lights can be placed on each corner of the house, near the garage, or near the front steps or along a driveway. The more security lights positioned around the home the more illumination is created causing increased visibility of trespassers.

So if you are looking to purchase security lighting for your home or business, why not take some of these tips into consideration when you want to install the right security light for your needs.


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LED Light Bulbs: They’re Not Just for Christmas Anymore

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The past few evenings, as I’ve been out running errands after dark, I’ve been taking in the ever-increasing number of holiday light displays, and realizing how many people have ditched regular incandescent-bulb Christmas lights in favor of LEDs. When you think about it, aside from things like mini flashlights and those stick-on puck lights for closets and cabinets, Christmas lights have probably been the most significant class of LED technology to sweep through our energy-efficient culture. As a matter of fact, with many manufacturers retiring from the incandescent Christmas light biz in order to embrace holiday LEDs, it’s getting tough to find anything else on the market, at least where exterior decorating is concerned.

But as it turns out, LEDs are no longer relegated to the specialty realm. Most of us have gotten accustomed to CFLs (or compact fluorescent lamps) being the dominant force in the energy-efficient lightbulb world, but move over, fluorescents: the Infinity™ Ultra LED lightbulb has come to town.

Ultra LED bulbs by Infinity LED™ are shaped like traditional incandescent bulbs, but instead of housing a light-producing filament, they glow by way of 88 tiny, evenly-distributed LEDs. Just screw them into any lamp base or light fixture, and you’ll get light output that’s equivalent to a 60-watt bulb.

Now, if you’re wondering why I’m telling you about a bulb that looks and performs like the same old kind you have at home, just take a look at the stats. LEDs have a lifespan of up to 35,000 hours (if you do the math, that’s just shy of 4 years), and they consume up to 93% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs! Is it me, or did your eyebrows just raise in interest? I know that mine did.

Because different people like different types of light, these LED bulbs come in two temperatures (which are essentially light tones) to fit your taste. There’s Cool White, which is very bright and good for environments in which you want to stay awake and alert (think offices and other work areas), and Warm White (my personal favorite), which is perfect for home use, in living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces where warm glows and coziness should rule.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Warm White Light With a Long Lifespan

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cfl-fluorescent-light-bulbsSo, what’s your stance on light bulbs? Have you gone green with compact fluorescents and LEDs, or are you hanging on to your precious incandescent bulbs for dear life? Up until a couple of years ago, I was an incandescent hold-out. Sure, I was all for being a friend of the environment by recycling and doing my best to conserve power and water, but when it came to household illumination, I couldn’t quite bear to make the jump to compact fluorescent lamps, or CFLs.

Sure, they last several times as long as incandescent bulbs, and put out just as much light with a fraction of the power use, but no way. Something about not being able to shake the mindset that all fluorescent light was flickery and had a cool, vaguely creepy cast to it. After all, when you’re relaxing at home, you want to bask in a soft, warm glow, right? Not feel like you’re in a stark institutional setting.

Then I moved into an apartment where the previous tenants had left behind a box of brand-new CFLs. I let them sit in the back of a cabinet until one fateful day when the light bulb in one of our floor lamps blew out on us, and we had no incandescents on hand to change it with. Not feeling like running to the store but wanting the light back, I dug out the box of CFLs and screwed one in with bated breath. And…

No gross eye-irritating light. No flickering, no cool tones to ruin the cozy vibe. Just nice, bright, warm illumination – the kind I’d thought wasn’t available outside the realm of incandescent bulbs. And that thing lasted forever! I learned my lesson, and have never looked back. As a matter of fact, I’ve since pinch-hit for burnt out CFLs with left-behind incandescent lightbulbs, and now I can’t believe how short their lifespans are. Go figure.

I’ve been enjoying seeing how far CFLs have progressed since the days of strictly spiral-shaped bulbs. Now there are mini-spirals for smaller fixtures, CFLs with more of a classic “bulb” shape, and even little candelabra-style ones for chandeliers and other hanging light fixtures. The variety is incredible, and the quality is better than ever. So if you’re still riding the incandescent train, I highly suggest, from personal experience, that you give compact fluorescent bulbs a chance, even if you start out with just one lamp, like I did. You’ll love the savings.

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Morris Small Wall Light Packs: Tough and Compact Outdoor Security Lighting, Anywhere You Need It

small-wall-light-packUnder normal circumstances, the dark doesn’t bother me, but put a big chunk of darkness between all-by-my-lonesome me and my car in a semi-sketchy neighborhood, and then you’ve got something else altogether. A few years back, I spent 4th of July on the beach with friends in a city that has an incredibly swank little downtown district, which happens to back right up to the Atlantic. Unfortunately, said swank entertainment district had been carved out of some surrounding unsavory neighborhoods, which still had a reputation to be home to some… ummm… “interesting characters” during the after-hours time slot.

When I had arrived, parking was almost non-existent, and as a last resort, many visitors were leaving their cars on the street in the very outer reaches of safety. Everything looked okay in the bright sun, but that night, when the fireworks had ended and the crowds thinned, it was a long, dark and somewhat nerve-wracking walk back, alone, through some extremely dark, shadowy, and slightly-too-quiet side streets.

I’d have given anything to have a few more of these babies around.

Morris Small Wall Pack Lighting Units are designed to provide an extra measure of weatherproof, tamper-resistant safety lighting in both outdoor and semi-outdoor settings like parking garages, walkways, entry ways, loading docks, building perimeters, and anywhere else that danger can potentially strike in the dark. They not only help make the bad guys a little more visible, but also make it easier for pedestrians to see, and avoid, hazards or obstacles that may be in their paths.

Small Wall Pack Lights are available with High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide lamps, and are UL 924 listed, so they’re safe for use even in damp or wet environments. They include knockouts that allow for optional installation over conduit, and can even be customized with photo sensors, so that they automatically turn on when it gets dark enough for you to need the extra light.

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