Clear Up Space With A Laptop Desk Mount

desk mountWhen it comes to a workstation or desk area it can be common to find that you don’t have enough room to position your laptop ready for use when there is paper work all over the place. If you find that this is just how your work desk is then you may need the Gator Cases G-ARM 360 Articulating Laptop, Tablet, and VESA Monitor Desk/Wall Mount which can easily position your computer or other electronic devices above the desk for easy display when working.

The Benefits Of A Laptop Desk Mount

Benefit #1 – Stable and Secure installation: One of the first benefits of this desk mount is that it can provide a secure method of installing your devices to your desk in a stable and secure way. This allows for minimal movement resulting in optimal safety for your product.

Benefit #2 – Versatility: Yes that right not only does it provide optimal stability for your devices it can also be used for many different types of electrical devices. This mount can be used with anything from tablets, laptops, and VESA monitors.

Benefit #3- Adjustable: When you thought it couldn’t get any better, this laptop desk mount is capable of providing easy 360° adjustment which allows for it to move your device into position ready for use in any location.

Benefit #4 – Universal Design: Yes that’s right, this laptop mount is perfect for providing a universal design which is capable of easily being used in a variety of applications including server consoles, conference rooms, recording studios, home use, work stations, and live music setup.

So if you need a laptop or media device mounting solution then why not take a look at this Gator Cases G-ARM 360 Articulating Laptop, Tablet, and VESA Monitor Desk/Wall Mount and see whether it can easily handle your workstation and desk demands with ease.

WireMate™ Cord Organizer For Cord Organization

Cord Organizer Have you ever had problems around the home with messy cords from office or entertainment equipment? Do you need an easy to use cord organizer to manage those cables in an attractive way? Well with the WireMate™ cord organizer you can now regain order of your unruly cables to make your work area user friendly. WireMate™ has been making cable organizer products for many years and strives on delivering only the best of the best when it comes to cable management products.

Keep Cords Contained In Style With A Cord Organizer from WireMate

The WireMate™ cord organizer provides any home or business owner with a user friendly and stylish method of keeping cords manageable for any device. One of its best features is that it provides a compact size which allows for you, at home, to easily install the device onto the back of office desks or TV cabinets. It provides a 2 part design which includes the base and the cover with a unique inner design which sets it apart from the rest of most cable management products. The best part of all about this cord organizer device is that it provides all home or business owners with a DIY installation with the use of its 3M™ double sided self adhesive tape. All you have to do is simply clean the area with a dry cloth, remove the adhesive covering and stick the device to the Cord Organizer 2desk. It’s that easy!

Great for accommodating for most cord types, this cable management device is perfect for eliminating wire clutter and tangles with printer cables, power cords, telephone wires, speaker cables, DSL and DV connections, as well as electronic equipment setups. Because of the way on how this product works it can help with reducing and preventing tripping accidents that may be present while helping to protect your equipment from damage from high traffic areas. This can help with preserving your equipment.

So if you need help with taming your unruly cables you can be sure that the WireMate™ cord organizer can handle any job no matter how big or small.

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Grommets: Perfect Cable Management for Any Decor or Environment

I don’t know how familiar you are with grommets, so I thought I’d take some time today to highlight what is actually a very cool and useful (although oddly-named) category of products.

At some point or another, you’ve probably (at the very least) encountered grommets at work, whether they were built into a desktop or conference table, or installed in a countertop near a POS system. Most often, you’ll see them as black plastic rings that are fitted into the cutouts that allow cables to run through work surfaces – the whole idea being that the grommets will buffer the cutouts’ sharp edges so that cables aren’t accidentally scratched up or cut.

But lest you get the wrong idea, let me be quick to add that grommets aren’t limited to the standard-issue black plastic designs, or even to workplaces. You can find them in schools, theaters, entertainment complexes (think all those arcade games), and more than ever, in homes. And speaking of homes, the grommets just keep getting better to keep up with all of those HGTV-worthy upgrades we’re always after, like granite countertops, home theater setups, and modern furniture. There are grommets available in many different designer metal finishes, wood, and even a rainbow of plastics, so no matter what type of surface you need to run cables through, you can rest assured that even utilitarian grommets won’t drag down your decor.

In addition to different styles, materials and finishes, some grommets also multitask – that is to say, they do even more than just organize and protect cables. Some have built-in USB hubs, some have power outlets and data ports – I’ve even seen grommets that double as desk organizers and have compartments to hold pens and other small items. You never know what you might find.

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Weekly Video Rewind: Outlets, Wire Trays and Cable Managers for Your Desk

I think I’ve mentioned this before in another blog post, but Fridays get me thinking about movies, to the point that I usually have to quickly scour through the latest reviews to see what looks good. Well, this week, a fun little twist has been added to my Friday movie review routine: now I’m not just reading them, I’m writing them!

We’re putting a little more time and effort into our product demo videos these days, so I want to make sure that no one misses out. Today, we’re going to start with the first trio of videos produced, directed, professionally-lit and edited by the amazing Fernando of Web Design fame, which also star our multi-talented New Products guru Tiffani, who, in my humble opinion, is giving Beyonce a run for her money with that hair and makeup. But back to the product prowess: Tiffani is the person to listen to, because she has an incredibly thorough knowledge of all of the products that appear on our site – so rest assured, the lady knows what she’s talking about.

On to the videos:

Powertap Grommet Desk Outlet: Tiffani demonstrates how the Powertap desk outlet installs into your worksurface and acts as a very convenient middleman between your desktop devices and wall outlet, thereby letting you experience the joy of plugging and unplugging without bending over, crawling under your desk, and possibly (inadvertently) mooning your coworkers. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how this type of product works, definitely check out the video – it’s much easier to understand than just reading a product description.

Under-Desk Wire Tray: This is a pretty simple and straightforward product that I wouldn’t have though needed an actual demonstration video, but now that I’ve seen it, I’m glad they made one. Tiffani shows a few tips and tricks for installing it correctly and customizing it to fit your individual desk size and cable management needs – total home run.

Cable Corral: If you’re the kind of person who wants to cable-manage the space under your desk without spending hours juggling cable ties, wire loom, cord clips and a label printer, you’ll appreciate the Cable Corral video. This product is the equivalent of throwing all of your loose clutter into the hall closet right before company arrives, except that the end result won’t leave you with regrets and even more clean-up later on. Tiffani demonstrates how to make the most of the Cable Corral to accommodate not just cables, but a power strip as well.

Sumo Desktop Cable Manager: See Why Heavier is Better When it Comes to Cables Staying Put

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Okay, before I start, a quick disclaimer: what I’m about to say isn’t a fat joke, I’m just trying to illustrate a point. Now that I’ve put that out there, how many times have you seen a movie (or been in a real life situation) in which someone of robust physical stature, who is generally lacking in physical speed and agility, says in a humorously menacing way to a smaller person whom they’re trying to prevent from leaving or doing something undesirable: “(Fill in the blank, blah blah blah)… or I could just sit on you.” At which point the smaller person gets a comically horrified look on their face and promptly complies.

I’m not saying this is acceptable behavior, but it’s definitely a means to an end (ie, keeping something lightweight and prone to running away or misbehaving) in one place with the strategic application of extra poundage. Like weighing down the edges of an outdoor tablecloth so it doesn’t flap up and catapult your picnic spread onto the patio pavers. Or spreading out your flip-flops and other beachside effects to keep your towel on the sand, where in belongs, and where you’ll need it to be when you get fed up with rogue seaweed brushing your leg like a giant squid tentacle and decide to trudge back to shore.

Or like when you have a sumo wrestler plunk down on your disconnected computer cables so they stay ready for action at the edge of your desk, instead of tumbling over the side and onto the floor. Okay, maybe that one’s a little far-fetched, but that’s basically what BlueLounge® had in mind when they came up with the Sumo™ Desktop Cable Manager.

The Sumo is basically a sleek, weighted block with two cord channels carved out of its underside, and it’s designed to hold disconnected cables against a tabletop while still allowing them a little wiggle/breathing room. The cord channels are wide enough to let the cables move freely back and forth, but are narrow enough to prevent connectors from slipping through and causing their respective cables to fall to the floor. After all, it’s infinitely better to be able to just reach out and plug in instead of crawling around on the ground, looking for the right cable.

The Sumo Cable Manager has super cool gripping abilities, thanks to the micro-suction pads lining its underside. As you might guess from its name, micro-suction technology involves the equivalent of thousands of tiny (and indistinguishable to the eye) suction cups, which have the ability to grab onto, but easily release from, smooth surfaces, much like Spider Man (awesome). That means it stays in place without hardware or sticky double-sided adhesive, so you don’t have to worry about taking a bottle of Goo-Gone® to your work surface if you ever decide to move the Sumo to another location.

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Under-Desk Wire Tray: Hidden Organization for Computer Cables and Power Strips

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under-desk-wire-trayOver the years, we’ve added quite a few under-desk wire organizers, and they’ve all been great in one way or another, whether they’ve been designed to keep cables neat as they travel between your desktop and floor, or handle all of the cable slack that’s known to entangle your feet as you sit at your computer. They’ve looked like boxes, raceways, baskets, even spines (that one’s actually not as weird or gross as it sounds). And now I have another excellent addition to the lineup, which happens to hinge, quite simply, on the power of the hook.

I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure that the Under-Desk Wire Tray was designed around the the concept of cable hooks, which have long been used to support certain types of aerial and wall mounted cable runs. Cable hooks are generally lined up at short intervals, after which small cable bundles can be run through them, with the hooks conveying and providing support for the cables as they travel from Point A to Point B.

The Under-Desk Wire Tray, being made up of a row of 15 slightly-spaced hooks, is more or less set up to work the same way, but just on a smaller scale. That, and it hides under your desktop as opposed to being suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall. I don’t know about you, but this really appeals to me, because I prefer my cable management to be invisible, if at all possible.

So why would someone go and miniaturize cable hooks and stick them under a desk? Probably because that row of little hooks gives you the freedom to add or remove cables at any point along the way, and works as a nice place to stash power strips and bulky power adapters out of range of your feet (this sounds really good to me, because I’m always accidentally kicking my surge protector). Another benefit of having cables and power strips up off the floor is that they’re less likely to become dust bunny traps when they’re kept elevated, so that makes it a lot easier for you to keep your workstation clean, and gives you a lot less to sneeze about. And that, my friends, is nothing to sneeze at.

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Two-Piece Desk Grommets: Endless Options for Cable Routing and Other Creative Workspace Modifications

round-two-piece-grommetsChances are, a few of you are asking yourselves, “She’s talking about grommets again? Really?” To all of you exasperated naysayers, I say, “Give me a chance.” I don’t blog just to hear the sound of my own voice, and I don’t like wasting peoples’ time with things they’ve already heard about. I’m enthusiastic about grommets – we’ve covered that. But the entire reason for this post is that my eyes were just opened to a new and exciting way to use desk grommets.

Well, not just any desk grommets… to be more specific, the new round two-piece grommets that we just started carrying. They’re simple, but extremely cool, because they come in (as you’ve gathered) two separate parts: the sleeve, which is the section that lines the actual hole cutout in your desk or countertop, and the snap-on top, which narrows the opening so that it fits snugly around the wire and cables traveling through it. Up to this point, most grommets have been a one-piece hybrid of the two parts, but someone had the outstanding idea to go deconstructionist on these, and I really think it works.

Why? Because you can use both components together, or take the more-laid back approach and just stick with the sleeve. The complete solution is perfect for routing cables (as usual), but what really intrigues me is the sleeve-only option, and the suggestion that, when you’re dealing with the large-diameter 4″ grommet, the sleeve can actually be fashioned into a sort of through-desk trash chute.

Ever noticed how in some restaurant bathrooms, there’s a cutout in the sink vanity, into which you toss your used paper towels? Well, now you can do the same thing to your desk! Just use a hole saw to cut out an opening, snap in a grommet sleeve for a finishing touch, line your wastepaper basket up below the hole, and start dropping your small paper trash right through your desktop. Bombs away!

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The Cable Corral: Forget About Cattle – What Really Need Wrangling Are Your Computer Cables

01-small-corralAh, under-desk cable managers. I’ve always like them in concept, but it seems like they’ve missed the mark (just a little) in one way or another every time I’ve tried to put them into action. There was one where I just couldn’t get the finished product to look anywhere near as neat and attractive under my desk as it did in the picture on the box, and there was another one that looked terrific once installed, but had a very easy to move lid that couldn’t stand up to my accidental kicks and knee-bumps. Since then, I’ve pretty much relegated myself to tried-and-true wire loom, cable ties and adhesive cord clips. But I just met a new under-desk organizer, and I think that I may finally be ready to cable manage again.

The new cord tamer in my life is named the Cable Corral, and I love it for its simplicity. It’s basically just a steel basket that mounts to the underside of your desktop, giving you a place to stash power strips, peripherals and long cables out of sight – without affecting your connectivity. This is great for antsy desk-dwellers like me, who need to frequently stretch their legs below-desk throughout the day to avoid both muscle atrophy and general insanity. It’s always nice to be able to do this without getting a foot caught in a pile of cable slack, or accidentally kicking a power supply.

And installation is so easy – the Cable Corral screws right into the underside of your desk, and then you just pile in everything you want to keep clear of the floor and out of sight. No need to precisely bundle or wind cords, no cover malfunctions – just stash your stuff, and let your feet enjoy the newfound wide open roaming space where there was none before.

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Crossbar Mounting System: There Should Always Be Room for You at Your Desk

crossbar-mounting-systemEver think about how much junk it takes to be “efficient?” Let’s see… you’ve got multiple computer monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, a phone, a cell phone, designated “in” and “out” boxes (maybe more if you’re super “organized”), office supplies, peripherals, and of course, a nice big bucket of coffee to give you enough energy to try and work around all of that space-eating stuff. Call me old-fashioned, but as soon a you can’t rest your elbows on your desk because there are too many business tools in your way, there’s a problem.

Whatever happened to the days when you could prop a book on your desktop if you needed to, or maybe a stack of papers that needed perusing? When you could find a clear spot on your worksurface where you could set down and actually sign an expense report, without your pen running off the edge? They may feel long gone, but you’re about to get them back, compliments of the Crossbar Mounting System.The Crossbar is an extremely cool workspace accessory that mounts right onto the back of your desk, and gives you a strong, elevated horizontal bar on which to mount everything that’s been cramping your work style. Flat-panel computer monitors, small peripherals, even mail trays and organizers – they can all be made to hover gracefully above your work surface, instead of hogging it and making things cluttered.

The Crossbar Mounting System is made of sleek, shiny aluminum and steel, so it’s a great modern-looking complement to flat panel monitors and other office tech. Once it’s installed and everything is attached, all of your work accessories are located at eye level, right in front of you, so you can see everything at a glance, and still have plenty of free desktop space to actually make yourself comfortable and get things done.

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Keep-a-Cable Cord Anchor

keep-a-cableFour short years ago, I had no idea what “cable management” was, or the types of products it entailed. But ever since I got into this business, I’ve turned into a complete organization geek who actually gets excited whenever the newest, shiniest wire organizer comes my way. It’s pretty amazing that people are still coming up with new ways to tame messy cords, because it’s seemingly all been done. I’ve used cord organizers that looked like a turtle’s shell, a yoyo, a spine (believe it or not), and cartoony zoo animals. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

Why all of the weird and whimsical designs? Because cable management is boring. Boring but necessary. Yet the necessity of it all becomes a little less mundane if you can use products that add fun and novelty to practicality. Heck, that’s what keeps my attention. Keep thinking of ways to make cable management interesting, and you’ll keep me on the line.

But what if you’re a regular non-geek who doesn’t need to be amused by their wire management devices? What if you just want something that will keep your computer cables in line, and prevent them from falling behind your desk when you unplug them? In that case, I’d fast-forward right past the cord winders and wire-hiders, and bring you to a screeching halt right in front of the Keep-a-Cable. This cord anchoring system is cheap, simple, and pretty much as no-frills as they come, but you know what? It works.

Here’s how: The Keep-a-Cable is basically a flat, flexible piece of plastic that has peel and stick adhesive on one side, and cable slots on the other. You just peel off the backing, adhere the Keep-a-Cable to the back of your desk (behind your computer), and then pop your cables into the slots (you can see a live-action video demonstration of this here). These slots are wide enough so that the cables can move freely, but narrow enough so that connectors can’t slip through and fall to the floor. When you need to plug a peripheral into your computer, you can just reach to the back of your desk and grab the corresponding cable, instead of crawling around on the floor to find it. Then, when you’re done, you just unplug and leave the cord resting in the Keep-a-Cable, ready to go for next time.

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