FastLane™ Drop Over Cable Protector

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fastlane-dropover-protectorsWhen are people going to start watching where they step? Thanks to human nature, probably never; and nowhere is this more true than in busy, distracting environments like shopping malls and trade shows. Don’t let your power and data cables suffer just because others can’t avoid trampling them – keep your connections strong and cables intact by covering them up with FastLane Drop Over Cable Protectors.

FastLanes are like a happy medium between the flexible cord covers you’d use at home or in a small office, and the type of heavy duty polyurethane cable protectors that are often found in industrial settings and at jobsites. They offer the ruggedness you need to protect cables against brisk foot traffic, but they don’t entail the investment of heavy duty cable protectors, which you really only need to shell out for in situations involving vehicular traffic.

Like heavy-duty cord covers, FastLane™ cable protectors are molded from tough polyurethane, but they have a lightweight, scaled-down design that works by simply being set down over cables. The come in joinable 3-foot sections, so you can use one to span a narrow walkway, or connect multiples to cover just about any length of cable you need to. And when connected, they stay together really well, thanks to the heavy duty L-shape connectors that lock them end-to-end.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, people usually don’t watch where they’re going, and just as this can cause them to trample over objects on the ground (like cables), it can also lead to trip and fall accidents. In addition to protecting cords that you have running across your floor, the FastLane™ can also prevent pedestrians from tripping and hurting themselves – it’s equipped with molded-in safety warnings, as well as a high-traction surface tread that helps improve footing.

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Electriduct Power Extensions

electriduct-power-extension-sWhenever you use extension cords anywhere there’s going to be a lot of people walking around, it’s always a good idea to bring in some cord covers as well, not only to protect the power extensions from being trampled, but also to prevent pedestrians from tripping. In the past, the extension cord/cord cover combination would have involved purchasing two separate products, but you no longer have to go through that hassle, thanks to Electriduct Power Extensions.

These all-in-one power extensions give you the best of the of power cord and cord cover worlds, combined into a single, simple-to-use product. Electriduct’s power extensions are actually power cords that are built into flexible cord covers, so whenever you need to bring an outlet across a room or a walkway, all you need to do is plug in a power extension, and lay it out in the direction you need it to go in. Your cord is run and protected in just one step! An additional benefit is that the outlet end of the power extension isn’t just a plastic connector like on most extension cords, but instead a sturdy, 2-receptacle outlet box.

Electriduct power extensions are available in lengths that range from 5 to 50 feet, and come in your choice of black, gray, and beige (which can blend into just about any home, office, or small business environment), as well as safety yellow, which stands out visually on jobsites to further prtect against tripping and run-over hazards.

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ChordSavers™ Floor Cord Covers

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chordsaver_foot-traffic_sm1It’s another Friday and I feel like ending the week on a high note, so I’m going to give all of you hardwood and laminate floor fans out there some good news. If you have floor cords to hide but don’t want to detract from your gorgeous wood-grain flooring with a plain plastic cord cover, then do I have the product for you. Meet the ChordSaver™ floor cord cover.

It may be made of heavy-duty PVC, but let me tell you, it looks just like wood. It’s available in Light Oak, Dark Oak, and Cherry wood grains to match most hardwood or laminate floors, but if none of those finishes work for you, you also have the option of a custom-stainable finish. ChordSavers™ also come in solid black, yellow, white, gray, and orange colors, which work great on tile or painted cement floors.

As you may have guessed from the spelling of its name, the ChordSaver was originally developed for use by musicians, both onstage and in the studio. One of the nice things about it is that it comes in lightweight, relatively slim 3-foot sections, so it’s great for bands and working musicians who need to constantly set up, break down, and transport equipment from one venue to the next. With ChordSavers™, you no longer need to have a roadie dedicated strictly to cord covers.

Okay, I’ve been focusing mainly on the unique looks of the ChordSaver™, but being that it’s first and foremost a utilitarian product, let’s focus on its functional aspects for a moment. Like I mentioned, ChordSavers™ are made of rugged PVC, which makes a nice, hard covering that protects cables from the foot traffic trampling over them. And pedestrians are protected as well, thanks to the high traction non-skid backing that keeps the cord covers from sliding around underfoot.

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Yellow Jacket Cable Protectors

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yellow-jacket-open-sRunning cable and hoses across the ground or floor in industrial facilities, parking lots, and high-traffic public places like convention centers and stadiums can be an expensive undertaking, especially if the cables and hoses aren’t properly protected. Save yourself the outrageous expense of cable replacement and liability costs by making a one-time investment in extra heavy duty cable protectors like those by Yellow Jacket®.

Yellow Jacket® cable protectors are made of a proprietary high density polyurethane called Durathane, which is formulated to stand up to heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic so that your cables are safeguarded against impact, abrasion and crushing even in the harshest conditions. To keep things neat and organized inside the cord cover, you’ll find anywhere from 1 to 5 channels, so you have the option to separate different types of cables from one another (say, power and data) or keep individual hoses and lines securely in place.

To reduce your slip-and-fall liability, the surfaces of Yellow Jacket® protectors have a molded-in diamond tread pattern that gives pedestrians plenty of traction as they cross over the cord covers. Yellow Jackets® interlock together with dog-bone shaped connectors, which, while they lock snugly together, have been specifically designed to simply disconnect when placed under extreme duress, instead of just snapping off and ruining the entire cable protector. That’s just another way these cord covers can save you money in the long run.

Just how long will your investment in Yellow Jacket® cable covers be good for? How does 2 decades sound? There are actually Yellow Jackets® on record that have been under constant heavy use for over 20 years, and they’re still intact and functional.

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Transparent Cord Protector

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transparent-cord-cover-animation-sIf you’ve ever wished that the sight of a simple plastic cord cover could make you go “oooooooooooooohhh!” the way twinkle lights do, then it looks like you’re about to meet your match. Allow me to introduce you to one of my personal favorites, the Transparent Cord Protector. This crystal clear, ultra-flexible cord cover has been designed with visibility (and Christmas lights) in mind. But this cool little number isn’t limited to the holidays – it’s perfect for decorating any floor or walkway you want to illuminate with strings of lights. And because it creates a protective barrier between your feet and the delicate light strands, it both preserves your lights and prevents you and your guests from tripping.

The transparent cord protector is very simple to use: just slit the bottom channel open with a utility knife, pop in the lights of your choice, flip the whole thing over onto its flat side, and you’re ready to go. And because it’s available in three different lengths (5 ft, 10 ft and 25 ft), you can choose the length that’s best suited to your decorating/cord protecting project. To cover longer distances, just buy a few and arrange them end-to-end.

While I generally suggest using your imagination with this product, I’m going to cheat a little and give you a few ideas on where you can start, based on what our customers have told us they use them for. Aside from decorating for holiday parties, these cord covers are also terrific for skater-proof floor illumination at roller rinks, and add a beautiful glow to home theater aisles, walkways, and patios.

*Please keep in mind that the Transparent Cord Protector does not come with lights – those are up to you. We suggest using either standard indoor/outdoor Christmas lights or rope lights.

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Magic Carpet

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safcord_turn-sm1I’ve since moved into a workspace with wood laminate flooring, but the floor in my first office was covered in carpet — as well as a cable that stretched all the way from my coworker’s phone to the jack across the room. I’ll tell you, it’s pretty tough to glide gracefully across one’s office when a killer phone cord is laying in wait to ambush one’s unsuspecting feet. Okay, maybe I’m being a little overdramatic… but we did get snagged on a regular basis.

My office-mates and I tried to make things a little safer with a plastic dropover cord cover, but no luck — while you can usually apply a little double-sided tape to keep dropovers in place on smooth floors, that trick doesn’t work on carpet, and the thing just kept sliding around.

One day not long after, I was planning a project that resulted in the SafCord cord cover coming across my desk. It never had the chance to stray far from my desk after that, because I wasted no time in slapping it down over that phone cable running across the floor. “What is it about the SafCord,” I’m sure you’re asking, “that let it do the job no other cord cover could?”

First of all , it’s made specifically for loop-style carpets, the family of floor coverings to which the commercial-grade carpet on my office floor belonged (I should mention here that it also works on Berber and looped rugs).  When you put it down, it doesn’t budge — not even if you vacuum over it. Yet you can pull the SafCord up at any time, without any sign that it had ever been there. Would you believe me if I told you that there is no adhesive involved? The magic that locks it into place on carpet is actually just the “hook” side of hook-and-loop, which grabs onto looped carpet fibers.

Other cool features include the fact that SafCord has a completely flat profile (because it’s made of Cordura Nylon fabric), can be cut to length with scissors, is machine washable, and can be reused countless times. Oh yeah, and it also hides cords and prevents you from tripping…

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Nite Hawk

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night-hawk2-sm2I came in to work an hour early this morning, and boy, am I glad I did. No more than 2 weeks ago, I read about a really cool glow-in-the-dark cord cover, but had yet to get my hands on one. Turns out that today was my lucky day: not only is it Friday, but I got to sit in on a training session with Joe Proto from Electriduct, and it just so happens that he brought along a real live Nite Hawk (the cable protector, not the bird) to show off.

It’s easy to appreciate the functional attributes of heavy duty cable protectors - after all, they keep power cords, data cables and hoses from being crushed, even when they’re trampled by pedestrians and run over by vehicles. But the thing is (and call me shallow) they’re generally nothing special to look at. But the Nite Hawk caught my eye – it’s made out of the same super strong polyurethane as its competitors (same molded-in traction bumps and everything), but it’s a really nice dark blue, with a flip-open lid in a neutral-colored, photoreactive polyurethane.

It was good looking in daylight, but the real magic happens when the lights go out. Just like those glow-in-the-dark stars you plastered on your bedroom ceiling as a kid, the Nite Hawk’s lid “charges” while the Sun is up or lights are  on, but when everything goes dark, it really starts to shine. Thanks to its luminescent “Wow, look at that!” quality,  the Nite Hawk can’t be ignored, and makes for much safer pedestrian and vehicle crossings in dark environments.

Have I mentioned that I get a huge kick out of fireflies? This one’s almost as fun.

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