The Benefits Of A Reel Holder In Cable Applications

reel holderHave you ever been on a job site and had trouble with unwinding your cable or wire reel to find that it just tangles and your job takes twice as long? Well if you have ever been in this situation then you may just need the LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder.

What Is the LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder

The LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder is a specially designed holder which is ideal for holding and unwinding your cable reels in a convenient and productive manner which can help save you time and money on the job site.

The Benefit of the LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder

Benefit #1 – Portable: Because of its compact and easy to assemble and disassemble design, this reel holder is capable of providing high portability for a variety of different applications. This reel holder is lightweight and can easily be carried from one location to another with ease.

Benefit #2 – Construction: To make things even better, this portable cable reel holder is also able to provide high supporting capabilities with its high strength construction. This cable holder is designed to hold up to 300lbs and is constructed with high strength tempered steel which allows for it to last under demanding and challenging applications.

Benefit #3 – Scratch Resistant Feet: Not only does this reel holder provide a convenient and compact size, it can also be used on a variety of surfaces with its anti-slip rubber feet. This helps to keep it from sliding and slipping when in use and provides a safer method of unwinding cables without scratching the floor in any way.

So if you need a way to hold your reels for easy unwinding of cables then why not try the LSDI DeCoil-Zit™ Reel Holder and notice the difference with how fast you can complete your job. Great for all sorts of small cable applications, this reel holder will definitely make your wire and cable installation much faster and easier.


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The Benefits Of Having Jumper Cables In Your Car

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jumper cablesThere is nothing worse than getting ready to go to work or for an important business meeting to find your vehicle has a flat battery. This happens all across the world to unsuspecting people who have to be somewhere in a hurry and can cause complications by making you late or making you miss your important meeting or deadline. That is where having a battery booster jumper cable in your vehicle at all times is beneficial.

What Are Jumper Cables?

For those who don’t know, jumper cables are specially designed cables which attach to your flat battery and connect the battery to another power source such as another fully running vehicle battery. These cables send an electric discharge from the live battery to the flat battery causing it to ignite and start to run again.

The Benefits Of Having A Deka Battery Booster/Jumper Cables In Your Car

Benefit #1 – Quick Jumpstarting: The most important advantage about having jumper cables in your car is that you are able to easily jumpstart your flat battery in a fast and efficient manner when there is another vehicle battery present. This allows you to easily get to work on time and can help to start your vehicle allowing for the battery to charge itself when you are driving.

Benefit #2 – High Quality Construction: Another advantage is that generally jumper cables provide a high quality and highly conductive construction which promotes optimal current transfer. Jumper cables such as the Deka Batter Booster Jumper Cables feature color-coded steel clamps along with copper connections which provide reliable current transfer from one battery to the other. They are also generally insulated with a thermoplastic elastomer which helps to provide safety for both you and the jumper cables when in use.

Benefit #3 – Versatility: Because these cables provide easy jumping of flat batteries, they are beneficial for use with almost any vehicle battery application. They can also provide easy use anywhere with their portable design, and can be installed fast and efficient with their easy to clip on connections.

Overall if you want to avoid being late for a meeting, job interview, or any other important schedule why not keep a trusty pair of jumper cables in your vehicle. You don’t know just when you might need them.

CCT Multi-Component Access Control Cable: More Security with Fewer Cables to Run

While sometimes things come up that are just plain unavoidable (or unforeseeable, for that matter), I’m a huge fan of putting a little extra thought into things now in the interest of making life easier later. Sometimes this means that I find myself sitting between a pile of yet-to-be installed organizers and heaps of stuff that I’m eventually going to have to stow away in them (with the intent of making it easier to find/store things in the future), and sometimes it means taking the time to write out lists so that I can make the most out of one shopping trip/errand run and not have to kick myself later. We all have our tricks, but now there’s a much more interesting way to future-proof: opting for an all-in-one cable.

Multi-Component Access Cable from CCT® combines all the wiring needed for 4 much-used security components inside a single cable jacket. While this is probably far more than you need on the home security front, it’s perfect for businesses and other organizations that are adding security measures to their facilities, whether all at once in a complete system, or little by little, as needed or afforded in their budgets. This four-in-one cable includes wiring for a power lock, card reader, door contact, and rex/spare component, and gives you ther benefit of time, and fewer cable pulls, if it’s better for you to add access control components one at a time.

If you were to cut into a piece of CCT Multi-Component Access Control Cable, you’d find four separately-jacketed inner cables, color-coded for easy identification. The cables are also available in your choice of plenum and riser-rated styles, so no matter where you need to run cable, you’re completely covered for indoor use.

So we’ve got the future-proof cable taken care of… now what was it that I need at the store again?

EVO6 Self-Tracing Patch Cords: Confirm Connections in Seconds with Built-In LEDs

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It’s official: LEDs have taken over, and are now making products that have always been cool or useful even more amazing with the addition of lights that practically never burn out. First it was appliance displays, followed by Christmas lights and HDTVs. And now: patch cords?

Meet EVO6™ Self-Tracing Patch Cords from Mertek. I’ll confess, my first (too quick) glance at the name brought on a cringe-worthy thought of Rachael Ray cheerful rasping on about EVOO (for you non-Food Network afficionados, that’s a pseudo-cutesy acronym for extra virgin olive oil), but that soon gave way to rapt admiration for the genius that is EVO6. EVO6™ patch cords are Cat6 (hence the “6″ part of their name), but that’s beside the point: all you really need to know is that their connectors have build-in LEDs, and that you use said LEDs to instantly trace the patch cords and find their precise connection points… at both ends.

The process is easy, because in addition to LEDs being built into both connectors of each patch cord, there’s also a tiny built-in button on the cord boot. Push it, and the LEDs are instantly activated, meaning that your patch cord will be blinking red at both ends. No feeling your way along the cable’s length, no guessing, no need for additional cable tracers - just push a button and you’re done.

Sounds like you just freed up a lot of time… maybe now you can catch up on Rachael Ray and her EVOO.

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BTX Field-Terminable HDMI 1.3 Cable: Custom A/V With No Waste

There’s something about the word “custom” that always seems to make my heart beat a little faster, but then again, who doesn’t drool at the thought of something being made just for them? For example, I love both books and creative architectural details, and there’s this house in a historic neighborhood not far from where I live, which I’ve affectionately come to refer to as “bookshelf house” in honor of the gorgeous custom built-in bookcases (they’re even lit, mind you) that are visible to passers-by when the house is lit up at night. You’re just driving along, glancing casually at the passing homes, and then suddenly you get an eyeful of perfectly painted crimson walls set off by semi-ornate white bookshelves almost artistically loaded with a small library’s worth of reading material. I can never resist giving that sight a longing, head-turning glance, and it’s almost always inevitably followed by me returning home, walking into my guest room, and staring with disgust at the twin particleboard deals holding a hodgepodge of paperbacks and dust. I like to think that the owners of Bookshelf House must feel pretty darn smug.

While this particular example of custom lust is probably a little too old-school and tech-free for a blog that deals primarily with gadgets and cables, here’s something that’s not: Field-terminable HDMI cable from BTX Technologies. Whether you’re fed up with home theater cables that are always longer than you need them to be or are just Jonesing for something made with only you and your sweet A/V setup in mind, you’ll definitely want to take notice.

BTX’s field-terminable cables are rated to HDMI 1.3 standards, and come in either round or ribbon styles, depending on whether you’re planning on bundling them with neighboring cords (choose round), or routing them flat along the wall (that would be ribbon). The bulk cables are simply measured to the exact length you need (no more paying for or cable-managing a bunch of useless slack) and terminated with specially designed crimp-on connectors that achieve an even stronger connection than soldering.

Both the round and ribbon-style home theater cables are made to be ultra flexible, so they can take most tight bends and curves without risking breakage or attenuation. Durability is further enhanced by the connectors’ additional extended plastic boot and strain relief, which gives your HDMI cables extra support just where they need it most.

Custom is now better than ever.

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Cicoil Shielded Cat5e Cable: Tough Yet Flexible for Excellent Performance in Harsh Environments

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Cat5e cable is generally not one of those things that makes me stop and go “Oooooh!” Personally, I use it every day without even thinking about it, kind of like lip balm or tissues. I spend 8 hours a day sitting at a laptop whose Cat5e Ethernet cable provides me with a vital Internet connection and is never more than an inch or two from my left hand, yet I never give it even a second of thought or attention unless I need to unplug it to pack up my computer. How’s that for appreciation?

I have to say, though, that my interest and admiration were piqued yesterday afternoon when I met the newest network cable to join our lineup. Cicoil® (pronounced “see-coil”) Shielded Cat5e cable is very uniquely designed for use in manufacturing facilities, labs, and anywhere else where it’s likely to be attached to moving machinery and subject to some serious EMI/RFI. What makes it so fascinating are the totally flat design and the ultra-flexible clear silicone jacket that envelopes the shielded conductors.

The silicone is extremely durable, but has a somewhat jelly-like flexibility and stretchability that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a cable jacket. It’s a big part of what makes Cicoil Cat5e resilient enough to withstand up to 10,000,000 motion cycles (perfect for use with automated machinery that’s in near-perpetual motion), and clean/non-polluting enough to use in laboratories and cleanrooms that require RoHS-compliant materials. And since silicone is great at resisting water, fire and chemicals, this shielded Cat5e is good to go in even the harshest environments.

Because it’s such a specialized cable, Cicoil is sold be the foot, so you can order just what you need, without worrying about wasting money on extra that won’t be used. While it comes unterminated in standard orders, you also have the option of paying a little extra to have it factory-terminated to your specifications. Either way, you’re get something very, very good.

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Black Box LockPORT Patch Cables: Put an End to Accidental Unplugs

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lockport-patch-cordsAs I’ve kept a close eye on every new product to join our lineup, one thing has become abundantly clear: if you need to oops-proof your data connections, keep vandals away from patch panels, save space in a server enclosure, or otherwise add a combined element of convenience and genius to your data center, Black Box® products are the ones to turn to. If you’ve ever thought, “hey, you know what would be great?”, they’ve probably already come with it, or have it in the works.

I thought they had already hit the height of revolutionary patch cord design when they came out with one that had a 90-degree angled connector, but it gets better: they just introduced the LockPORT™ locking patch cord, a network cable that, once plugged in, can’t be yanked out of its port accidentally or purposefully. Thanks to special little locks that slide into each connector and require actual effort to remove, they perfectly embody a little concept that I like to call “removal only with approval.”

LockPORT™ patch cords are available in Cat5e and Cat6, and give you the choice of two different levels of protection: security lock, and keyed lock. The first, involving a green security lock, is designed to guard against accidental unplugs, the kind that might happen if you were to inadvertently tug on a patch cord that’s adjacent to another cable you’re working on, or if a moving object snagged onto a cable and pulled it out of its port. You release the security lock by pinching its two sides together and pulling it out of the connector.

The other (keyed) lock type is red, and while it slides easily into place like the green lock, it takes more effort and a special tool to disengage and remove it. This lock style prevents both accidental unplugs as well as tampering by vandals or other unauthorized users.

What’s very cool about LockPORT™ patch cords is that their locks can be interchanged to create any type of locking configuration you need. This feature is extremely convenient, because in many cases it will allow you to customize as needed, without necessarily having to purchase a slew of new patch cords. Very nice.

BlueLounge® Tiny USB Cords for Charging Stations and Short Distance Plug-Ins

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bluelounge-extra-connectionsI’m getting the feeling that I’m on kind of a minimalist jag this week. Only yesterday I was talking up the virtues of small and incredibly simple cord organizer, and today, we’re exploring the “less-is-more” advantages of what happen to be the shortest USB cables I’ve ever set eyes on. Meet the Extra Connectors.

Made by BlueLounge® Designs, the not-so-evil geniuses behind some of the hottest and most functional charging stations on the market, Extra Connectors are foot-long USB cables (yes, you got that right, they’re only 12 inches) that let you add extra connectors to BlueLounge Charging Stations that have spare USB ports, or just plug small devices into your laptop without the hassle of an extra 5 feet of USB cable cluttering up your workspace.

I don’t know if this is just the first time I’ve come across cables this short, or if it’s been going on forever without my knowledge, but to be quite honest, I don’t care – the whole concept is brilliant. Think about it. When you want to connect, say, your digital camera to your laptop to import photos, do you really need a 6-foot USB cable? No! In reality, you’re setting your camera down about a foot away from your computer, and then working around the pile of cable slack. Inconvenience for a greater benefit is one thing, but fighting a needlessly, wastefully long cable for elbow room is pretty much insane.

Extra Connectors are compatible with over 1,500 devices, from a lineup of manufacturers that include Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Palm, Sony, Nintendo, and Motorola. With the odds that they’ll work for you being so good, you’ve definitely got to give one a try. You won’t miss the cable slack – I promise.

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Angel-Guard Cord Connect Plug Protector: Keeping Extension Cords Together, and Contaminants Away

angel-guard-cord-connectNot too long ago, I blogged about an extremely cool extension cord lock that’s able to internally secure connected power extensions to prevent accidental pull-aparts. An amazing concept and product, but one that’s really better left to pros who work with power tools on a daily basis, than to a mere DIY weekend warrior like me. It’s the kind of thing that I’d love to use in the yard and garage, but considering the fact that it needs to be hardwired onto your main extension cord, this particular plug lock was just a little too hardcore and industrial for my needs.

Just as I was beginning to think that extension cord locking was out of my league, the Angel-Guard® Cord Connect™ Plug Protector waltzed in the room – only a couple of days ago, in fact. Now this is something that any homeowner or handy type can really sink their teeth into (not literally, of course). Instead of installing permanently and working internally, this plug protector forms a protective shield around joined extension cord plugs, to keep them together while blocking out water and contaminants like dust, dirt, sawdust, and grass clippings. And best of all, it’s not permanent – when you don’t need it, just remove it and toss it into a drawer until next time.

But enough of that – let’s get down to how it works. The Cord Connect™ has a hinged, shell-like design that’s equipped with a cord pass-through at each end. To use it, just insert joined extension cord plugs into the connector chamber, and route each cord out through its respective pass-through. Once that’s done, just fold the Angel-Guard’s halves together, snap it closed, and go on your way.

The Angel-Guard® Cord-Connect™ is perfect for times when you’re doing yard work that involves things like electrical hedge trimmers, running some garden/party lights to brighten up a cook-out, or throwing an outdoor kids’ party with the kind of fun stuff (bounce houses and cotton candy machines, anyone?) that needs plugging in. Once it’s in place, you can keep your mind on the work or play at hand, instead of worrying that someone’s going to snag a foot on your extension cords and pull them apart, or that some stray water from the Slip ‘N Slide is going to get on the plugs and cause a short.

Kind of a relief, isn’t it?

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Cord Runner Extensions: Extra Outlets the Way You Really Need Them- Spaced Out Along the Way

coleman-cable-runnerMost people out there (including, most likely, you) would be hard-pressed to derive joy and excitement from something as mundane as an extension cord. But after 4+ years focusing on the ins and out of the cabling world, I’ve reached the point where I actually find certain power extensions interesting, even (dare I say it?) cool. And whereas it could be off-putting to others if I were to babble on in person about the amazing attributes of a given extension cable, I’m not directly subject to weird looks if I talk about them in this blog… so lucky me, and here goes! I promise, you’re going to like this one, too.

Coleman Cables is known for producing some of the most well-made, thoughtfully designed extension cords on the market, and the Cord Runner™ is no exception. I’m just sorry that I didn’t meet this product in time to introduce you to it in time for outdoor holiday decorating! If you’ve ever been hanging lights just to wish you had power outlets at regular intervals, then the Cord Runner™ definitely has New Best Friend potential for you.

Unlike most extension cords that plug into a wall outlet on one end, and provide you with a couple of outlets at the other, the Cord Runner™ extension cord actually has 3 outlets spaced out along its length, so you have convenient power access points staggered all the way from Point A to Point B. An outlet setup like this can be a huge asset not only for the holiday decorating I mentioned before, but also for jobs that require several power tools to be available at the same time, yet spaced slightly apart.

The Cord Runner™ is available in lengths ranging from 6 to 50 feet, so no matter what the scale of your job is, there’s a cord to suit it. And here’s another great feature: all 3 outlets are molded out of clear plastic, with protective flaps to keep out dirt and moisture, as well as a neon power indicator light embedded into each one. When power is running through a receptacle, the entire outlet glows to let you know that. It increases the safety of the cord, and makes it look good too, which never hurts.

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