Tips When Choosing Cable Sleeving.

cable sleeving When it comes to protecting your everyday electronic cables it may seem a little daunting to say the least. Although it doesn’t have to be with cable sleeving. Cable sleeves are a specially design cover which is designed to be threaded over the cabling to create a protective barrier between your cable and the damaging object. Installing a cable sleeve is easy. Here are some tips when looking to purchase cable sleeving for your electronic cables.

Tips When Choosing Cable Sleeving

Tip #1 – Choose the Proper Sleeve: It may sound like common sense although choose the proper sleeve will go a long way to completing the application in a fast and easy manner. When choosing, work out whether you will be threading it over the cable or wires or whether you have to wrap it around your wires.

  • Wrap Around: You can purchase cable sleeving which features a slit down one side which is able to easily be wrapped around the cable effortlessly. This type is perfect for larger cable applications which can’t be undone at both ends.
  • Threaded: Threaded sleeving is ideal for the loose cables where both or one end is exposed. You can easily slip the cables through the sleeving providing a fast installation.

Tip #2 – Size: Size is also an important factor when choosing your cable sleeving. You don’t want to buy sleeving that is too small or too large to fit on your application. When choosing the size you will need to measure around your cable with a measuring tape and choose one that is slightly a little bigger than the measurement to be able to slip it over the cable with ease.

Tip #3 – Colour: Although it may not seem obvious but choosing the right colour can also go a long way when choosing the right cable sleeving for your application. The colour can provide a cleaner and more professional look to your application when matched correctly. It can also blend into the background depending on your application.

So if you are looking to purchase cable sleeving for your wiring applications, why not take some of these tips into consideration to ensure you purchase the right one for your cable setup.

Benefits of the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cable Clips

cable clipsHave you ever had problems with cables or cords falling from your workstation or desk? Are you tired of having to pick them up constantly? Well look no further than the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips. Innovative and superior in many ways, these cable clips can easily help keep your cords and cables in the only place on your desk without the risk of them falling off.

Benefits of the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cable Clips

Benefit #1 – Versatility: One of the first benefits of these cord clips is that they are highly versatile with where they can be positioned. Because of their highly adhesive peel-and-stick back, these cable cords are capable of providing easy attachment to smooth surfaces and desktops with ease.

Benefit #2 – Complementary Colors: Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, these cable clips are available in a number of colours to choose from. This is perfect when you want to blend them in with the surrounding decor. They are also great for colour coding certain cables and are perfect for providing a clean and professional appearance to your workstation.

Benefit #3 –  Cable Management Solution: Because of their unique design they are great for providing high compatibility and gripping of cellphone cords, camera cords, MP3 player cords and mobile device cords. The cables or cords can easily be pushed into the clip which holds it in place ready for use a short notice.

Benefit #4 – Compact Size: Not only are these cable clips useful but they are also able to provide easy positioning in most ordinary and unusual areas with ease. Because they are small and compact they can easily be positioned on table or chair legs, desktop ledges, monitor arms and more for added convenience.

So if you have cords that keeping falling on the floor, then why not take a look at the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips and see just how beneficial these little clips can actually be within your workstation, office, or home desk area.

Installing Cable Ties Using an Installation Tool

Cable tie installation toolWhen it comes to installing cable ties it can be easy or it can be hard depending on what the cables ties are made from. The plastic and softer material type can be installed by hand in the blink of an eye, although what about the heavy duty steel cable ties? Well if you are in need of installing these tough ties then why not make your installation go much faster and easier with the Panduit GS4MT Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool.

Using a Cable Tie Installation Tool for Stainless Steel Ties

Not only can this cable tie gun handle the depending properties of standard, light heavy, heavy standard, and cross section stainless steel cable ties, it can easily provide you with a quick and easy method that is user friendly for all operators. This tie gun is designed to tighten cable ties to the maximum capacity needed and can cut the excess off easily with the use of the selector knob preset tension and a simple squeeze of the handle.

Offering a lightweight designed tool, it qualifies as a Military Specification Standard Part # MS90387-3 which can easily meet with allcable tie installation tool your requirements. Great for construction applications, it provides high compatibility for use with all Pan-Steel MLTC coated ties, MLT ties, and MLTDH double wrapped ties. Because of the way it is designed it is suitable for use in outdoor environments and for big jobs. Extremely easy to use you will be amazed at how it can successfully install the cable ties around the cables in a short amount of time.

So if you are in need of a cable tie installation tool that can handle stainless steel cable ties, then look no further than the Panduit GS4MT Stainless Steel Cable Tie Installation Tool. A great cable tie gun for all your heavy duty cable tie applications. 

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Cable Straps: Velcro Has Never Been This Handy

Box cable strapsHave you ever wanted another method of securing bulk goods to your pallet without having to use shrink wrap? Not only does shrink wrap take time to use but it also promotes bulky waste that can’t be reused again. With the VELCRO® LogiStrap™ Material Handling Cable Straps

Never Use Shrink Wrap Again With Velcro Cable Straps!

One of the more beneficial features that stand out with this product is that they provide a reusable method that is perfect for any small or large business. Unlike bulky shrink wrap, these cable straps are able to easily be reused each and every time you have a pallet come in or going out. blue velcro cable straps

They can easily eliminate waste of shrink wrap and metal banding, and can saving up to 51% of the total shipping cost! Not only that but many workers have commented on how much quicker and easier it is for a single person to manage and prepare a pallet ready for shipment, and unlike shrink wrap they leave the barcodes open and clear ready for scanning on delivering and receiving of goods.

velcro cable strapsThe best part of all is you don’t even need a special tool or any larger machinery to install or use these fabric nylon straps. Because of their 2 length availability, these cable straps can suit almost any application. Another great part about them is they offer high versatility, and are perfect for warehouses and distribution centers for strapping all bulky goods to a pallet. They are also available in blue and red colors which can color code selected items, and provide a soft feel on your hands and the boxed goods allowing for low damage when shipping. Overall these useful cable straps are great for any large transportation business to ensure that all products and cargo delivered is in perfect condition and is secured at all times.




Chameleon Clips – Electrical Fire Safety Cable Clips Review

Why do cable clips matter? I don’t know about you but have you ever touched a power cord and found out that it was just that little bit too hot? Well with Chameleon, they give you a convenient method of identifying which power cords become hot and which ones are not with their ingenious Chameleon Clips Electrical Fire Safety Clips. Chameleon has worked on providing you with some of the best products available and have your family in mind with these innovative cable clips.chameleon cable clips

Fire Warning Is Just A View Away!

One of the best things that really stand out about these cable management clips is that they are designed to visually warn you when your cords become hot during use. These clips attach simply around the cord and are designed to easily change color from green to orange when the cord is approaching a dangerous temperature level of 110°F.

They are great for installing on portable heaters, heavy appliances, generators, as well as higher risk and higher drain devices to tell you when overheating may be occurring. The best part about these innovative cable clips is that they can help protect your children by showing you and them that the cord is hot. fire safety cable clips

Made with quality assurance and from the USA, they are from a trusted and home grown company which gives more back to their community and the world. They are available in 1 of 3 designs are can easily be placed onto different sized power cords easily.

Keep Your Family and Home Safe With Cable Clips.

Not only do they help to reduce the risk of fire, they can also be put in place with your other fire detection supplies allowing for optimal protection within your home or business.

They are great for residential and commercial environments and can simply be wrapped around the power cord with ease to allow for a quick and easy installation.

So before you burn yourself again on a power cord or have a hazardous fire risk in your home, why not install these great cable management clips into your home and see the difference in how you can protect your home and family.

Grommets: Perfect Cable Management for Any Decor or Environment

I don’t know how familiar you are with grommets, so I thought I’d take some time today to highlight what is actually a very cool and useful (although oddly-named) category of products.

At some point or another, you’ve probably (at the very least) encountered grommets at work, whether they were built into a desktop or conference table, or installed in a countertop near a POS system. Most often, you’ll see them as black plastic rings that are fitted into the cutouts that allow cables to run through work surfaces – the whole idea being that the grommets will buffer the cutouts’ sharp edges so that cables aren’t accidentally scratched up or cut.

But lest you get the wrong idea, let me be quick to add that grommets aren’t limited to the standard-issue black plastic designs, or even to workplaces. You can find them in schools, theaters, entertainment complexes (think all those arcade games), and more than ever, in homes. And speaking of homes, the grommets just keep getting better to keep up with all of those HGTV-worthy upgrades we’re always after, like granite countertops, home theater setups, and modern furniture. There are grommets available in many different designer metal finishes, wood, and even a rainbow of plastics, so no matter what type of surface you need to run cables through, you can rest assured that even utilitarian grommets won’t drag down your decor.

In addition to different styles, materials and finishes, some grommets also multitask – that is to say, they do even more than just organize and protect cables. Some have built-in USB hubs, some have power outlets and data ports – I’ve even seen grommets that double as desk organizers and have compartments to hold pens and other small items. You never know what you might find.

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Weekly Video Rewind: Cable-Catching Brush Grommets and Cord Storage Pails

Congratulations all – we’ve made it through another week, and it’s time to celebrate our soon-to-start 3 day Memorial Day weekend with some cinematic fun. Personally, I’m eyeing Men in Black 3, but before heading to the megaplex to escape the 90+ degree heat, there are a few other pre-summer blockbusters to talk about: a couple of our newest product demo videos on YouTube. Roll ‘em!

Brush Grommets: Video Production Dude Fernando is back in front of the camera this week, talking about a few of our stylish and practical brush grommets. Here’s why you should watch: lots of us have grommets in our desktops to control cables and give them a safe pass-through point, but brush grommets take things to the next level. If you’ve ever had a disconnected cable slip back through a grommet and land under or behind your desk, you know how annoying it can be to retrieve it. Brush grommets solve that problem because their cable openings are lined with flexible bristles that conform to cables and don’t give connectors empty space to fall through. That, and these particular grommets look really nice, too.

How to Store Cables with the Reel-A-Pail®: Check out Tiffani’s video demonstration of how to store extension cords and other cables with the Reel-A-Pail® Quickwinder™ – it may look like just a bucket, but it’s so much more. The Quickwinder stashes a cord reel neatly inside a covered heavy duty bucket, so that you can coil up cables on the job and keep them neat and protected while you’re not using them. You’ll even find out how to fasten it to truck beds and other structures for really tough use.

Weekly Video Rewind: Wraparound Heat Shrink, and Cable Tie Installation Made Easy

Happy Friday! It’s time again for our Weekly Video Rewind. I know that a lot of you are probably itching to bust out of the office and head to the movies to catch The Dictator or Battleship, but before you do that, here are a couple of our more recent video demos that show you how to do useful stuff with cool products. So stop fidgeting through your Friday afternoon and check these out, okay? You never know – you may learn something that could make your life (and job) easier come Monday. Roll ‘em!

PRT Wraparound Heat Shrink Tubing: Tiffani, our New Product Expert Extraordinaire, is back in this video, this time to show us a very interesting concept in heat shrink: wraparound tubing. If you’ve never used standard heat shrink tubing before, the whole idea is that you slide the tube-shaped sleeve over the end of a cable, and basically slip the tubing along the length of the cable until it reaches the exact location where it’s needed. This means weaseling heat shrink over the initial obstacle of a plug or connector, and that can be tricky and sometimes completely impractical, especially if there’s such a large size discrepancy between cable and connector that by time you find something that will fit over the plug, it’s too big (even when shrunk) to fully conform to the cable. Sigh. Enter Zippertubing and their PRT wraparound shrink tubing, which is slit all the way along its length so it can be wrapped around cables from the side. Add peel-and stick adhesive edging to the already genius design, and you have a product that turns out a very respectable finished product with nowhere near the hassle of regular heat shrink.

HellermannTyton EVO 7 Cable Tie Gun: When you watch this video, you’ll see that Tiffani’s back again, this time demonstrating a tool that’s a lifesaver for cables and fingers alike: the EVO 7 Cable Tie Gun from HellermannTyton. If you’ve ever installed more than 10 or 20 cable ties in one sitting, you probably know that they have a habit of leaving the fingers a little raw – and then there’s that pesky universal cable tie probelm of overtightening, which can impede signals and damage insulation by essentially strangling your cables. Tiffani shows how to use a cable tie gun to quicky and correctly tension and trim cable ties, all while keeping your hands comfortable.

Rare Earth Solutions Magnetic Cable Clips: High-Grip Clips Without the Damaging Adhesives or Hardware

I’m the kind of person prefers not to assault visible surfaces with hole-making hardware or sticky adhesives no matter what I’m trying to accomplish, be that hanging a picture or wall-mounting things like bag dispensers. Keep your screws, nails and tacks, and hand me the 3M™ Command™ strips – I’ll use a dozen if I have to. Just don’t make me fill in a nail hole or patch peeled paint where a stick-on product ripped it off.

That’s why I was so intrigued when I came across these magnetic cable clips by Rare Earth Solutions™. Instead of sticking onto or bolting into a surface, neodymium magnets let the clips get a death grip on racks, enclosures, beams and other metal structures, so that you can route cables just about anywhere without having to make any permanent modifications. Aside from the fact that they require a metallic surface to stick to, these magnetic cable clips give you pretty much limitless options: they can be used in both temporary and permanent applications, positioned right-side-up, sideways, upside-down or anywhere in between.

Rare Earth Solutions™ cable clips come in either round or rectangular shapes in a range of sizes, each of which hold up to two cable bundles ranging between ¼” and ¾” in diameter. They’re perfect for garages, home theaters, automotive and aerospace work, stages, and pretty much anything else you can dream up – as long as there’s metal to anchor them to, they’ll work.

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Wood Cable Grommets: Invisible Cable Mangement for Wooden Desks and Furniture

Many mornings find me piling concealer (aka “cosmetic spackle”) under my eyes to cover up the dark circles and make them blend in with the rest of my deathly pale complexion, because otherwise the contrast would just look stupid. But this doesn’t apply only to girls and their makeup… no self-respecting dude would, say, get dressed head to toe in paintball camo and then put on a hot pink belt – waaaaaaay to obvious. Likewise, you probably wouldn’t want to mar the surface of a custom wood desk with a black plastic grommet – right?

Not that there’s anything wrong with a grommet that doesn’t match your desk exactly – it’s just that there are some situations in which you wouldn’t want any visual distractions from your wooden furniture, not even if the distracting elements happened to be providing some much-needed cable management. Luckily, for cases like these, there are slotted wood desk grommets.

Designed buffer the edges of cable cutouts without visibly standing out from the rest of your desk, wood countertop or table, these grommets are available in either oak or maple, and come unfinished so that you can use them in their natural state, or custom-stain them for a perfect match. And we’re not talking laminated particleboard or faux-wood plastic… these are natural hardwood, in your choice of grains.

Wood furniture grommets pop into cable cutouts just like any other type of grommet, and provide up to ⅞” of cable pass-through space. They’re perfect for desks, entertainment centers, cabinets, and even butcher-block countertops. Just think of them as stealth grommets for your finer furniture.

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