Cable Straps: Velcro Has Never Been This Handy

Box cable strapsHave you ever wanted another method of securing bulk goods to your pallet without having to use shrink wrap? Not only does shrink wrap take time to use but it also promotes bulky waste that can’t be reused again. With the VELCRO® LogiStrap™ Material Handling Cable Straps

Never Use Shrink Wrap Again With Velcro Cable Straps!

One of the more beneficial features that stand out with this product is that they provide a reusable method that is perfect for any small or large business. Unlike bulky shrink wrap, these cable straps are able to easily be reused each and every time you have a pallet come in or going out. blue velcro cable straps

They can easily eliminate waste of shrink wrap and metal banding, and can saving up to 51% of the total shipping cost! Not only that but many workers have commented on how much quicker and easier it is for a single person to manage and prepare a pallet ready for shipment, and unlike shrink wrap they leave the barcodes open and clear ready for scanning on delivering and receiving of goods.

velcro cable strapsThe best part of all is you don’t even need a special tool or any larger machinery to install or use these fabric nylon straps. Because of their 2 length availability, these cable straps can suit almost any application. Another great part about them is they offer high versatility, and are perfect for warehouses and distribution centers for strapping all bulky goods to a pallet. They are also available in blue and red colors which can color code selected items, and provide a soft feel on your hands and the boxed goods allowing for low damage when shipping. Overall these useful cable straps are great for any large transportation business to ensure that all products and cargo delivered is in perfect condition and is secured at all times.




Chameleon Clips – Electrical Fire Safety Cable Clips Review

Why do cable clips matter? I don’t know about you but have you ever touched a power cord and found out that it was just that little bit too hot? Well with Chameleon, they give you a convenient method of identifying which power cords become hot and which ones are not with their ingenious Chameleon Clips Electrical Fire Safety Clips. Chameleon has worked on providing you with some of the best products available and have your family in mind with these innovative cable clips.chameleon cable clips

Fire Warning Is Just A View Away!

One of the best things that really stand out about these cable management clips is that they are designed to visually warn you when your cords become hot during use. These clips attach simply around the cord and are designed to easily change color from green to orange when the cord is approaching a dangerous temperature level of 110°F.

They are great for installing on portable heaters, heavy appliances, generators, as well as higher risk and higher drain devices to tell you when overheating may be occurring. The best part about these innovative cable clips is that they can help protect your children by showing you and them that the cord is hot. fire safety cable clips

Made with quality assurance and from the USA, they are from a trusted and home grown company which gives more back to their community and the world. They are available in 1 of 3 designs are can easily be placed onto different sized power cords easily.

Keep Your Family and Home Safe With Cable Clips.

Not only do they help to reduce the risk of fire, they can also be put in place with your other fire detection supplies allowing for optimal protection within your home or business.

They are great for residential and commercial environments and can simply be wrapped around the power cord with ease to allow for a quick and easy installation.

So before you burn yourself again on a power cord or have a hazardous fire risk in your home, why not install these great cable management clips into your home and see the difference in how you can protect your home and family.

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