Cord Protector Transport Carts

transport cartsWhere there are large applications of cables within industrial areas it can be difficult to carry all the cord protectors you need to the one location in a convenient and time friendly way. Well with the RampRunner Cord Protector Transport Carts you can easily transport all the cord protectors you need to the one place quickly and easily. Here are just some of the perks of using cord protector transport carts.

The Advantages Of Using Cord Protector Transport Carts.

Advantage #1 – Holding Capacity: Just when you thought you couldn’t hold it all, these cord protector transport carts are capable of holding and transporting up to 36 cord protectors at the one time. With a high holding capacity such as this you can easily cover your cords in a professional and quick manner without jeopardizing time.

Advantage #2 – Reduces Labor Costs: Just what any business owner needs is the lowering of overall costs. These cord protector carts are able to easily lower your labour cost because they can help to get the job done quickly and easily without having to make multiple trips which can be beneficial for your overall budget.

Advantage #3 – High Construction: Designed to handle the most toughest of use, these transport carts are constructed from tubular sturdy steel which can support the weight of multiple cords covers at the one time. The cart is designed to not break or bend under pressure which makes it suitable for a variety of heavy wear and tear applications.

So if you need a high quality and well constructed cable protector transport cart to help get the job done faster and more cost effectively, then why not see the benefits of what a RampRunner Cord Protector Transport Cart can do for your business. Ideal for protecting the cable protectors along with the female connectors, this cart can easily get all your cords protectors to your job site in no time at all.

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Benefits Of Using A Hose Carrier In Your Business

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hose carrier When it comes to hoses and cables in industrial areas it is vitally important that they are able to be installed into areas where it won’t cause blockages, kinks, or any other bends in the hoses or cables that may reduce proper operation. With the use of a GORTRAC® NYLATRAC™ KL Series Cable and Hose Carrier you can easily take care of your hard working cables and hoses easily without concern.

The Benefits Of a Cable and Hose Carrier

Benefit #1 – Promotes Proper Bend Radius: One of the best things about a cable and hose carrier is that is can easily help to maintain proper bend radius of electrical, hydraulic, and air cables and lines. This means it will help to prevent over bending of your cables giving them the best possible installation which won’t damage or constrict operation.

Benefit #2 – Easy Access: Another advantage of these cable and hose carriers are that they provide a hinged design which allows for easy opening and closing of the device when needed to access the cables. This makes it quick and easy to change or fix cabling if an incident occurs.

Benefit #3 – Heavy Duty Construction: Constructed to withstand heavy wear and tear applications, this cable and hose carrier can also handle the demanding scenarios that may be evident in challenging industrial environments, and is capable of handling cable travel lengths of 500ft. It also features a corrosion resistant fiber reinforced nylon design which allows it to be installed into a variety of demanding applications.

So if you own an industrial business and you need a device which can help promote proper bend radius for all your cabling needs when why not take a look at the GORTRAC® NYLATRAC™ KL Series Cable and Hose Carrier and see just how beneficial this device really it.

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Benefits of the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cable Clips

cable clipsHave you ever had problems with cables or cords falling from your workstation or desk? Are you tired of having to pick them up constantly? Well look no further than the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips. Innovative and superior in many ways, these cable clips can easily help keep your cords and cables in the only place on your desk without the risk of them falling off.

Benefits of the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cable Clips

Benefit #1 – Versatility: One of the first benefits of these cord clips is that they are highly versatile with where they can be positioned. Because of their highly adhesive peel-and-stick back, these cable cords are capable of providing easy attachment to smooth surfaces and desktops with ease.

Benefit #2 – Complementary Colors: Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, these cable clips are available in a number of colours to choose from. This is perfect when you want to blend them in with the surrounding decor. They are also great for colour coding certain cables and are perfect for providing a clean and professional appearance to your workstation.

Benefit #3 –  Cable Management Solution: Because of their unique design they are great for providing high compatibility and gripping of cellphone cords, camera cords, MP3 player cords and mobile device cords. The cables or cords can easily be pushed into the clip which holds it in place ready for use a short notice.

Benefit #4 – Compact Size: Not only are these cable clips useful but they are also able to provide easy positioning in most ordinary and unusual areas with ease. Because they are small and compact they can easily be positioned on table or chair legs, desktop ledges, monitor arms and more for added convenience.

So if you have cords that keeping falling on the floor, then why not take a look at the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips and see just how beneficial these little clips can actually be within your workstation, office, or home desk area.

The Benefits Of Having Jumper Cables In Your Car

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jumper cablesThere is nothing worse than getting ready to go to work or for an important business meeting to find your vehicle has a flat battery. This happens all across the world to unsuspecting people who have to be somewhere in a hurry and can cause complications by making you late or making you miss your important meeting or deadline. That is where having a battery booster jumper cable in your vehicle at all times is beneficial.

What Are Jumper Cables?

For those who don’t know, jumper cables are specially designed cables which attach to your flat battery and connect the battery to another power source such as another fully running vehicle battery. These cables send an electric discharge from the live battery to the flat battery causing it to ignite and start to run again.

The Benefits Of Having A Deka Battery Booster/Jumper Cables In Your Car

Benefit #1 – Quick Jumpstarting: The most important advantage about having jumper cables in your car is that you are able to easily jumpstart your flat battery in a fast and efficient manner when there is another vehicle battery present. This allows you to easily get to work on time and can help to start your vehicle allowing for the battery to charge itself when you are driving.

Benefit #2 – High Quality Construction: Another advantage is that generally jumper cables provide a high quality and highly conductive construction which promotes optimal current transfer. Jumper cables such as the Deka Batter Booster Jumper Cables feature color-coded steel clamps along with copper connections which provide reliable current transfer from one battery to the other. They are also generally insulated with a thermoplastic elastomer which helps to provide safety for both you and the jumper cables when in use.

Benefit #3 – Versatility: Because these cables provide easy jumping of flat batteries, they are beneficial for use with almost any vehicle battery application. They can also provide easy use anywhere with their portable design, and can be installed fast and efficient with their easy to clip on connections.

Overall if you want to avoid being late for a meeting, job interview, or any other important schedule why not keep a trusty pair of jumper cables in your vehicle. You don’t know just when you might need them.

Buying A WheelChair Ramp For Cable Protection

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wheelchair rampFloor cables are just as important as any other cabling around a home, business, or an industrial area. Because of this it is vital that they are protected to reduce the risk of damage from heavy wheeled objects that may need to pass over them. With wheelchair ramps such as the Yellow Jacket Ramp it can provide a much more convenient way to protect your floor cables from becoming damaged from wheelchairs, trollies and other heavy wheeled objects. Here are some tips to help you choose a ramp that will fit perfectly for your cable protection needs.

Tips When Choosing A WheelChair Ramp

Tip #1 – Size: When choosing a wheelchair ramp it is important that you assess the size before purchasing to ensure it will fit across the width and distance needed for your floor cables. Ramps such as the Yellow Jacket Ramp are designed to be easily expanded for extra width for added convenience. Choosing a ramp with expansion capabilities can be beneficial if there is a chance for more cables to be installed at a later date. Measure the area needed to be covered and match the measurements of the ramp to ensure it will fit.

Tip #2 – Versatility: Another factor to take into consideration is to choose a ramp that is compatible with a variety of different wheeled devices. A versatile ramp is ideal for larger commercial business or industrial areas where dollies, carts, wheelchairs

wheelchair ramp

or any other wheeled device may be used. When choosing one for multiple devices it is important to check the construction of what the ramp is made from. For supporting forklifts and other heavier objects a high strength and well-made ramp will be required to reduce the risk of breakage and other damage when driven across it.

Tip #3 – Portability: Depending on your situations it can also be beneficial to find one that is portable or easy to move if needed. Sometimes cable installations may be moved from one place to another. This can be troublesome for wheelchair ramps that may be fixed in place. When choosing your ramp, work out whether you will need to move it in the future. There are many high strength ramps which are able to be moved easily creating more convenience for you.

Tip #4 – Certified: Lastly it is important to check to make sure your wheelchair ramp is fully certified by all the standards necessary for safety and use for your disability. This certification may rate the ramps sloping range to whether it will need railings. Certifications are important for many reasons and purchasing a ramp that meets all the standard tests is the best option for any wheelchair owner.

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Twister Cable Organizer Giveaway

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CableTwisters Cable is giving away 10 awesome Cable Managers for your desk or home theater setup. Color co-ordinate cables, groups of cables or simply get them to match your decor.

Desk cable clutter will be a thing of the past. They are soft, flexible and easily wrap around cables.

  • Protect wires on the go
  • Cable management
  • Keeps cables together
  • Easy to use and adjustable
  • For thin cords and large cables
  • Design and shape it

WE are giving away 10 Cable Twisters – this month!

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Cable Twister Cable Manager

More cable managers that are colorful, cute and powerful organizers:

cable turtle cable organizerCable Turtle – 11 colors and 3 sizes – tackles headphone cables to curling iron cords.  These little guys can handle a 1000W  cable and are the most popular short cord organizer we offer. Click to Read Reviews


cord hog cable managerCord Hog -

Wind up to 12 ft of cable. Removes the slack from peripherals yet small enough to be unobtrusive on a compact desk. Click to Read Reviews



cable box to hide cablesCable Box -

I have one of these under my home office desk. It’s beautiful and blends in with all my pristine white IKEA furniture. Being the ginormous nerd that I am, I have loads of cables cleverly concealed within this cable box which lead to my laptop, iPad, extended monitor, printer, label printer (those brother label printers drain batteries in no time). Click to Read Customer Reviews

Cable Drops -

These are another favorite amongst the staff. I use it to route my mouse cable into position and it prevents the cable from falling back behind my desk. Use it to fix earphones, phone chargers etc to a convenient location while being out of the way. Click to see all available colors

cable drop cable manager



cable twister organizera Rafflecopter giveaway

Benefits Of Thermal Sleeving

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thermal sleevingWhen it comes to the automotive industry there are a lot of components and parts which interact with each other. Because of this it is important to protect certain parts from others to reduce the risk of being damaged from overheating when the vehicle is running for long periods of time. Products such as the Bentley-Harris Convoshield™ AL Thermal Sleeving are perfect for helping to protect hoses and other cabling from being damaged from hot working parts. Here are some benefits of this specific thermal sleeving that may help when working in the automotive industry.

Benefits Of Bentley-Harris Convoshield™ AL Thermal Sleeving

Advantage #1 – Heat Resistance: One of the first benefits of using this thermal sleeving within your application is that it provides high heat resistant properties. This sleeving is heavily manufactured to be used in applications that can reach up to 1000°F or 500°C. Because of this it makes it perfect for use in some of the harshest environments where high heat damage or exposure may be evident within the automotive industry.

Advantage #2: – Easy Installation: No matter which application you are installing thermal sleeving, the best advantage about a product is the installation. This thermal sleeving provides a split lengthwise down the sleeve which promotes easy wrapping of components no matter how far down the line without having to disconnect the hoses or cables to tread them through. This is beneficial for saving time and money, and provides a reusable product for many applications.

Advantage #3 – Heavy Duty Construction: Because of the metallic and rugged loom construction this thermal sleeving can also be beneficial to protect against corrosive fluids, moisture, and abrasions. It is also capable of improving life and efficiency of the hoses and cables, and features a corrugated design which helps to increase strength and flexibility when used.

Advantage #4 – Versatility: Not only does the Bentley-Harris Convoshield™ AL Thermal Sleeving provide optimal protection it also promotes high versatility. This product is beneficial for use with engine compartments, control rooms, motorcycle hoses and lines, or other areas where increased heat may be present. It is capable of fitting smaller and larger sized cables and is perfect for a range of different automotive applications.

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Mark Pipes Clearly With Pipe Markers

pipe markers 1On the working site it is important that optimal safety of all personal is taken into consideration. This is also important where there is piping that contains hazardous material. Although when pipes aren’t marked accordingly, it can be hard for workers to know which one they can move and touch without causing risk to themselves. This is where the Brady Self-Sticking Vinyl Pipe Markers come into play.

Colours Mark The Pipe With Pipe Markers

These pipe markers are great for identifying the hazardous status of the pipes, the directional flow and the contents of the pipe for overall safety. They are made from B-946 Vinyl material which is perfect for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, and contain adhesive backing which allows for easier handling and installation when used.

Because of their high gloss finish, they feature a clear print which promotes high visibility when in use. The best part of all is that they are available in a number of different styles and colours which clearly label the right pipe for added safety. Because of their special pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive properties they won’t loosen or melt and can stick permanently in place for long term application.

Ideal for use in hazardous material plants, processing plants, and indoor and outdoor labelling applications, thepipe markers 2se labels meet all the ANSI A13.1-2007 requirements needed to help with keeping your plant fully up to code requirements which can help to avoid fines. With various colours available along with blank markers, they can provide any industry with an easy to colour code method that is perfect for keeping your workers safe at all times of the day and night.

So when it comes to safety where hot, cold, or highly hazardous piping exist why not bring your business up to the standards necessary with Brady Self-Sticking Vinyl Pipe Markers.

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Re-Route Tricky Cables With Spiral Wrap

Have you ever installed cables within a cover to find that you are putting holes in the cover to re-route cables to different applications needed? Well with the Spiral Wrap and Wire Wrap you don’t have to anymore. Created for easy re-routing in mind, this wrap is perfect for use with any application where A/V cabling and other wires may be in use.

Cable Wrap Just Got Better With Spiral Wrap 

Because of its unique design it is perfect for re-rou01-spiral-wrap-colorsting cables with its breakout spiral appearance. It features a thick polyethylene plastic which is designed to prevent abrasions as well as keeping pets away from it. These cable wraps are designed with an extremely versatile flexibility which allows for the cables to be used in almost any area or application. It comes available in a variety of colors which makes it perfect for use in almost any room of a home to easily match with your surrounding décor.

Because of its design it is generally available by the foot or in a spool of 100ft for larger and more demanding projects and applications. It is great for AV cables and other entertainment wiring and can organize a number of cables into the one neat and organized bundle. It is also great for any home or business application, and is designed with a durable casing which can easily multiple fit with most sized cables. This cable wrap is easy to install and provides optimal covering of all you’re wiring with ease. Not only that they can easily provide high cable management for long term installation which is great for many residential and commercial applications.  Spiral Wrap

So if you are in need of cable and wiring protection where you can re-route cables in all directions, then why not try the Spiral Wrap and Wire Wrap cable wrap and see how your application becomes neater and more user friendly.


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WireMate™ Cord Organizer For Cord Organization

Cord Organizer Have you ever had problems around the home with messy cords from office or entertainment equipment? Do you need an easy to use cord organizer to manage those cables in an attractive way? Well with the WireMate™ cord organizer you can now regain order of your unruly cables to make your work area user friendly. WireMate™ has been making cable organizer products for many years and strives on delivering only the best of the best when it comes to cable management products.

Keep Cords Contained In Style With A Cord Organizer from WireMate

The WireMate™ cord organizer provides any home or business owner with a user friendly and stylish method of keeping cords manageable for any device. One of its best features is that it provides a compact size which allows for you, at home, to easily install the device onto the back of office desks or TV cabinets. It provides a 2 part design which includes the base and the cover with a unique inner design which sets it apart from the rest of most cable management products. The best part of all about this cord organizer device is that it provides all home or business owners with a DIY installation with the use of its 3M™ double sided self adhesive tape. All you have to do is simply clean the area with a dry cloth, remove the adhesive covering and stick the device to the Cord Organizer 2desk. It’s that easy!

Great for accommodating for most cord types, this cable management device is perfect for eliminating wire clutter and tangles with printer cables, power cords, telephone wires, speaker cables, DSL and DV connections, as well as electronic equipment setups. Because of the way on how this product works it can help with reducing and preventing tripping accidents that may be present while helping to protect your equipment from damage from high traffic areas. This can help with preserving your equipment.

So if you need help with taming your unruly cables you can be sure that the WireMate™ cord organizer can handle any job no matter how big or small.

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