Cable Organizer Twister Giveaway Winners

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giveaway winnersCable Organizer Twister Giveaway Winners Announced!

Thank you so much for entering our giveaway, the response was amazing we had 600+ entries.

I will be contacting all our winners today so that we can send them their fabulous prizes.

Check to see if you are a winner. Scroll to the end of the post. If not, don’t worry we have another competition, ready to go.

You all voted, and I listened, The  Blue Lounge CableBox Mini is our next giveaway. Click here to enter the CableOrganizer Blue Lounge CableBox Mini Giveaway.

So you’re a winner? We’ve sent you an email, and contacted you via your entry method. Please respond within 48 hours, or new winners will be drawn.

 Thank you so much everyone who entered!


cableorganizer-cablebox-mini-giveaway BlueLounge® CableBox Mini Giveaway

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Filed under: Cable Management is giving away a BlueLounge® CableBox Mini to 3 lucky winners. These mini CableBoxes are a fantastic cable management solution.

blue lounge cablebox holding several cables

Blue Lounge CableBox conquers cable clutter

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the sanctuary charging station

Blue Lounge Sanctuary Charging Station

They were features in Oprah Magazine’s De-Clutter Your Life! edition, mashable, Maclife, The Wall Street Journal and PCWorld.  Enough name dropping I think it’s pretty obvious this product has fans the world over.  The cablebox mini is brought to you by the makers of the very popular and gorgeously simple  Sanctuary Charging Station.


cablebox mini colors

CableBox Mini available in 7 colors

The Cablebox Mini from BlueLounge® is small enough and sleek enough to fit in almost anywhere, here’s a list of places customers say they like to use their CableBox Mini:

  • On top of computer tower
  • Near or behind home theater setup
  • Beside your laptop on small desk
  • Underneath your desk
  • On a beside table
  • On floor next to their reading lamp
  • On the entrance hall table next to the telephone, fax and charging station
  • The white mini cablebox blends well into white floor boards making it a great endpoint for cable raceway that meets the outlet.





Cable Raceway for your Home Theater setup

Cable raceway is really a more complete system to route and conceal any wires in your home and to prevent tripping hazards. Speaker wires, audio cables and Ethernet cables can all be routed through your home without any unsightly nails to be banged into walls.

cable raceway installation

Routing cables through cable raceway

Cable raceway is easy to install and re-enterable so you can always update your wires without worrying about installing new raceway. They can be painted over too, so that they match your wall color.


Could cable management be any more stylish? It’s helped me create a portable home office. I can store everything in this neat little box, and take my laptop and monitor in only 2 trips. There’s also only 1 power plug to connect and no wires to undo, unwind or re-plug. Right now my office is located in the living room, should my guests arrive for dinner, I need only remove the single plug coming out of the box and take my equipment into my home office. Easy Peasy. All the wires are wrapped neatly and identified.

Here are a few images from my personal home laptop setup:


I’m using the CableBox Mini to store all my peripherals and power plugs that I need to run my mobile laptop setup. So what’s all that in the box?

  • 1x Laptop universal charger
  • 1x additional monitor power plug
  • 1x USB multiport extender and power plug
  • 6x USB charger capacity – 4 plugged in currently
  • 1x power outlet left empty to plug in my printer

I love my Cablebox Mini. I got it as a gift and now, it’s a vital part of my office. The best part is it’s white so it matches my desk, stationary holders. And pretty soon, if I can save quickly enough for Christmas – my notice boards. Then I’ll move on to some cable raceway for my living room.


Twister Cable Organizer Giveaway

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CableTwisters Cable is giving away 10 awesome Cable Managers for your desk or home theater setup. Color co-ordinate cables, groups of cables or simply get them to match your decor.

Desk cable clutter will be a thing of the past. They are soft, flexible and easily wrap around cables.

  • Protect wires on the go
  • Cable management
  • Keeps cables together
  • Easy to use and adjustable
  • For thin cords and large cables
  • Design and shape it

WE are giving away 10 Cable Twisters – this month!

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Cable Twister Cable Manager

More cable managers that are colorful, cute and powerful organizers:

cable turtle cable organizerCable Turtle – 11 colors and 3 sizes – tackles headphone cables to curling iron cords.  These little guys can handle a 1000W  cable and are the most popular short cord organizer we offer. Click to Read Reviews


cord hog cable managerCord Hog -

Wind up to 12 ft of cable. Removes the slack from peripherals yet small enough to be unobtrusive on a compact desk. Click to Read Reviews



cable box to hide cablesCable Box -

I have one of these under my home office desk. It’s beautiful and blends in with all my pristine white IKEA furniture. Being the ginormous nerd that I am, I have loads of cables cleverly concealed within this cable box which lead to my laptop, iPad, extended monitor, printer, label printer (those brother label printers drain batteries in no time). Click to Read Customer Reviews

Cable Drops -

These are another favorite amongst the staff. I use it to route my mouse cable into position and it prevents the cable from falling back behind my desk. Use it to fix earphones, phone chargers etc to a convenient location while being out of the way. Click to see all available colors

cable drop cable manager



cable twister organizera Rafflecopter giveaway

BRK First Alert Interconnected Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with Voice Alerts

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Specifications | Manual | Related Blog Posts

Looking for an interconnected smoke and carbon monoxide detector that is feature packed yet economical to install? BRK has one that will knock out its rivals. The ‘voice with location’ feature means this is an alarm that provides necessary smoke detector, carbon monoxide alarm, First Alerthazard warnings to the visually impaired and the blind.

BRK Electronics claim to be the professional standard for residential safety, a lofty claim. Looking at their track record over the last 50 years I’m tempted to agree with them.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

What’s it good at?

Interconnected – connect up to 12 devices that means bells, horns, strobe lights and more smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Voice Alert – the audio alarm has 11 per-programmed locations. That’s right  – this alarm will tell you where the alert is taking place e.g. garage, kitchen or bedroom. The alarm has been configured so that the hard of hearing, the elderly and small children will have little trouble hearing this alarm when it sounds.

1 button test – nothing complicated here. Test your alarm with only the push of a button. The only button located on the device. They couldn’t have made it simpler.

8 Hour Hush, for low battery chirp – This for me, is the most important feature on BRK’s First Alert Combination Monoxide and Smoke Detector. It might seem small, but after experiencing a low battery chirp start to go off early on a Sunday night before work, on my previous alarm that didn’t have a hush feature. You can appreciate how much this means to me.

End of Life Alert – Most states require residences to update their smoke and carbon monoxide alarm systems every decade. This unit takes care of that remembering when, for you.

Complimentary Dust Cover Included – BRK makes products for professionals. They understand that new construction sites often have dust and debris flying around which can hinder the operation of a smoke detector. The included dust cover will prolong the life of your unit while you are renovating or completing your construction.

Easy battery backup activation and replacement – a pull tab let’s you activate the battery backup – on your time. That means you can install these on a new construction projects upon completion, and the battery shelf life only starts waning once activated.

Easy replacement – Twist off old unit and twist on the new unit onto the original base.

Locking pin – prevents the unauthorized removal of the battery making this unit perfect for dorm rooms and rental apartments.

What’s not to like? This is a product that connects to all bells and whistles for home safety.


Written by guest blogger Leanne Naidoo

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