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Filed under: Uncategorized is proud to announce the giveaway of the new Google Glass! This innovative wearable computer is a fantastic choice for multitasking at any time of the day while completing your computer work!

See The World Through New Eyes!

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Surprisingly simple and yet ingeniously designed, the new Google Glass wearable computer is capable of delivering only the best when it comes to voice control and computer innovation. Developed by Google, it is a part of the Project Glass and Research Development Project which pushes the boundary in portable computer setups.

Take A Picture When The Events Happen With Google Glass

With the integration of a camera, Google Glass can easily capture moments as they happen! Designed to be able to record 720p HD video along with multiple picture options, this fantastic portable computer is able to easily capture and record all your special moments hands free. Voice activated, all you have to do is say “Take A Picture” and let Google Glass do the rest!

Scroll Your Daily Events With The Touch Pad!

To help control and preview certain aspects of day or week Google has also incorporated an easy to use touchpad at the side of the device allowing for optimal control and viewing of your timeline by swiping through them. Sliding forward shows you past events including photos, phone calls, circle updates and more. Sliding backwards shows any current events including the weather.

Share Your Experience With Friends!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Google Glass provides you with an easy way of sharing any of your activities live with your friends. It features Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth properties which is great for any uploading session with friends.

Go, Go Google Directions! 

With Google Glass getting lost is now no longer an option. Featuring all the updated maps available it can easily provide you with an easy to follow guide of which direction you have to go! The best part of all is that all the directions are right in front of you and you can see them hands-free.

Send A Personal Message

Another great feature about Google Glass is that it can easily send a message to your contacts. This feature is voice activated. All you have to do is say your message and it will send your message when composed and finished! Now you can send lovely messages to that special someone while on the glass

Translate My Words!

One of the best features of all is the translation feature of the Google Glass. Integrated with many different languages, Google Glass is capable of translating your voice for foreigners to understand you when you are in other countries. This is a great feature if you are travelling overseas.


Truly impressive, the Google Glass is definitely the next step into the world of portable computer devices which will be able to enhance and capture what your eyes see while giving you a new look on life!



  1. Derek Goss on Sun, 29th Dec 2013 5:38 am
  2. I really think Google Glass is an extremely promising step toward a transition to wearable tech. I can envision using it for things such as cooking, reading, music, and more. I did expect it to have a longer battery life, however I’m sure that will be improved upon in further releases and additions such as solar recharging may be an option. It is important to recognize that it is still in beta testing, so functions such as replying to emails, new Glassware, and other additional features will be added as the product becomes more available and matured. I expected it to be able to integrate with personal assistant features such as Siri (Apple) and S-Voice (Samsung), as well as increased google now functionality. I think cross-platform functionality is a must if it wants to stay relevant and popular. I really like the concept of indoor maps for situation such as navigating through a store or museum. I am extremely excited to see what innovations Google Glass and other wearable tech brings in the future!

  3. Derek Goss on Sun, 29th Dec 2013 5:40 am
  4. Also, I would love to win the giveaway. I am a developer and have many exciting ideas for new Glassware applications, however all I need is a unit to test them on. I would be honored if you chose me to be the winner of your Google Glass Giveaway.

  5. Steve on Mon, 6th Jan 2014 5:35 pm
  6. Not sure people who wear glasses can use it or not. It seems to be a wonderful product but only if you can find a good need of it. For me, I can think of using it when driving as a gps or when visiting a foreign country as a tour guide.

  7. Levi Hord on Sun, 9th Mar 2014 12:09 am
  8. Yes I found and would love to get google glass

  9. Joseph Kampfer on Sun, 13th Apr 2014 3:52 pm
  10. That’s cool

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