The Benefits Of A SecuriTEST™ Security Tester

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security testerIn today’s world crime has increased in many areas causing problems with damaged or stolen property and valuables. The most common solution to this is to integrate an advanced security system into your home or business to help with preventing problems and to help with identifying criminals better. When installing your security camera system it is important to test your system properly to ensure that it will be working at full capacity. This can be done with a tester such as the SecuriTEST™ PRO CCTV and Security Tester from Ideal Industries. Here are just some of the benefits of what the SecuriTEST™ PRO CCTV and Security Tester can do for your security camera setup.

The Benefits Of A Security Tester

One of the first benefits of the SecuriTEST™ PRO CCTV and Security Tester is that it is compact in size. This security tester is handheld and is designed to provide a neck strap which helps to keep it with you at all times when installing your security setup.

Another advantage of this CCTV security tester is that it comes compatible with 20+ PTX protocols. What this means is that this security tester is capable of working and testing any system being installed for added versatility and money saving.

One of the main benefits of using this security tester is that it provides a versatile testing range. This CCTV security tester features 6 functions which mean you won’t need any other tester when out in the field. These 6 ranges include:

· UTP Cable Testing: This feature allows for the tester to display very detailed information about the status and the functionality of your cabling. This helps to check for faults and can promote a safe cable installation.

· CCTV PTZ Controller: The controller part of this security tester allows for you to easily control a variety of dome cameras which feature pan and tilt functions. Because of this feature it gives any installer the opportunity to test the pan, tilt, and zoom functions when installation is complete.

· PTZ Protocol Analyzer: This feature provides an even analysis of your PTZ command and easily displays clearly the protocol code on its viewing monitor for you to see at any time during the installation process.

· CCTV field monitor: Another benefit includes the CCTV monitor feature. This feature helps to set the direction and focus of the camera while finding video signal line loss. This helps to make sure your camera is focused clearly and is there is no interruption in the video signal.

· Video Signal Generator: The video signal generator provides a full colour testing pattern which is designed to test any equipment piece. This makes sure that any of the cameras images are clear and precise with their nominated colour rating.

· Digital Multimeter: The digital multimeter feature is designed to incorporate the testing of Ohmmeter, Amp meter, Voltmeter, and Continuity. The modular testing leads help to facilitate the different types of leads for easy user replacement and makes it ideal for a large variety of security setups.


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