Safety Tips To Help Prevent A Fire Hazard

November 18, 2013 by
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fire hazardFire kills many people each year, whether its bushfires or general house fires, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the risk of fire hazards within your home. Here are some safety tips to follow to help prevent fire hazard risks.

Fire Hazard Tips For Home Safety

Tip #1 – Heater Space: One of the first things that need to be addressed for your home is creating a safe barrier around your heating units. Heaters cause a lot of heat output and normally won’t built up to high levels if there is adequate space around your heater. When there is clothing and other items placed right next to the heater this can cause the heat to build up against these objects which can then result in fire.  This is why it is important to move all items away from your heater to reduce fire risks.

Tip #2 – Smokers: Smoking inside is common for many people although it is important to not smoke in bed or when you are falling asleep during the day or night. Leaving cigarettes carelessly around your home can lead to a fire occurring causing death or serious injury.

Tip #3 – Cooking: When cooking to reduce the risk of a fire occurring it is best to move all combustibles away from your cooking area. It is also wise to wear tight fitted clothing instead of long sleeves which may hang and catch alight especially when using gas stoves with open flames. You can also turn all handles in on your pots to reduce overhang. If you find when cooking your grease catches fire then simply place a lid over it to help smother the flames. After this, make sure you turn off the burner.

Tip #4 – Halogen Lights: When positioning lighting such as lamps around your home it is also best to keep a space around them and make sure they aren’t near drapes or very low ceiling areas. Halogen lights can heat up after long use and may cause a fire hazard especially when left on while you’re away for long periods of time. Always turn your lights and lamps of when leaving for a long period of time to prevent a fire from starting.

So to help protect your family from the risk of fire hazards why not take these simple tips into consideration to make sure you and they are safe all year round.


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