Clean Your Fiber Optic Cables With Cleaning Wipes

October 3, 2013 by
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cleaning wipesWhen it comes to taking care of your fiber optic cables, then you may have not thought about cleaning them every once and a while. With the use of the MicroCare’s Sticklers™ Benchtop & Outdoor CleanWipes™ you can easily clean fiber optic end faces and bare fibers in a convenient and user friendly way. Here are just some of the features that stand out with these cleaning wipes.

Features of The Microcare Lint Free Fiber Cleaning Wipes

Lint-Free: One of the first features about this product is that it provides lint free properties which don’t leave any residue or lint after cleaning up dirt. This is perfect for larger cleaning applications and you don’t have to go back over your cleaned area and remove additional lint.

Strong design: Another great feature about these little beauties it that they are constructed with a strong design which allows for less ripping when in use. If you have ever cleaned with a cleaning wipe before and had it rip on you then you know what I am talking about.

Versatile: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, these wipes are also great for both wet and dry cleaning applications. This is great for outdoor cabling which may be exposed to changes in the weather conditions and provides a fast clean each and every time.

Unlimited Shelf Life: Yes that’s right! Not only do they provide a great clean they also allow you to easily have them for a long time even when you don’t use them often. This can help you save plenty of money and provide you with a convenient and user friendly cleaning wipe which is perfect for any application.

So if you need to clean your terminations, fiber optic end faces and any other cabling needs then why not take a look at these great micro fiber wipes and see just how beneficial they can really be to your application.


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