LED Exit Signs For Your Business

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LED Exit SignsIf you have ever gone to a social, public, hospitality, or business area you may have noticed the glowing sign above the door with “EXIT” written on it. Exit signs such as LED exit signs are important within business and public areas for many reasons to help keep the public safe at all times. These signs are available in numerous colours and designs and may be more important than you think.

Reasons Why LED Exit Signs Are Important

One of the first reasons why exits signs are important in your business is to show customers or visitors which door you need to walk through to exit the building. These can be beneficial for larger businesses with many interconnecting doors and allows customers to go freely from a building in an organized fashion.

Another important reason why exit signs are used are to help visitors to find a way out during an emergency situation. During a fire, smoke may cause low visibility which makes it hard for people to find the exit door. With the use of an LED exit sign it can shine through the smoke clearly allowing panicked individuals to get out before serious injury or a fatality occurs.

Where To Place Exit Signs

Exit signs are generally placed above doors leading out of the building or to staircases that lead to lower levels of a multiple storey building. These signs shouldn’t be placed above windows unless they are leading to a safe way out of the building. Some exit signs are also accompanied by arrow signs which help to indicate the way to the exit when visibility is lowered. These signs are generally placed along hallways and staircases directing people which way to walk.  LED exit signs

Overall exit signs are generally marked with clear symbols and wording which is highly recognizable in dark or emergency situations. They are mandatory in all business, public, and hospitality applications and can help to save lives each and every year. If you own a business that doesn’t have an exit sign, why not take the time to consider just how important this one sign is for your business and visitors.


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Twister Cable Organizer Giveaway

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CableTwisters Cable ManagerCableOrganizer.com is giving away 10 awesome Cable Managers for your desk or home theater setup. Color co-ordinate cables, groups of cables or simply get them to match your decor.

Desk cable clutter will be a thing of the past. They are soft, flexible and easily wrap around cables.

  • Protect wires on the go
  • Cable management
  • Keeps cables together
  • Easy to use and adjustable
  • For thin cords and large cables
  • Design and shape it

WE are giving away 10 Cable Twisters – this month!

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Cable Twister Cable Manager

More cable managers that are colorful, cute and powerful organizers:

cable turtle cable organizerCable Turtle – 11 colors and 3 sizes – tackles headphone cables to curling iron cords.  These little guys can handle a 1000W  cable and are the most popular short cord organizer we offer. Click to Read Reviews


cord hog cable managerCord Hog -

Wind up to 12 ft of cable. Removes the slack from peripherals yet small enough to be unobtrusive on a compact desk. Click to Read Reviews



cable box to hide cablesCable Box -

I have one of these under my home office desk. It’s beautiful and blends in with all my pristine white IKEA furniture. Being the ginormous nerd that I am, I have loads of cables cleverly concealed within this cable box which lead to my laptop, iPad, extended monitor, printer, label printer (those brother label printers drain batteries in no time). Click to Read Customer Reviews

Cable Drops -

These are another favorite amongst the staff. I use it to route my mouse cable into position and it prevents the cable from falling back behind my desk. Use it to fix earphones, phone chargers etc to a convenient location while being out of the way. Click to see all available colors

cable drop cable manager



cable twister organizera Rafflecopter giveaway

Benefits Of Thermal Sleeving

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thermal sleevingWhen it comes to the automotive industry there are a lot of components and parts which interact with each other. Because of this it is important to protect certain parts from others to reduce the risk of being damaged from overheating when the vehicle is running for long periods of time. Products such as the Bentley-Harris Convoshield™ AL Thermal Sleeving are perfect for helping to protect hoses and other cabling from being damaged from hot working parts. Here are some benefits of this specific thermal sleeving that may help when working in the automotive industry.

Benefits Of Bentley-Harris Convoshield™ AL Thermal Sleeving

Advantage #1 – Heat Resistance: One of the first benefits of using this thermal sleeving within your application is that it provides high heat resistant properties. This sleeving is heavily manufactured to be used in applications that can reach up to 1000°F or 500°C. Because of this it makes it perfect for use in some of the harshest environments where high heat damage or exposure may be evident within the automotive industry.

Advantage #2: – Easy Installation: No matter which application you are installing thermal sleeving, the best advantage about a product is the installation. This thermal sleeving provides a split lengthwise down the sleeve which promotes easy wrapping of components no matter how far down the line without having to disconnect the hoses or cables to tread them through. This is beneficial for saving time and money, and provides a reusable product for many applications.

Advantage #3 – Heavy Duty Construction: Because of the metallic and rugged loom construction this thermal sleeving can also be beneficial to protect against corrosive fluids, moisture, and abrasions. It is also capable of improving life and efficiency of the hoses and cables, and features a corrugated design which helps to increase strength and flexibility when used.

Advantage #4 – Versatility: Not only does the Bentley-Harris Convoshield™ AL Thermal Sleeving provide optimal protection it also promotes high versatility. This product is beneficial for use with engine compartments, control rooms, motorcycle hoses and lines, or other areas where increased heat may be present. It is capable of fitting smaller and larger sized cables and is perfect for a range of different automotive applications.

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Tips To Choosing Motion Activated Security Lights

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Motion Activated Security LightsSecurity is important no matter where you live and keeping your family safe it also just as important. There are many different ways to keep your family safe and these can include security cameras, security alarms, or the use of motion activated security lights. Motion activated security lights hold a lot of benefits for many home and business owners and can provide an asset to anyone who may looking for that little extra security each and every day. Here are some simple tips to consider when looking to purchase motion activated security lights for your home.

What You Need To Consider When Buying Motion Activated Security Lights

Tip #1 – Waterproof: The first thing to consider is to make sure the security light is suitable for outdoor conditions in direct weather changes if you are placing it in areas that are exposed. Security lighting that is going to be exposed to the elements will need to have an IP rating of 44 and up. This rating is designed to tell you whether the light is waterproof and weatherproof. Lights that are to be installed undercover, under awnings and away from water and other elements can have a lower IP rating although it is important that the light stays away from wetness at all times.

Tip #2 – Detection Range: The next things to consider are the detection range needed. The detection range allows the sensor light to activate and highlight an area when movement is detected within its sensing range. Depending on the light the detection range can be anywhere between 20ft to 50ft or more. Security lighting such as the Motion Activated Security Lighting offers a detection range of 53ft which makes it perfect for driveways and other long distance applications. Motion Activated Security Lights

Tip #3 – How Many You Need: Another thing to consider is the amount of security lighting devices you will need. This can easily be determined by the size of the house and the area that you wish to have covered. These lights can be placed on each corner of the house, near the garage, or near the front steps or along a driveway. The more security lights positioned around the home the more illumination is created causing increased visibility of trespassers.

So if you are looking to purchase security lighting for your home or business, why not take some of these tips into consideration when you want to install the right security light for your needs.


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Thermal Label Printer System Benefits When Buying

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label printerWhen it comes to printing labels for larger commercial scales it can be hard to find a system which is able to handle the tough and rigorous demands that are set on it. Well whether you’re a large or small business owner, if you are looking for a labelling device that can handle a challenge then the Brady TLS 2200® Thermal Labelling System is the right one for you.

Tips When Choosing Your Label Printer

Labelling can be an important aspect of any business. Labels are beneficial for many reasons to help not only provide identification of products but also tell when the product may go out of date. There are many different features of a labelling system that is beneficial and should be considered when purchasing. These include:

Portable Design: Having a portable and lightweight device is beneficial over fixed devices because they are more convenient. Having a portable device means that you are able to take it to any location or any room with ease. This can be beneficial large production factories where products are kept in different rooms.

Multiple Printing Options: Whether you’re a large business or a small business the more printing options with a labeller the better. Most label printers feature only one setting that prints simple labels, although you don’t have to settle for this. Printers such as the Thermal Labelling System provide advanced printing options including die-cut labels, bar coding, and banner printing. It is also a good idea to use a label printer that can cater for many different applications. The Brady’s Printer System is great for circuit boards, patch panels, and wire and cable markers.

Thermal Transfer Printing: For those that don’t know thermal transfer printing is the process where material is successfully applied to paper by easily melting a coating of ribbon which stays glued to the paper where the print is applied. This printing method can be more beneficial than other methods because it can produce smear free labels. Choosing a label printer that features thermal transfer printing can create more time saving without having to wait for labels to try. Label Printer 2

Memory Settings: There is nothing worse than having to re-put in the same label design or setting when making labels day after day. Label makers such as the Brady TLS 2200® Thermal Labelling System allow you to easily provide memory settings for storing your newly created and frequently used labels which gives you a chance of bringing up the labels from the previous day quickly. Label printers such as this can be beneficial for larger retail offices which require a pull up of different designs labels for multiple products.

So whether you’re a large or smaller business owner, when purchasing a label printer is can be beneficial to take everything into consideration to make sure you purchase the one that is most beneficial for your business needs.

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