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transport cartsWhere there are large applications of cables within industrial areas it can be difficult to carry all the cord protectors you need to the one location in a convenient and time friendly way. Well with the RampRunner Cord Protector Transport Carts you can easily transport all the cord protectors you need to the one place quickly and easily. Here are just some of the perks of using cord protector transport carts.

The Advantages Of Using Cord Protector Transport Carts.

Advantage #1 – Holding Capacity: Just when you thought you couldn’t hold it all, these cord protector transport carts are capable of holding and transporting up to 36 cord protectors at the one time. With a high holding capacity such as this you can easily cover your cords in a professional and quick manner without jeopardizing time.

Advantage #2 – Reduces Labor Costs: Just what any business owner needs is the lowering of overall costs. These cord protector carts are able to easily lower your labour cost because they can help to get the job done quickly and easily without having to make multiple trips which can be beneficial for your overall budget.

Advantage #3 – High Construction: Designed to handle the most toughest of use, these transport carts are constructed from tubular sturdy steel which can support the weight of multiple cords covers at the one time. The cart is designed to not break or bend under pressure which makes it suitable for a variety of heavy wear and tear applications.

So if you need a high quality and well constructed cable protector transport cart to help get the job done faster and more cost effectively, then why not see the benefits of what a RampRunner Cord Protector Transport Cart can do for your business. Ideal for protecting the cable protectors along with the female connectors, this cart can easily get all your cords protectors to your job site in no time at all.

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