Benefits of the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cable Clips

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cable clipsHave you ever had problems with cables or cords falling from your workstation or desk? Are you tired of having to pick them up constantly? Well look no further than the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips. Innovative and superior in many ways, these cable clips can easily help keep your cords and cables in the only place on your desk without the risk of them falling off.

Benefits of the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cable Clips

Benefit #1 – Versatility: One of the first benefits of these cord clips is that they are highly versatile with where they can be positioned. Because of their highly adhesive peel-and-stick back, these cable cords are capable of providing easy attachment to smooth surfaces and desktops with ease.

Benefit #2 – Complementary Colors: Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, these cable clips are available in a number of colours to choose from. This is perfect when you want to blend them in with the surrounding decor. They are also great for colour coding certain cables and are perfect for providing a clean and professional appearance to your workstation.

Benefit #3 –  Cable Management Solution: Because of their unique design they are great for providing high compatibility and gripping of cellphone cords, camera cords, MP3 player cords and mobile device cords. The cables or cords can easily be pushed into the clip which holds it in place ready for use a short notice.

Benefit #4 – Compact Size: Not only are these cable clips useful but they are also able to provide easy positioning in most ordinary and unusual areas with ease. Because they are small and compact they can easily be positioned on table or chair legs, desktop ledges, monitor arms and more for added convenience.

So if you have cords that keeping falling on the floor, then why not take a look at the BlueLounge® CableDrop™ Cord Clips and see just how beneficial these little clips can actually be within your workstation, office, or home desk area.


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