Benefits Of A Surge Protector

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surge protector Have you ever wanted to plug multiple devices into surge protectors but found you don’t have enough room or surge protection devices to accommodate for all your devices? Well with the innovative SmartSocket® Tabletop Surge Protector you can now plug all your devices into one convenient area while providing optimal protection against surges.

Benefits Of The SmartSocket® Tabletop Surge Protector

Benefit #1 – More Plug Space: One of the first benefits of this cool looking surge protector is that is provides a stylish and circular design which promotes additional space for plugging in up to 6 devices at the same time.

Benefit #2 – High Voltage Protection: With its rating up to 1500 joules along with its 330V clamping voltage this surge protector is designed to promote ultimate protection of multiple media equipment and valuable computer devices. This protector can help you to save thousands of dollars and can help to prevent damage due to power surges.

Benefit #3 – Colour Outlets: Not only does this product allow for additional protection for multiple devices but it also promotes easy color-coding of your devices with its coloured outlets. It is perfect for assigning spaces for employees and is ideal for identifying and labelling certain cabling.

Benefit #4 – Filtration: When multiple devices are connected with each other there is nothing worse than the interfere that is related to power loss. This surge protector is capable of providing EMI and RFI noise filtration which can help with eliminating power loss interference and interference with inconsistent connectivity.

Benefit #5 – Warning Alarms: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better this surge protector warns you when a power loss occurs. Inbuilt with an audible alarm it can warn you quickly when you’re connected devices may be compromised.

So if you need a high quality surge protector which can easily handle most of your devices while protecting them from surges then why not take a look at the SmartSockets® Surge Protector to give your workspace a professional and user friendly appearance.




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