Benefits Of Arch Flash Coveralls

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arch flash coverallsArch flashes are dangerous and can cause serious injury when exposed to them. When working in environments that pose a risk with arch flashes it is vitally important to wear protective gear at all times to help reduce the risk of serious burns or even death. Gear such as the OEL Arc Flash Protection Coveralls 0-20 cal/cm² provide many benefits when it comes to protecting your body from these serious flashes.

The Benefits Of Wearing Arch Flash Coveralls For Protection

Benefit #1 – Comfort: When working it is important that you are comfortable in what you are wearing otherwise it can cause your work day to feel very draining. These coveralls provide an Indura Ultra Soft arch flash resistant material which delivers not only optimal safety but comfort at all times. The included brass two way zipper, snap wrists, elastic waist band, and oversized cut provides an easy fit to any body size for added convenience for all workers.

Benefit #2 – High Protection Rating: These arch flash coveralls are rated 2 cal/cm² to 20 cal/cm². The cal/cm2 rating is a rating that is designed to measure the heat of energy by the conversion of amps, volts, clearing time and distance. Because of its well ranged rating, these coveralls are perfect for handling a range of arc flash applications providing optimal safety for the worker at all times.

Benefit #3 – Long Term Use: These arch flash coveralls are also perfect for providing long term wearing in many industries which may be exposed to the dangers of arch flash. Because of their tough construction, they are perfect for washing and wearing each day providing continued and reliable safety at all times.

So if you work in an industry that may be prone to arch flash and you want to keep yourself safe at all times, why not take a look at these arch flash coveralls and make sure you make it home to your family every night.


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