Buying A WheelChair Ramp For Cable Protection

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wheelchair rampFloor cables are just as important as any other cabling around a home, business, or an industrial area. Because of this it is vital that they are protected to reduce the risk of damage from heavy wheeled objects that may need to pass over them. With wheelchair ramps such as the Yellow Jacket Ramp it can provide a much more convenient way to protect your floor cables from becoming damaged from wheelchairs, trollies and other heavy wheeled objects. Here are some tips to help you choose a ramp that will fit perfectly for your cable protection needs.

Tips When Choosing A WheelChair Ramp

Tip #1 – Size: When choosing a wheelchair ramp it is important that you assess the size before purchasing to ensure it will fit across the width and distance needed for your floor cables. Ramps such as the Yellow Jacket Ramp are designed to be easily expanded for extra width for added convenience. Choosing a ramp with expansion capabilities can be beneficial if there is a chance for more cables to be installed at a later date. Measure the area needed to be covered and match the measurements of the ramp to ensure it will fit.

Tip #2 โ€“ Versatility: Another factor to take into consideration is to choose a ramp that is compatible with a variety of different wheeled devices. A versatile ramp is ideal for larger commercial business or industrial areas where dollies, carts, wheelchairs

wheelchair ramp

or any other wheeled device may be used. When choosing one for multiple devices it is important to check the construction of what the ramp is made from. For supporting forklifts and other heavier objects a high strength and well-made ramp will be required to reduce the risk of breakage and other damage when driven across it.

Tip #3 โ€“ Portability: Depending on your situations it can also be beneficial to find one that is portable or easy to move if needed. Sometimes cable installations may be moved from one place to another. This can be troublesome for wheelchair ramps that may be fixed in place. When choosing your ramp, work out whether you will need to move it in the future. There are many high strength ramps which are able to be moved easily creating more convenience for you.

Tip #4 โ€“ Certified: Lastly it is important to check to make sure your wheelchair ramp is fully certified by all the standards necessary for safety and use for your disability. This certification may rate the ramps sloping range to whether it will need railings. Certifications are important for many reasons and purchasing a ramp that meets all the standard tests is the best option for any wheelchair owner.

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