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LED Exit SignsIf you have ever gone to a social, public, hospitality, or business area you may have noticed the glowing sign above the door with “EXIT” written on it. Exit signs such as LED exit signs are important within business and public areas for many reasons to help keep the public safe at all times. These signs are available in numerous colours and designs and may be more important than you think.

Reasons Why LED Exit Signs Are Important

One of the first reasons why exits signs are important in your business is to show customers or visitors which door you need to walk through to exit the building. These can be beneficial for larger businesses with many interconnecting doors and allows customers to go freely from a building in an organized fashion.

Another important reason why exit signs are used are to help visitors to find a way out during an emergency situation. During a fire, smoke may cause low visibility which makes it hard for people to find the exit door. With the use of an LED exit sign it can shine through the smoke clearly allowing panicked individuals to get out before serious injury or a fatality occurs.

Where To Place Exit Signs

Exit signs are generally placed above doors leading out of the building or to staircases that lead to lower levels of a multiple storey building. These signs shouldn’t be placed above windows unless they are leading to a safe way out of the building. Some exit signs are also accompanied by arrow signs which help to indicate the way to the exit when visibility is lowered. These signs are generally placed along hallways and staircases directing people which way to walk.  LED exit signs

Overall exit signs are generally marked with clear symbols and wording which is highly recognizable in dark or emergency situations. They are mandatory in all business, public, and hospitality applications and can help to save lives each and every year. If you own a business that doesn’t have an exit sign, why not take the time to consider just how important this one sign is for your business and visitors.


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