Platinum Tools Xtender Pole: Go-Go Gadget Drill!!!

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When I first got wind of today’s product, I had a crazy misconception or two about how (and if) it could possibly work, but regardless, I loved it instantly because it reminded this former member of the Short and Rabidly Obsessed with Inspector Gadget fan club of that guy on her first grade lunchbox – the one with the extendable legs, gizmos that popped out of his fingertips, and helicopter hat. Ba dah duh duh duh…. ba dah duh duh duh dun dun – hoo hoooooooo!

I mean, the Xtender Pole™ from Platinum Tools® is about as close as mere mortals can get to their very own “go-go Gadget drill!” And I’m happy to announce that it does indeed work (actually, this thing is totally insane… in a good way). When I first saw that you could essentially extend the reach of your power drill or driver up to 18 feet so that you could comfortably drive screws into the ceiling without your feet ever leaving the floor, I wondered how that could possibly work – after all, even if the pole did function as intended, how the heck were you supposed to see what you’re doing from that far below, and what good does it do to stay on the ground while installing hardware on the ceiling, just to have someone get up on a ladder to attach wires, chains, or whatever fixtures need to be hung?

Curse my tendency to jump to conclsuions. When I watched the video and saw the Xtender Pole in action, I felt both embarrassed and extremely enlightened at the same time. It works like this: if you need to hang threaded rods and eye lag screws for suspension cables or chains, the whole assembly is installed at once. So you’re not zipping in the eye lags and then crawling up a ladder to attach wires to them. You position your eye lag screws or threaded rods, as well as the wires or chains that are going to hang from them, in the appropriate sections of the Xtender, then hoist the whole thing up, zip in the screw, and you’re done. You definitely have to watch the video… the finishing touches on the eye lag and wire combo really blew my mind. You see the value of the Xtender Pole in a split second.

Now if they only sold a companion trench coat and fedora to go with it…

check this thing out


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