Weekly Video Rewind: FastCap 3rd Hand Support Beam

June 15, 2012 by
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Happy Friday, movie fans! I know that when we started these little weekly video rewinds I said I’d be highlighting/reviewing our newest videos, but since there are no freshly-minted product demos this week, we’re going to go retro and show one from a few months back (you won’t even know the difference – I promise).

I picked this one in particular because it’s a product that I did a regular blog post on a few months ago, wishing that I had had one of these last year, when my husband and I had a ridiculous (but probably pretty comedic to any possible flies on the wall) episode in which we attempted to hang a much-heavier-than-it-looked metal cabinet in an tiny, awkward bathroom alcove that contained the added obstacle of a toilet exactly where the person holding up the cabinet (me) would logically stand during the whole ordeal. With that in mind, check out this video for the FastCap 3rd Hand Support Beam, and I think you’ll see why this could have really helped.

For this video, we got Mildred, our VP of Sales (and no, that’s definitely not her in the picture above), to step back in front of the camera, and she demonstates how the 3rd Hand adjusts in multiple ways to offer support when you’re trying to install cabinets, server equipment, and even construction materials like drywall and crown molding. And you know what? Even if for some reason you have no need for a support beam but love really cool accents, watch the video anyway, because Mildred’s accent is the best, and she’s always fun to listen to.


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