Spoolmate Mobile Wire Cart and Storage System: Time-Saving, Axle-Free Spool Storage

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When you’ve got a job to do, it pays to have the right tools – take it from the person who once tried to pound in a stray trim nail with a screwdriver handle when a hammer wasn’t immediately available (poor screwdriver). I’m a big proponent of not only having the proper tools, but also keeping them in such a way that they stay in good condition and are easily accessible when you need them. And that’s why, even though I personally never need to store cable reels, I’ve recently become a big fan of the Spoolmate™ Wire Dispenser Cart and Storage System.

The Spoolmate combines some of the most functional elements around (high capacity storage, mobility and ease of use) into one genius, wheeled wire dispenser that may not look too exciting, but really is something special. To quote Guy Fieri of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, “here’s the kicker” – whereas most wire reel carts rely on axles to hold spools of cable in place, the Spoolmate lets you get away from the hassle of moving axles every time you need to change out or reposition a spool of cable.

This is all thanks to a patented spring-loaded lever that lets you load and unload cable reels that are 6.5 inches or less in diameter without them ever touching an axle. Instead, they’re stored in a section that’s surrounded by retaining bars that hold the spools (up to 5) in a neat line but still allow them to spin freely when you need to dispense wire. No hoisting down an entire axle, removing and reconfiguring all the spools and then fighting to get it back in place – just move the spring-loaded retaining bar with one hand, add or remove a cable reel with the other, and you’re done.

One other extremely cool thing about the Spoolmate is the optional companion Spool-Aid™ spool repair system that goes with it. Designed to prevent you from having to pitch spools every time their end plates are damaged, the Spool-Aid kit comes with sturdy replacement discs that zip into place with a single screw to cover the damaged original disc and restore your spool to like-new condition. Awesome.


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