Tool-Free Desktop Outlet: “At-Your-Fingertips” Power and Data Without the Hole Saw or Hardware

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There are times in life when you just want to get things done without dragging out a hole saw. For me, one of the situations highest on that list is “plugging in my laptop.”

If that sounds weird, let me explain. The majority of desk and conference table power/data centers on the market are made to be installed into a surface, be that a counter, desktop, or any number of other work surfaces. This allows the outlet to rise above the surface when power receptacles and data jacks are needed, and then be retracted into your furniture when not in use, remaining virtually flush with the surface so as to not waste space or be a distraction.

There’s just one trick: installing something into a surface entails cutting a hole if there isn’t already one there. That’s where the hole saw comes in. Not that it’s the end of the world or anything, but some people either don’t own a hole saw, or would just rather not bother. Does that mean that they have to live without convenient laptop connections?

Not anymore, it doesn’t.

For those of us less inclined to permanently alter our office furniture, there’s now a “non-surgical” option for desktop plug-ins: the Tool-Free Desktop Outlet. It just sits right on top of your work surface and does its job without any hassle. Just plug it in (for full connectivity, you’re going to need to connect it to one wall outlet and one Ethernet jack), plunk it down where you want it, and you’re ready to go. Even better, you can move it anytime (and anywhere) you want to.

The Tool-Free Power and Data Center has a matte black finish that looks good with just about anything, as well as a sleek, modern egg shape. And there’s even an on/off switch that lets you cut power to your devices without unplugging the entire unit at the wall. Nice.

see the magic for yourself


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