HellermannTyton Edge Clips: No-Budge Cable Mounting for Sheet Metal and Plastic

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hellermann-tyton-edge-clipI’ve seen a lot of cable clips over the past few years, and even regularly use a few kinds myself, but it seems like they’re all either somewhat light-duty (they accommodate just one cord) and are mounted via adhesive backing, or they’re built to handle heavier cable bundles and require surface-damaging hardware (like screws or anchors) for installation. Not to mention that they’re almost entirely intended to mount flush onto flat surfaces like walls and furniture. What happens if you want to run a bundle of cables along the edge of a sheet metal fixture?

You get HellermannTyton’s Edge Clips, that’s what. Available in two styles, they basically combine the features of basic cord clips or cable tie anchors with built-in clamps that grip onto the edges of sheet metal or plastic sheeting without the need for adhesives or hardware. They can be installed wherever you need them, and relied upon to keep a death grip on whatever that object may be until you decide that you want to remove them.

Here’s how they work. Edge Clips are made up of an integral metal clamp, which has a considerable amount of bite to keep the clips firmly in place, combined with your choice of either a cable clip or cable tie anchor. The cord clip flips open and snaps shut to fully encircle wires, and the cable tie anchors give you tie-down points for cable tie-fastened cord bundles. But whichever style you choose, you can be sure that it has staying power. Once pushed onto an edge, the clamps aggressively resist backward pull, so you don’t need to worry about them slipping off.

As a matter of fact, you know that a clamp really works when the manufacturer includes a note that it may leave very slight scratches behind post-removal. That may sound like a negative to some, but it actually makes me all the more confident in the product. If these things have such strong grip that they leave a little evidence of themselves behind, then that says that they really work. And besides, what are a few tiny scratches on a utilitarian sheet metal fixture when you know you can reliably mount cables wherever you need them? Pish posh.

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