Lok-Kit I Computer Security Kit: Keep Your PC Where it Belongs – On Your Desk

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byte-brothers-lok-kit-1I’m not really what you’d call a “stuff” person, but make no mistake: what possessions I have I like very much, and tend to get a lot of use out of. I take care of them so they’ll last, and would be extremely put out if some lowlife were to try and take them from me. This is especially true where my computer equipment is concerned. While it would be annoying to have to go out and buy a new printer, it would be downright tragic to have to replace an entire computer. That’s why I’m so taken with this little low-tech but brilliant security system from Byte Brothers.

The Lok-Kit I™ is a simple-to-use kit that gives your tech stuff an extra measure of protection while you’re not there to defend it in person- and it doesn’t even require an IP camera and remote viewing app for your iPhone. No, all it involves is some refreshingly low-tech flexible steel wire, a padlock, and a few lock plates – and there’s even some super-strength adhesive thrown in for fun (more on that later).

Byte Brothers’ Lok-Kit I™ works by letting you adhere small, grommeted steel plates onto a stationary object and pretty much any combination of your computer tower, screen, peripherals, after which you run the included steel cable through the grommets to attach everything, and give the ends of the cable a final lockdown with the kit’s padlock. This effectively secures multiple components together along a single locked loop of steel cable, and even gives you the ability to anchor everything to a heavier, more permanent object, like a desk.

How do those grommet-equipped steel plates stick to your computer equipment? Easy – with that industrial adhesive that I mentioned before. If you’re the type that can’t even look at a tube of Crazy Glue without getting your hands stuck together, don’t sweat it – this particular adhesive is pre-applied, so the lock plates are actually peel-and-stick. Easy.

After all of the peeling, sticking, and cable-threading is complete, what you have is a sturdy and effective deterrent to smash-and-grab type thefts that would typically rely on fast access to unsecured equipment. Unless those bad guys come prepared with some pretty serious cable-cutting equipment, your computer is staying right where it belongs.

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