Cable-Safe CPU Holder: Get Your Computer Tower Off the Floor and Away from Danger

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cable-safe-cpu-holderOkay, I’ll admit it. I am a big, fat computer kicker. You’ve probably heard of Restless Leg Syndrome, and while I rarely have any trouble staying still when I’m trying to snooze, it’s another story when I’m at my desk, desperately attempting to get some work done. Call it a combo of “ants-in-the pants” and the Seinfeldesque “jimmy legs.” May brain and work ethic might be saying “sit still,” but at some point, my feet get so bored that they resort to all-out mutiny, and start randomly lashing out at other things under my desk. They’ve slammed UPSs, yanked Ethernet cords out of wall ports, and worst (and most frequently) of all, kicked my poor CPU’s butt – mercilessly.

Poor computer towers- when they’re not being stomped by spazzy feet, they’re wallowing in a sea of under-desk dustballs, or in constant danger of having cups of coffee spilled near them. And the last time I checked, dust and liquids weren’t exactly known to increase the lifespan of electronics.

Luckily for my desktop, someone’s finally sticking up for the beaten-down CPUs of the world. Meet the Cable-Safe CPU Holder, a computer mounting system that installs under your desk to lift your CPU off the floor and out of harm’s way. You say that your computer’s been hacking on dustballs? Not anymore – now, it can hover cleanly above them. Watched in panic as spilled liquids have crept across the floor toward you computer? No worries there, either. And forget about the kicking – your out-of-control feet are going to have to find someone else to bully.

The Cable-Safe CPU Holder has a versatile design that lets you orient it horizontally or vertically depending on your desk configuration or space needs, and is available in a traditional “fixed” model for computers that rarely have to move, as well as slide-out and rotating versions for CPUs that are subject to frequent drive access, maintenance and updates.

Rest easy, little CPU. You’re safe now.

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