Under-Desk Wire Tray: Hidden Organization for Computer Cables and Power Strips

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under-desk-wire-trayOver the years, we’ve added quite a few under-desk wire organizers, and they’ve all been great in one way or another, whether they’ve been designed to keep cables neat as they travel between your desktop and floor, or handle all of the cable slack that’s known to entangle your feet as you sit at your computer. They’ve looked like boxes, raceways, baskets, even spines (that one’s actually not as weird or gross as it sounds). And now I have another excellent addition to the lineup, which happens to hinge, quite simply, on the power of the hook.

I can’t prove it, but I’m pretty sure that the Under-Desk Wire Tray was designed around the the concept of cable hooks, which have long been used to support certain types of aerial and wall mounted cable runs. Cable hooks are generally lined up at short intervals, after which small cable bundles can be run through them, with the hooks conveying and providing support for the cables as they travel from Point A to Point B.

The Under-Desk Wire Tray, being made up of a row of 15 slightly-spaced hooks, is more or less set up to work the same way, but just on a smaller scale. That, and it hides under your desktop as opposed to being suspended from the ceiling or mounted on a wall. I don’t know about you, but this really appeals to me, because I prefer my cable management to be invisible, if at all possible.

So why would someone go and miniaturize cable hooks and stick them under a desk? Probably because that row of little hooks gives you the freedom to add or remove cables at any point along the way, and works as a nice place to stash power strips and bulky power adapters out of range of your feet (this sounds really good to me, because I’m always accidentally kicking my surge protector). Another benefit of having cables and power strips up off the floor is that they’re less likely to become dust bunny traps when they’re kept elevated, so that makes it a lot easier for you to keep your workstation clean, and gives you a lot less to sneeze about. And that, my friends, is nothing to sneeze at.

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